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I floated through life secluded and reserved. I finally admitted, I needed gravity.

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The sun streamed in through my waving curtains as the cold march breeze danced silently across my room and passed gently over my face, waking me from a deep troubled sleep. I awoke gladly to escape my nightmares but that feeling suddenly fled and I dreaded having to face the day with thoughts of my past constantly haunting me. After getting dressed I walked the long hallway reaching the stairs at the bottom I heard a knocking at the door. Reluctantly I opened it to reveal a man with medium length shaggy black hair, pale skin, kind almost poetic hazel eyes and a beautifully mischievous smirk. A wave of unexplainable emotion took over my entire body and I knew in that moment I was way more than smitten with the stranger. "Hello, I'm Gerard Way I'm your new tutor." he held out his hand, I stared at it noticing they were rough, maybe because of an instrument? They had small flecks of paint, blue, black, and red, on them hardly noticeable. Smudges of charcoal, must be an artist. "Uhm...yes. Right well can I come in?" he said retracting his hand. I smiled at him. Truly smiled like I hadn't for months and stepped aside to let him in the entryway. The house my mother and I had lived in was truly beautiful. It was large, almost a mansion but not quite, brick late 7th century and covered in gorgeous vines of ivy. When I was younger I used to imagine it was the very same house from the 'Madeline' books. It was down a long driveway and surrounded by trees. The rest of the neighborhood was fashioned the same way and the land we owned was massive so I knew nothing of the neighbors. Everything was very private and secluded.

"This way" I said walking towards the informal dining room next to the kitchen. I hated talking. I didn't do it much as I was homeschooled and refused to join any groups for people like myself. My mother loved the idea of homeschool but was completely horrified at me being socially cut off, at first she was impossible. Signing me up for homeschool sports, book club, drama club. After being on my worst behavior possible I was kicked out of every single one. Mission accomplished. I floated through life secluded and reserved, never grounded and open like most people. The only two beings I truly trusted in this world were God and my mother and I didn't need anyone but them. As we made our way to the dining room I figured I might as well mildly warm up to this tutor. My mother thought I was alone far too often and insisted on at least a tutor to give me some kind of human interaction. I agreed on the tutor only because without him I'd fail math and there was no way Harvard would accept me if I failed math. Author was my goal, and Harvard would surely help me climb ladders in that field. I was also admittedly a pretty mediocre artist and wouldn't mind maybe making a good amount of cash on the side with my paintings. "I just woke up" I mentioned as he sat at the large renaissance style stone table. The informal dining room and kitchen were only separated by a large decorative archway, making it easy to carry conversation without having to scream at the top of your lungs. "Would you like some coffee? It's impossible for me to function without it" Gerard gave a soft laugh and nodded "I'm the same way, yes I'd love some" I made a fresh pot, poured two cups, brought them over to the table and sat down. Gerard was wearing black jeans a white collared shirt with sleeves rolled up to is elbow, a tight vest and red tie. He was certainly fashionable. And a bit formal, I felt sort of silly sitting there in fitted long sleeved black shirt and faded jeans. Cream and sugar were already on the table, I took note that he only put a spoonful of sugar in his. "So, Charlotte" I jerked my head up at the sound of my name. "Yes?" "This is your senior year correct?" I nodded "Well, your almost done hold in there" he winked and I smiled at his charms. He didn't seem half bad and there might really be more to them than his looks. This was turning out to be an alright day.

After about an hour of straight algebra talk, my head was starting to spin. "I need a break from this." I said finally Gerard looked up at me almost relived "Ok good, I was starting to question whether or not you were actually human" I laughed at him "Yes well, I love algebra as much as the next teenager but this I'm afraid is just too much." he smirked, I loved the way he turned usually a cocky or rude expression into a joyful, attractive, one. "Sorry but, you seem so reserved, very held back. Way too held back. Tell me about yourself" he said. I was surprised at the tone in his voice. It was general concern and care. "Oh well...I'm just not a people person. I keep to myself. I like painting, history is kind of my thing I research historical events for fun. I love writing, I'm hoping to get into Harvard as an English major." he nodded as if to say go on "uhm...I obviously read a lot, being a writer and all. I play the piano." and then he stared at me for a good five minutes, just looking at me with this calm but intense look. He was really trying to discern my character and knew that I was holding back on him. "There's so much more to you than that. Those are the staple things and while lovely and impressive, give me more. Little things about you. I noticed the Dr. Who patch on your jeans, I also enjoy the show. The Damine Rice cd at the bottom of the stairs. A very loved copy of what must be your favorite book, Pride and Prejudice on the couch in the living room we passed. You have a Vogue magazine over there. Must be interested in fashion?" I nodded a little impressed on how much he picked up "A little, it's apart of the art world". "I noticed that you bite your fingernails and that your incredibly sad. Not in an at all attention seeking way, you'd never admit it out loud, in fact you go about your mother normally and she doesn't suspect a thing. You probably act differently around her too I assume? More lively. You're lonely and even though you may not trust humanity you should, might be surprised. Your very good at playing shy though but I can tell thats not it. Your not shy at all your just...sad so incredibly sad." he leaned forward with a pained look on his face. I was a bit...shocked to say the least. I wasn't expecting that at all. "I'm sorry, I should have kept that too myself I don't want you to feel like I'm in your business I just, wanted to get to know you better." I shook my head "No, no it's fine.'re, you're right. About it all, about everything." we were silent for a second I lowered my eyes to my lap "It was kind of impressive" I laughed softly, darkly, feeling a little bitter now. "Lets move onto a different subject" he suggested in a calm stern voice. I nodded and we started on history. The rest of the day was strictly business. Gerard left at exactly 2:30 and as soon as I shut the door behind him, I missed him.
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