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Beauty Of The Beast

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What does the winter bring, if not yet another spring?

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Chapter Twelve: Beauty Of The Beast

Frank had called Gerard repeatedly, and rang the doorbell quite a few times as well. No one was answering. He almost felt like turning back, but he remembered what his dream had told him. He thoroughly believed it was a sign that he needed to do this. Luckily, Gerard hadn't asked for his key copy back when he kicked him out. He didn't typically like using it without Gerard's permission, but if Gerard was going to be stubborn, then dammit, so was he.

He unlocked the door, and automatically he felt a chill go down his spine. Something was wrong.

"Gerard?” Frank called out. "Gerard, I need to talk to you!"

And then he heard it, ever so slightly. He heard a sob. And it sounded like Bandit.

"Bandit?” he called out. Frank made to go up the stairs. Once he reached the top of it, he was met with a horrible sight.

Gerard was sprawled on the floor, in what looked to be a puddle of his own blood. He was incredibly pale, and seemed to be gasping for air. He was muttering things to Bandit, trying to talk to her. Meanwhile Bandit was kneeling next to him, crying, and seeming unsure of what to do.

Bandit saw Frank and for a moment, almost seemed afraid of him. She whispered tearfully, "Why does evwyone keep hurting daddy?"

Frank went beside Gerard and dropped to his knees. He remembered his cellphone, and immediately got it out to call 911. He reported the emergency and yelled at them to hurry.

"Gerard...what happened?” Frank asked once he had hung up the phone.

"Men..." Gerard gasped out, "...broke in... tried to kill Bandit...I think... I think they knew Lindsey."

“Are they still here?” Frank looked around frantically.

“No…left with… money….spared Bandit…”

"Jesus, this is my fault!" Frank said, starting to cry, "I should have never left you! God Gerard, I'm so sorry!"

"No...not your fault. Sorry...I yelled."

“You have nothing to apologize for babe. Nothing at all.”

“…neither… neither do you. You were amazing…”

Frank saw Gerard's breathing was slowing down. His eyelids were beginning to fall. His speech was getting slurred.

"Gerard...Gerard?", he grabbed Gerard's hand and stroked it. "Gerard, c'mon baby, you have to hold on for me! Help is on the way!"

Gerard very lightly tried to shake his head and said, "I think...I think.... I need to go now, Frankie...."

"No! NO! You can't go!” Frank wept openly, "I was supposed to save you, dammit!"

"Then....take care….of Bandit for me. You're…a good father Frank. ", Gerard actually attempted to smile at him. Frank brushed his red locks out of his face.

"No...Gee...” Frank rocked back and forth, sobbing like he never had before. "...I love you...please stay Gee."

"Mmm....I love you too Frankie...." Gerard was now nearly whispering, " friends forever...."

Frank nodded tearfully “Yes, yes we are.”

Gerard closed his eyes, and just as the ambulance could be heard coming up the driveway, Gerard stopped breathing. Gently and silently, Frank knew he had passed. Frank placed a kiss gently on Gerard’s lips, completely forgetting that Bandit was watching the display.

Gerard was gone. Frank could only stop himself from crying for just a moment to look up, and see Bandit staring at him with a mixture of confusion and trust.

"Come here.” he told her softly. And she allowed Frank to gather her into his arms. He stood and lifted her with him. The EMT's had been ringing the doorbell for quite some by time then. They approached the door, with Bandit's arms ringed tightly around Frank's neck. Frank turned the doorknob, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead of him.


Jamia Iero heard a knock on the door. She was at her mother's house, but her mother wasn't home at the moment. She got up from watching cartoons with Cherry and Lily in the living room and went to go answer it.

She stood in shock upon seeing the man on her doorstep. Frank was standing before her with --- Bandit?

"Frank...what on earth....” she started.

"Shh.", Frank held up a finger to her lips. "Let me just speak. Jamia, I love you. Maybe not in the way I did when we first started dating, but I do love you. And if there was any lesson I have learned in my time apart from you, it's that when you love someone, especially when you build a family with them, or a history with them, you just can't throw that away. You just can't give up on that or on them. I don't want to give up on this Jamia. Our relationship is one thing, but I know we both love Cherry and Lily more than anything in the world, and if being a family is what they need right now, then dammit, Jamia, that's what I'm going to do for them. And I know you're willing to do the same. We can work on the other stuff along the way. We need to get out of the forest before we deal with the meadow, you know? So, if you're willing to give me another chance, can we just please try this again? For the kids?"

Jamia was blinking away tears in her eyes by the time he was finished. She took a deep breath and yelled out, "Cherry! Lily! Look who's finally home!"

Squeaky squeals of joy were heard from afar. Frank's heart swelled like a balloon as he saw Cherry and Lily running towards him gleefully. He kneeled down to greet them, and as they yelled simultaneously "Daddy! Daddy! We missed you!” he couldn't stop the tears of joy running down his own face. He picked them both up and they both embraced him best they could, both burying their faces in his neck.

"Hi sweetie!”Jamia smiled down at Bandit and asked her, “You like ice cream, don’t ‘cha?”. Bandit nodded eagerly and Jamia picked her up and brought her into the house. Frank followed suit with Cherry and Lily. And everyone was home at last.

While some people would come to remember this as the terrible tragedy of Gerard Way's family, Frank would remember it as the tale of his two affairs. One that broke his family apart, and one that inspired him to put it back together.



A/N: Oh that wasn’t that bad, was it? Well, I did end up changing the ending. Originally, when I had posted the note about the story being a bit sick, I had this other ending in mind. DURING WHICH Bandit was kidnapped by the drug dealer and chopped up into pieces when Gerard found her. Yet, this just felt better.

So I’m out of fic ideas for now. Except maybe a little one shot or two. That and I need to see if I can get this job at my school. So see you guys whenever I think of something next, I guess.

P.S. Here’s a link to the song Ghost Love Score. It’s quite fantastic, really.

Thanks for all the reviews.

Lots of love,

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