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Jennifer meets the guys and her new favorite thing: alcohol.

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I had so many floating through my mind right now, some of them not able to replicate. Safety was wondering what Tim was going to do, but the rest of my mind was wondering about BLI and ‘Battery City’.

“Wait, Battery City?” I asked, not knowing if that was a place or a thing. “What’s that?”

Tim chuckled as he walked around the front of the Nova and climbed in, starting the car with a set of keys that had a rabbit’s foot dangling off the key ring. The foot was dyed yellow, hanging from a gold chain. I couldn’t help but stare at it, watching it sway at Tim shifter the car into gear and drove off. He noticed me staring at it and smirked, looking at me for a second before turning his eyes back to the road. “My father’s lucky rabbit’s foot. ‘If I paint it gold, I’ll be the luckiest man alive,’ he used to always say before he drove around town, thumbing the foot. ‘One day you’ll be the luckiest man alive, too, with this car.’” Tim’s smile never fell from his face, but did grow a little twisted. “He didn’t lie there… Battery City is a place, out in California, located by the Zones. About where Los Angeles used to be, before the explosions.”

I tilted me head, confused. “Explosions? What explosions? You mean the nuclear bomb?”

Tim nodded, still smiling. “Sick bastards from BLI thought it was funny to play with their nuclear power plant there and create a mini version of the A-bomb… Set it off and made it into solid desert area. BLI’s headquarters are there now, actually. Killjoys are also there. They live out in the Zones, seeking revenge against BLI and Korse.”

“Three cheers for sweet revenge…” I mumbled to myself, putting my right arm up on the window and watching the buildings go by, most empty and desolate. “You mean, Shane Korse?” I asked, still looking out the window.

“That’s the one,” Tim said, turning the car and taking us away from the buildings. “Almost to the bar now, Jennifer,” he said, steering us through a series of windy roads. “Korse declared himself president, remember?”

I nodded, watching the dark wheat fields go by the window. “He was the one who killed old Mr. President…” I thought aloud, seeing a cow nibbling on grass. “Holy shit, a cow!” I yelled, excited by the rare sighting. I turned towards Tim. “Did you fuckin’ see that?!”

Tim nodded, laughing and smiling. “Yes, Jennifer, I saw it. Never see cows anymore… Thank god for buffalo. Finally,” Tim said, turning the car a full 180 degrees and driving some more. He looked at me from the corners of his eyes, the irises glittering brightly in the exposed moonlight. “Ever been to a bar before, Jennifer?” he asked, still smiling.

I nodded as he stopped the Nova on the gravel and turned it off. “Only a few times before… Never been drunk before, though,” I said, imagining what it would be like to be insanely drunk. “I would never have more than a glass or two of wine.”

Tim chuckled, waving to a group of guys coming out of an old Trans Am that looked freshly painted. “Then you’re never been to a bar. Guys,” Tim said to the group of men walking over, one of them Gerard Way from the meeting, “This if Jennifer Cosby, aka Violet Rage.”

“Nice to meet you all,” I said, resisting the odd urge to curtsey. “I don’t think I’ve met any of you before though.”

A short man walked over to me and smiled, holding out his hand for me to shake. “Frank Iero. Call me Fun Ghoul though,” he said, me having to look down upon him. He had black hair, like Gerard’s, only without the fringe, and had hazel eyes that were one solid colour. “You’re tall, y’know that?”

I chuckled at Fr—er—Fun Ghoul and nodded as another man walked over. He was taller, a little bit taller than me, and had blond hair that was spiking up, despite being combed back from his face. “I’m Mikey Way. Kobra Kid,” he said quietly, looking at me with curiosity on his sharp features. “You’re the one with bite, aren’t you?” he asked, smirking.

“Oh shut up, Kob, we know she is. Who else was at the meeting in a business suit? Ray Toro,” the voice said, connecting to a man with a mass of black curls piled atop his head. “Killjoys call me Jet Star,” he said, smiling at me sincerely.

A blond man walked over and looked at me with an expressionless face. Jennifer, what if he’s part of BLI? What if he found out about Killjoys? What if he’s here t-- SHUT THE HELL UP, SAFETY. He can’t possibly be a part of BLI, his eyes look too real. “Bob Bryar,” he said in a deep voice, not matching his light hair, complexion, and blue eyes. “Mr. Moonstruck.”

I nodded and looked back at Gerard, who was talking to Tim by the Trans Am. “I’m guessing that’s Gerard Way over there?” I asked the guys I just met, pointing to Gerard and looking at the guys.

Fun Ghoul nodded. “Gerard’s kinda shy, unlike me of course,” he began boasting loudly, putting his hand on his puffed-out chest and strutting across the gravelly ground, dodging punched from the rest of the guys.

“You little shit,” Mr. Moonstruck said in his deep voice of his, watching as Fun Ghoul ran inside the bar after narrowly missing a well-aimed punch from Mr. Moonstruck. He turned towards me, still expressionless. “We might as well go inside, it looks like it’s going to rain soon.”

