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Fruit of the Vine

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KuboToki. Grapes as an aphrodisiac, and a window into the life of.

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Inspired by a Kazuya Minekura wallpaper and the fact that I had green grapes in the fridge when I went looking.

The grapes were sour and made Tokito's eyes squint up when he ate them.

They had been an anonymous present, and Kubota had been hesitant in his own heart to let them be eaten when he found them on the doorstep, but by the time he had gone into their bedrooma and changed his shirt Tokito had washed them and set them out on the table, a few orbs of green in his mouth and in his hand. It was then, when his heartbeat froze for an instant and then started up double-time without a flicker of emotion passing his face that Kubota realized how attached he was to his cat; and also, how unfair.

If these were poisoned, he reasoned, he couldn't let Tokito die alone; this time, he took a few for himself.

He personally prefered red grapes, but Tokito couldn't remember ever having eaten them before. They agreed that generally they would probably be good in the crushed and fermented variaty, but there was no question of affording such a thing.

They sat in front of the television, fingers reaching into the blue-patterned ceramic bowl blindly, and first watched the end of a comedy cartoon that had Tokito snickering and prodding his roommate to do the same while Kubo-chan looked on with the barest smile of fondness twitching his lips.

Grapes have a tough outer surface, but once you puncture them they crush rather easily. The type that had appeared for the two of them beneath the name-plate were the type to explode when put under pressure. Like a heart.

It was then, briefly, a sci-fi thriller, untill the space-werewolf showed up and Tokito blanched and hurried into the washroom untill Kuboto changed the channel and, on his way into the kitchen to get beer, casually told him through the closed door that he had done so.

When they both reconviened on the sofa, beer and grapes in hand, it was a romantic movie that neither of them would have admitted to watching, but was a good way to fall asleep in their mutual opinion. Both knew all too well how things worked Out There, and they certainly didn't involve smiles and heroes.

Kuboto dropped a grape onto Tokito's lap, who plucked it up with the tiniest blush and offered it to Kubo-chan's frowning mouth. It was accepted, with a brush of lips against fingertips, and Makoto was not so stupid nor so young as to not recognize the light that appeared in the cat's eye.

They ended up chasing the sharp flavored fruits with their tounges, Tokito grinning into the kiss as he slid back willinging into the couch cushions, the light flickering on his face as he stole another grape during a breath and popped it into his mouth. When Kuboto finally crushed it between his teeth, Tokito's tounge swept in to steal the flavor, and it was all heat from there.

The yakuza should really take up selling grapes as an aphrodisiac, the pair decided, after experiencing it's abilities to the fullest themselves.
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