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Concerning Glenn Beck's view on SING...

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Just my little rant. Join in if you wish.

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Mkay, this is my first rant, I feel so fuckin' excited.

Sarcasm, my friends.

So, apparently Glenn Beck believes that SING is telling kids to throw away the morals they were taught and to 'Join us', I think meaning the network of fans we call Killjoys. His words? "our whole culture right now is set up for you and the values you grew up on to lose." Oh, and apparently SING is propaganda. Against what, I didn't see that part.

First he was whaling on Glee for being Glee, then he shifts to SING and its lyrics. What was so horrible about them I will never know, seeing as they are totally fuckin' amazing and he should just go fuck--- Oh, sorry, trying to keep myself in that proper English, silent zone of rage I get. But... really? Is SING really that bad? It's a song that was just used for relief efforts and HOPE in Japan, for Christ's sake... Can't he just take a moment to step off his high fuckin' horse to see the real world, where children do not like on railroads? Yes, he said something about children living on railroads. How the hell you connect SING to railroads confuses me.

I do love what Frank Iero said on Twitter about this... "Yay! Fuck that dude's face with Obama's birth certificate." Ray's was more boring and 'polite', like Frank wasn't being polite. scoff

Apologies if I ruined anyone's life with this one rant, probably going to recieve hate mail I'll never read.

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