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I Thought You Guys Were Cool?! WTF?!

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Read If Your Sick Of The Hate!

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Okay so we know that the lovely unitedsuck007 has taken abuse and it's wrong. But what's really grinding my gears at this particular momment is the HATE.

Why would someone come onto this site and abuse one of the best authors for no reason. You don't have to read her story and you don't have to take her opinion infact you don't even have to be here!

But it seems this has incident has inspired others and it's just too much. You know who you are just please stop reviewing my posts xX

So there's one more thing.
It's nice to see everyone banding together to get rid of the haters (Glad to know everyone supports each other, it's really cool) but what's not nice is when people make post saying authors sticking up for fellow authors is ruinning the site and what's worse is that when you tell them that they delete the fucking post!

I Love Full Of Holes
Eva xX
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