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A Rikku drabble as she wakes up to discover a midnight treat.

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Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership of characters or games, only themes within.

Author's Notes: My friend cupcakemonster wouldn't share her cupcake with me so we decided to do drabbles for each other with the theme of cupcakes.


The smell of something good cooking seemed to waft through Rin's inn. Rikku tiptoed through the empty corridor in search of what yummy goodness was being concocted. It was already a late hour and mostly everyone was asleep, or so Rikku thought. She wondered if the innkeeper was the one who was baking the sweet cakes or chocolaty brownies the scent reminded Rikku of and woke her from a peaceful slumber.

Finally coming to the kitchen, Rikku pushed the swinging door open a crack so she could peer in to see if the room was empty. At first she did not see anyone but then her eyes widened when they landed on the countertop where dozens upon dozens of cupcakes were laid out. They had pink icing with sparkly sugar crystals on top of a rich, dark chocolate cake. Rikku could feel her mouth watering at the sight but she stayed put as the cook came into view.

"You made too many," Auron said. "There's more than enough here to feed all of the Crusaders, the Chocobo Knights and their chocobos."

"You wouldn't believe how many of these a Ronso can eat," Lulu responded. "These are Kimahri's favorite and it is his birthday surprise."

"Hmph," the guardian grumbled.

"I saved one just for you," Lu smiled devilishly.

The mage held up one of the perfectly crafted treats in front of the swordsman's face as he semi-grinned back. He gently took Lu's dainty wrist and brought it closer as he took a long bite. Pink frosting stuck to the tip of his nose and across his lips as he swallowed. Lu did not hesitate and began to lick it off his face until Auron wrapped his arms around her and claimed Lu with a hungry kiss. Rikku watched as the cupcake in Lu's hand fell to the ground as Auron pushed Lulu up against another counter and cupboards.

They shouldn't waste good cupcakes like that! Rikku thought.

Sneaking silently through the door, Rikku scooted to the side of the island in the middle of the room. She listened as a couple muffled groans came from the distracted lovers and she peered carefully over the counter to make sure they did not see her. Grabbing a nearby container, Rikku began to place the pastries into the box to take with her.

After fitting as many as she could into the container while kneeling below the counter, Rikku shuffled back toward the door. She stole a glance again before darting through the door again as Lu's sleeve slipped off. Rikku tiptoed down the hallway again back to her room with her prize. Rounding a corner, though, she almost ran into another person who was awakened by the cupcake's smell like her.

"Rikku, what's dat you got there?" Wakka asked. "I smelled somethin' good and wanted to see."

The Al-Bhed girl smiled and took the blitzer's arm.

"Come on, Wakka," she said. "I have a treat for you..."
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