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The children are gone, and Jaraiya is worried. So he speaks with Gai.

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Gai and Jaraiya had spoken.

He couldn't help but remember it, now, sitting in a booth with his students, treating them to dinner because he couldn't imagine loosing all of them all at once. They rolled their eyes at him, - all but Lee, who was too, too nice a kid for this world - but accepted, and they were grateful. He was grateful too, in a deep, dark part of him, that he was not genius enough, did not have genius enough children to warrent the attentions that had warranted the Talk with a Legendary Sannin.


"You should know by now that I'm taking Naruto."

Of course Gai knew - half the villiage would know by now, the way that gossup flowed here - but he only gave a polite nod. Being under the piercing blue gaze of a man who could kill you with his arms tied behind his back demanded some kind of respect.


He knew Kakashi would come in here some time tonight, so when the children were done eating and slipped off home he kept his seat and ordered some warm sake to beat the rush.

His instincts were right, and saved him having to buy and serve a round for the entire restaurant while standing only on one foot. He only set such an easy challenge for himself because he knew he would be right.


"You should also know that I'm the closest thing Kakashi has to family - besides you."

This one was more surprising, and it took a moment to process. But again, he only nodded.


When Kakashi entered the bar the slightest of hushes fell over the crowd before the murmured conversations rose even louder than before. He ignored it, as he always did, and when Gai sipped his alcohol in the corner booth, he knew that Kakashi was intimately aware of every pair of eyes on him at that moment, including Gai's.


"Kakashi will become like the way he was before, with no one to keep him grounded."

And Gai nodded again, becuase this time he understood completely.


Standing up, bottle between two strong, but delicate fingers, Gai made his way to the bar seat beside his eternal rival.


He would make sure that Kakashi got home safe.
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