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I Told You So

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A OneShot. Gerard shows up at Franks door crying telling him it was all true xX

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Over the next couple of weeks Gee had changed he wasn't his usual self (Random, hyper and chatty) but quite the oppisite. He didn't have an opion anymore, nothing got him excited and lastly he wasn't random anymore. All he could talk about was school, Tv and mainstream shit.

I missed our 3 o'clock in the mornning phone calls when he would ring me up to tell me about the new awsome "Trock" band he had just found. Now he slept at 3 o'clock and my nights were empty. That's why I was so happy when a sobbing black hairedboy knocked on my door.

It was 5 in the afternoon and I was just getting ready to go to the bank to meet the guys when he called. I answered the door still pulling on my hoodie. "Hi" I heard a familar voice say this was the voice of Gerrd, the real Gerard. I shoved my head threw the jumper my hair got caught on a button.

"Shit" I said cluthing the side of my head but then I saw his face his eyes were red and puffy and it was obvious he'd been crying

"What happed?" I asked concearned taking his hand and pulling him inside. I closed the front door before pushing him into my small (yet cosy) sitting room.He took a seat in his usual spot in the corner of the couch. I sat down beside her wrapping my arm around him.

"You said I'd been acting differnt but I didn't fucking listen I just waved you off" he cried. I patted his back then began to play with his hair, i didn't realise how much I missed this.

"So what's going on" I questioned softly. He buried his head in my chest. I'd never seen Gee this upset accept when his brother had left and he'd never really gotton over it.

The story began to slowly crawl from his mouth and I sat back and listened as it unfolded.
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