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I Don't Actually Care What You Think

by unitedsuck007 9 reviews

Yeah,I can be a childish idiot too.

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I ain’t gonna put this on Full of Holes cause I know she wouldn’t read it.
Dear Suzy;
(I feel we’re close enough to be on first name basis.)
When I say this,I’m saying it as Lauren,the person,not as unitedsuck007,some nickname I picked because I don’t like Manchester United.
The fact is,I’m not gonna hate on you or call you a motherfucking stupid bitch who can’t spell.You could be a perfectly lovely person whom I might get on well with in real life but you have decided to fuck that up by criticising my story.
I didn’t mind when you called me a member of the IRA-who you seem to have a bizarre liking for,because in every email and review you send me you always mention them.”You’re in the IRA” or “you love the IRA” or “you gang bang with the IRA” or something.
I actually find it very irritating.I do not support them.They are a terrorist organization upon which I wish nothing to do with.I sometimes get the feeling you’re a member of the ra,you advertise them so fecking often.Are you?
Oh,well,I should know.I am a member and everything.
And secondly;don’t hate on me personally or my story.I don’t think I’m funny,I just make humorous gestures in everyday situations.And,judging by the reviews on your little hate thing,you’re hardly funny yourself.
Lastly,I have to bring up that I played rugby in school.Seriously,I’ll break your finger and just insist it was a tackle gone wrong.
See,the IRA is dangerous like that.
So,please,for my sake,just fuck off.Read someone else’s story,but please don’t hate on them.You sound like a stupid three-year-old who honestly has nothing better to do in her meaningless life.It’s not a very good impression.
If you spam me or anyone else I will report you to the administration.I’m a busy terrorist,I don’t have time for people like you.
Well,must dash.Gotta go bomb some Protestants!
Climbing in your bedroom window-with a Kalashnikov-

Note Bene:After reading over this,it occurs to me that I'm not the only person.Fucking bastards hated on lurrrrveleh people like sparkle_monster aswell.sigh Some thirteen year olds are so fucking dim.
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