The guys nodded their agreement and I nodded too, already getting the feeling that I was going to become good friends with Tim and his little group. What about Gerard Way, Jen? Is he even a Killjoy? The thought ran through my head as I heard footsteps crunch over to me. “Jennifer Cosby?” I heard a voice say, and I jumped, second time tonight. Damn it, Jennifer, you think you could be any jumpier? You need Valium or something… I turned towards the voice, and the first thing I noticed was a pair of burning hazel eyes, unreadable and rather expressionless. “I’m Gerard Way, the one Frank was just ranting about,” Gerard said, smiling ever so slightly. “Party Poison.”

I smiled at the name. “Are you the Mr. Buzzkill around here?” I asked, motioning towards the bar.

Party Poison nodded. “I normally drive, and it’s bad enough that these guys are drinking, what with Better Living and the Draculoids,” he said, turning towards the bar. “Doesn’t stop me from drinking occasionally at home. Are you coming in?”

I nodded and smiled, walking past Party and towards the bar. “What should I call you, Gerard?” I asked, turning my head so I could see him crunch across the gravel to the bar, where a steady stream of bass was pumping out of.

Party Poison smiled sheepishly. “In the bar, we’re all Killjoys, so Party Poison’s fine. Outside of the bar, Gerard’s best,” he said, sticking his hands in his pockets and matching my step. “You’re a fast walker, you know,” he said, having to step a little quicker to keep up with me.

“Heh, you should see me when I’m angry,” I said, remembering the time I had once cursed a Draculoid out and had a double dose of the BL/ind pills shoved down my throat. I instinctively put a hand to my throat and began rubbing gently. “I’ll never forget to be calm around anybody BLI again.”

Gerard looked at me with a curious stare. “You mean, you’re part of BLI?” he asked, taking a hand out of his pocket and opening the bar door for me to enter.

I nodded. “Mhmm. Assistant of Jane Kusrty, manager of the Pecos unit here,” I said, running a hand down my skirt to smooth it down. “Kinda ironic, isn’t it? Me being an assistant in BLI and becoming a Killjoy and all…”

Gerard nodded, smiling warmly. “You’ll like being a Killjoy, trust me.” He grabbed my hand and pulled my through the bar’s crowd, back to a corner occupied by Fun Ghoul, Mr. Moonstruck, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Tim all sitting in a booth.

“Jesus, Party, you think you and Violet Rage here were gone long enough?” I saw Fun Ghoul joke, looking at Gerard and winking. I laughed as Gerard turned beet red and Tim scowled.

“Oh shut up, will you?” Tim asked Ghoul, swatting him upside the head. Tim turned towards me, gazing into my eyes and giving me tingles. “So, Jennifer…” he said, looking at me with a small and devilish smile on his face. “Tell us about Better Living Industries.” A chorus of agreement rang around the table, slightly overpowering the bar noise from behind me in the booth.

I sighed and pretended to ponder the thought for a moment. I looked at Tim and smiled a fake cold grin, looking at him with emotionless eyes. “That, Tim Baxton, is classified information,” I said in the best voice I could manage to sound like Jane’s, a voice filed with power and pride.

Tim looked at me and winked. “Well, we’ll just have to get it out of you, one way or another,” he said, looking over my shoulder and waving somebody over. A short man walked over, drying his hands on a ratty towel. “One glass of your strongest moonshine, Veng,” he said, the short man nodding once and walking away through the bar crowd. Tim looked back at me. “How much do you normally drink, Jen?”

I smiled and shook my head. “Never, really,” I said, watching the guys’ jaws fall open a little. “Just the occasional celebratory glass of wine or champagne whenever somebody’s promoted.” Which, by the way, hasn’t been for about six months.

Tim grinned, an impish grin that showed all of his teeth and make his eyes narrow. “Then this will be easy.”

Two hours later, I was singing along with the guys on the small stage the bar had for karaoke, belting out the lyrics for Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, a song I haven’t heard in ages since I lost my iPod charger. The drink in my hand sloshed around a little as I swayed with the group, arms connected, all of us drunker than all tomorrow. I was so drunk I could hear my pulse in my ears.

The song ended and the people in the bar clapped if they weren’t already taking a drink of the clear liquid I had ordered for everybody. I was feeling awfully generous tonight, and I smiled at the crowd, shutting my eyes and still swaying to the music in my head.

“MAN, that wasss fuckin amazing, Violet,” I heard Kobra Kid slur, but I didn’t open my eyes to see where he was, seeing as I had lost the ability to form coherent words on stage. All I could get my mind on was the fact that I was higher than anything I’ve ever seen, even the Moon. I just nodded in reply and stumbled off the stage.

An arm wrapped around my shoulders, and I opened my eyes to see Tim grinning like mad at me, his glazed over eyes shining in the dim bar light. “Violet,” he declared loudly, looking me in the eye and making me sober for just a second. “I wanna fuck you.” I grinned at his statement, rolling my head and nodding, wrapping my arms around Tim and hanging on tightly, as if for dear life. I felt nothing besides happy, beyond happy, just… Zen. JENNIFER! I heard the back of my mind scream at me, but I waved it off, giggling at my mind’s paranoia.

Tim lifted me off the ground and walked out of the bar crowd and away from the guys, going towards what looked like a door in the wall. I shut my eyes and enjoyed the ride I was getting, feeling like I was flying in air. Voices became little murmurs at the end of a tunnel, and I opened my eyes to see Tim looking at me with a huge grin on his face. I nodded again at Tim and shut my eyes, losing all ties with the real world.
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