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Slaxl - Sick

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Axl's sick, Steven's not-so-smart move can worsen that.

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“Steven, that wasn’t your smartest move.” Duff shook his head, sighing as he heard whimpered curses from Axl’s room.

“Well, Axl was asleep for most of the day and I was worried…”

“He was resting because he’s sick… and you threw freezing cold water on him.” Izzy glared, Axl would want to kill the drummer as soon as he stopped shivering. “It was really, really stupid.”


Slash groaned. “Shut up, everyone. I’ll try to get Axl calmer, just… don’t do anything stupid.” He stood, going into the redhead’s room and frowning when he saw Axl in a corner, curled up in a towel, trying to dry himself and cursing so much a sailor would blush. “Axl?”

“G-go… the… fuuuck… a-away.” He spat out through clenched teeth, before whimpering again. “C-cold…”

“Here.” Slash took the towel away from him, quickly getting Axl out of his clothes. “You need a warm bath… and human heat.” He put the towel around the singer again, making sure he was well covered before going into the bathroom and turning the shower on a temperature that wouldn’t put Axl into a thermal shock. They didn’t really have the luxury of a bathtub at the moment. The dark haired then started removing his own clothing, but kept his pants on, he didn’t want Axl to freak out. Gently picking up the smaller man, he led him into the shower. “It’ll be okay, just try to relax.” He muttered softly, stepping under the water and making sure Axl got completely wet, and slowly increasing the temperature until it got into a comfortable warmth for both of them.

“Slash…” Axl whispered sweetly, his face no longer pale and his shivers calming. “I’m going to motherfucking kill… t-that damn drummer.”

“It’s kind of hard to find drummers, you know…” Slash smiled, sitting down in the shower box and holding Axl close. “I wonder if we have tea…”

“I don’t know…” Axl coughed softly, groaning. And he had almost recovered from the stupid cold. Steven would pay. “Um, didn’t we fight last night?”

“Yeah… but your health is more important than a fight, I won’t ignore you in this condition. Now shut up and rest, enjoy the water. We’ll be running out of hot water soon.”

Axl just smiled for a second, before breaking out into a fit of coughs.
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