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Stray Tear

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Jacob remembers the past.

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“She was upset you had already left.” Mrs. Ellis said softly. Jacob had just arrived back home and it pained her to see the troubled look on his face. Thinking it might have something to do with Annabelle she wanted him to understand his child had indeed felt badly about leaving his morning without getting the chance to speak to him.

Jacob nodded, “Yes, well that could not be helped.” He said as he turned to make his way to the study, “I do not wish to be disturbed.”

The housekeeper watched him go with a frown marring her face. There were times she wished Jacob would confide in her. It was obvious the man was upset and in her mind she believed he needed someone to talk to. For too many years Jacob had closed himself away from the world, both worlds, mortal and Healers. He rarely received visitors and rarely left the mansion.


Jacob sat down behind the desk, leaned back in the leather chair then closed his eyes. What he’d learned was troubling and he completely blamed himself. Had he paid more attention to the Healers world he would have known Judith was a part of it and that she was well known to many.

“Damn.” He muttered angrily. “If only I had never laid eyes on her.”

As the words left his mouth his memories returned to that fateful night, the night he first saw Judith Langford….

APRIL 18 1795

“Jacob, pleased you could join us.” Ezra Langford said in greeting as Jacob entered the massive ballroom. “Come, come, let us get you a drink.” He smiled as he led Jacob through the crowed room. “I am honored you are here.”

Inwardly Jacob cringed. He disliked Langford, a loud and boisterous man but unfortunately he had several business dealing with the man’s company. So he pasted a smile on his face all the while planning on leaving the party as soon as possible.

Ezra handed a glass to Jacob, “This my young fellow is one of the best glasses of champagne you will ever enjoy. Had it imported especially for tonight, you know.”

“Thank you.” Jacob said smoothly. He took a small sip and made the appropriate comments to let his guest know the taste pleased him.

Ezra beamed at his words, “Well I wanted the best for this party. Tis not everyday a man has the honor to introduce his only daughter into society.” He leaned a bit closer to Jacob and whispered loudly, “She’s a beauty, my Judith. I am hoping she will find a suitable match soon. Had I any sons this would not matter.” He frowned, “A man without a male heir…” He shook his head, “Yes, well, I shall not let that ruin my mood.”

It was clear to Jacob the fact that Langford only had a daughter did indeed bother the man. He tried not to smile.

Suddenly Ezra’s face broke into a huge smiled, “Ah, and he she is now.” He said looking over Jacob’s shoulder.

Jacob turned to follow his gaze. When his eyes fell on the young woman descending the staircase he forgot for a moment to breathe. In his eyes Judith Langford was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. Her blond hair was caught into a fashionable up-sweep style. The red satin gown she wore displayed her very curvy body. As she drew nearer he tried to remind himself he was simply here for business reasons. That was not easily done.

“Judith, my dear.” He father greeted her warmly. “You look beautiful.”

Her voice was soft and sweet, “Thank you, Father.”

Ezra placed his arm around her shoulder, “I would like you to meet someone, my dear.” He turned back to Jacob.

Judith’s eyes widened as her gaze took in the handsome man standing before her.

Jacob saw those beautiful sapphire eyes widen and felt his own do the same. Looking into her eyes made the world around them slowly disappear. Once again he had to remind himself to stay in character, to breathe as a mortal.

“Judith, this is Jacob Wallington.” Ezra said then added, “Jacob, my beautiful daughter, Judith.”

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Jacob said smoothly. He could feel the hunger beginning to race through his body.

Judith extended a dainty hand, “Mr.Wallington."

Jacob took her warm hand in his, “Please, call me Jacob.”

Ezra smiled to himself. Watching the two it was apparent they were attracted to each other. A match between them would be ideal. Jacob Wallington was rumored to be worth more than himself. A marriage between the man and his daughter would be idea.

Judith reluctantly pulled her hand back. Jacob Wallington was handsome and rich. This evening had the distinct possibly of turning out better than she had hoped.

“Have you just arrived?” She asked Jacob with a smile.

“I have indeed.” Jacob said not able to tear his eyes from her.

Judith smiled inwardly. Good, she thought. He has not had time to meet any of the other unattached women in the room. She took a deep breath then frowned, “My, it is warm, is it not?”

Jacob, who of course did not feel hot nor cold, nodded.

“Perhaps the cool night air?” Ezra interrupted, “A nice stroll in the gardens?” He suggested thinking that would give these two a few moments alone. In his head he was already planning a grand wedding.

Judith smiled at her father knowing perfectly well what the man was thinking. She looked back into Jacob’s eyes. “Would you care to stroll with me in the garden. I believe some fresh air would be pleasurable.”

“I would be honored.” Jacob answered quickly. He did not want to let her out of his sight for a minute. He placed his glass of champagne on a nearby table glad to be rid of the drink.
As the two made their way toward the open French doors Ezra clasped his hand together happily. This was turning out much better than he had hoped.

The night air was cooling and the full moon lighted their way. As they took several steps down the stone path the sounds of the party inside lessened. Judith glanced over at the handsome man at her side. “Father is quite proud of this garden.”

