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Mikey's Mistake

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A cute little story about a unicorn named Mikey ^_^

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*I wrote this for an assignment in English class. It was mcr related so i thought id post it!
WARNING-THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR 10 YEAR OLDS (except for one swear word)*

Once upon a time, there lived a unicorn named Mikey. He lived in bright, sunny, Belleville, New Jersey among his family, friends and other animals.

Mikey looked like any other unicorn you may spot in the community. He had a glossy purple mane and tail. His horn and hooves were a shiny gold and the rest of his body was white.

One ordinary day, Mikey found himself with nothing to do. He played hoof ball, polished his horn, watched Uni-Toons, but nothing sparked his interest.

Mikey trotted into the kitchen, starting to gather materials to make a sandwich. He flung open the cabinets, gazing at the ingredients that lined the shelves. Like a ton of bricks, an idea forcefully hit him. He would create a potion and test it’s effects.

Moments later, Mikey had ransacked every cupboard, pantry, and drawer in his kitchen. He grabbed pumpkins, snatched cinnamon, and gathered strawberries. He scrambled to the grocery store, snatched butter, and nabbed goat milk.

Dashing home, Mikey laid his ingredients out on the counter. He dug up his old mixing pot and went to work dumping his ingredients inside. After hastily plopping the last strawberry into the boiling pot over the stove, Mikey stepped back to admire his work. After a few minutes, Mikey stood, ail swishing, growing impatient for a reaction.

His thoughts of frustration were interrupted by the sudden whistling of wind and tapping of raindrops. Mikey, forgetting about his potion, casually sauntered over to the white leather armchair to observe the weather outside.

Just as Mikey settled in to watch the rain, the shower abruptly stopped. Out of the corner of his eye, Mikey spotted a vibrant rainbow.

Fascinated by it’s colors, Mikey darted outside to take a better look. It was the most beautiful rainbow Mikey had ever seen, shimmering in the newfound sunlight, it was as colorful as a bouquet of flowers.

Recalling his failed potion sitting at home, Mikey remembered an ancient unicorn legend that stated rainbows could grant wishes. Thinking that no harm could be done, he simply wished for his potion to work.

His hope renewed, Mikey dashed eagerly into his dwelling. Like a bolt of lightning, he galloped into the kitchen, gulped down the magical mixture, and waited for an effect...

Mikey waited and waited, but nothing happened. He now doubted the myth and his potion-making abilities. The poor unicorn had been let down twice by the problematic potion.

Giving up, Mikey dragged his hooves up to his bedroom. While passing the bathroom, Mikey stopped dead in his tracks. he had seen something strange in the mirror...or rather nothing at all. Backtracking, Mikey realized his potion really DID work; he was invisible!

The reality of his situation hitting him, Mikey started to conjure up uses for his power. He could see it in his head: listening in on secret conversations, tripping his enemies, and pranking his friends. All filled up with new ideas, Mikey set out to town.

He arrived in town, spotted his friends Frank and Ray, and tiphooved stealthily towards them. Crouching low like a tiger, Mikey prepared to strike. “BOO!” Mikey shouted. Voices screeching, hooves clattering, everyone galloped away.

Catching sight of his brother Gerard, Mikey constructed a plan and ran like a cheetah to find a bucket of water. When he came back, he stared him down, waiting for the perfect moment. getting the bucket ready, Mikey stood in his ready position. Smile growing, he duped the ice cold water directly on Gerard’s head. He jumped in shock, shivered, and looked around for the culprit. Snickering, Mikey ran off to cause more mischief.

Quickly becoming bored, he felt the need to share his ability with someone: Bob! He knocked on his door, rang the door bell, and waited for an answer. Bob answered the door, eyes searching, but found no one.

“Who’s there?” questioned Bob. Mikey opened his mouth to speak, but realized no word were coming out. getting no reply, Bob slammed the door in Mikey’s invisible face.

Head drooping, Mikey’s feelings were crushed and he started to consider the worst possibilities. What if he never changed back? Would he never be able to speak again? Would he friends ever acknowledge him? As these thoughts ran through his head, Mikey rounded the corner, sat down on the curbside, and began to weep.

Just as he thought his luck couldn’t get any worse, it began to rain. I should’ve never even made that potion, much less drank it! Mikey argued with himself.

Like a sign from heaven, a glorious rainbow peeked out from the clouds and showed it’s face to Mikey. With a glimmer of hope, he remembered how he got into this situation in the first place. Couldn’t hurt to try... Mikey concluded.

Quickly making a decision, Mikey wished on the rainbow that he’d be back to normal. Surely, he hoped, it would work this time.

He walked to a puddle, stared down into it, and found his reflection. testing his voice Mikey wailed “FUCK RAINBOWS!” much to the amusement of himself and the neighbors.

Knowing he was his same old self again, Mikey happily sped back to Bob’s house. As the door squealed open, Mikey tackled Bob into a hug. “Mikey, what’re you doing? Things just keep getting weirder and weirder today...” Bob stated.

“What do you mean?” Mikey asked with a sly smile.

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