“As well he should be.” Jacob nodded taking in the immaculately trimmed shrubs. Along the way they passed several other couples also enjoying the night air. Lighted torches at exact intervals also added more lighting.

Judith tried not to frown. Jacob might be handsome but he seemed to be a man of few words. Suddenly an idea crossed her mind. Taking another step she purposely stumbled. As she had hoped Jacob’s arm reached out to steady her.

“Oh.” She cried softly.

“Are you hurt?” Jacob asked concern lacing his words.

“How silly of me.” Judith answered leaning closer to him to make sure his arm remained holding hers. She took a small step then let out another small cry.

Jacob led her slowly to a nearby stone bench. “Sit for a moment.” He said softly.

Judith smiled, “Thank you.” She waited until he sat beside her then discreetly moved a bit closer to him. “I turned my ankle but I believe it will be fine if I rest a moment.”

“Are you in pain?” He asked noticing how her eyes seemed to sparkle in the moonlight.

Judith gave him her most innocent look. “It only pains me slightly.”

The idea of her being in pain tore at his heart. “Should I summon your father?”

That was something Judith did not want to happen. “No, please do not fret. It will be fine I am sure.” She lowered her eyes, “However I fear you will think I am quite ungraceful.”

Jacob’s voice was low, “I could never think that, Miss Langford. Your beauty and grace are quite apparent.”

Judith looked up to meet his eyes, “Are they?”

At that moment Jacob realized he had never experienced the emotions that were filling his mind. Hundreds and hundreds of years he had walked this earth and had never felt this way before. He took a moment trying to calm these feelings. Finally he spoke, “Oh yes. Your beauty captivates me.”

“Oh sir.” Judith smiled, “You tease me.”

Jacob reached out to brush a stray strand of blond hair from her face that had escaped. “I would not speak the words if they were not true.”

Judith felt his fingertips linger on her cheek. She slowly moved her face to allow them to brush her soft skin. “Please call me Judith.” She whispered.

“Judith.” Jacob’s voice was a loving caress.


Jacob abruptly sat up in his chair opening his eyes while trying to erase the memories from his mind. He knew now he’d been a fool not to see the true woman behind the mask.

Reaching across the desk he pushed the intercom.

“Yes?” Mrs. Ellis’s voice filled the room.

“I hunger.”

For a moment his words were met with silence.

“Did you not hear me?” Jacob asked angrily.

“I will see to it.” She answered. Now she was sure something was terribly wrong. Jacob rarely drank from mortals preferring the synthetic. The fact that he had just demanded a human was out of character.

She sighed as she made her way to the maid’s quarters. There were several blood bound women who would be more than happy to satisfy all of Jacob’s needs. But the fact that Jacob wanted this concerned her.


Once more Jacob settled back in his chair waiting Once more the memories filled his mind. He could see the day clearly, almost feel the rain on his skin…

JUNE 1776

“I am tired of all this talk of war.” Judith pouted as she and Jacob walked slowly through the garden. “Father, speaks of nothing else.”

Jacob looked up and the gathering clouds. Soon a light rain began to fall causing them to hurry their steps. Once seated in the covered gazebo he responded.

“The war will be over soon.” His heart was heavy with regret so many lives on both sides had been lost.

Judith sighed, “I just wish life to return to normal.”

“For many that will not be possible.” Jacob said sadly.

She reminded herself to act, as she knew Jacob would want. “Yes, so sad.” She murmured even blinking back a tear of two. “So many young lives gone.”

Jacob was touched by her words, “Yes, tragic.”

Judith cared not for the loss of lives. She simply wanted her life to return to the way it had once been. She slid her arm through Jacobs and smiled, “I am thankful the war did not touch you.”

“It touched us all.” Jacob answered sadly. He had of course not been involved directly in the war but still mourned loss of life for mortals.

Judith frowned. It seemed at times nothing she said pleased Jacob. Moving even closer to him she laid her head on his shoulder. Changing the subject she said, “Father mentioned this morning he is pleased we are spending time together.”

“I am also pleased.” Jacob smiled, “Pleased I have been welcomed as a suitor.”

“My only suitor.” Judith said softly. She wanted Jacob to understand he was the only man she considered worthy.

Jacob looked down into her eyes, “I am honored.” When she raised her head he placed a chase kiss on her lips.

Judith moved closer and the kiss deepened.

Jacob’s arms tightened around her as the hunger suddenly flared through his body. He moaned slightly trying to pull away but Judith clasped her arms around his neck to stop him. They had been seeing each other for months now and she wanted the relationship to progress to the point where marriage was the next logical step.

Her body pressing against his was causing the hunger to strengthen. Never before had a mortal caused this to happen. Jacob knew if he did not stop this he might loose control.

She murmured his name against his lips while her fingers caressed the back of his neck. Pulling away slightly she whispered, “It is you I love.”

Her words touched his heart. “I love you also, Judith. A feeling I believed I would never know.”

Standing slowly she put out her hand, “Come let us go inside.” She knew her father was away for the day and her mother was as usual locked in her room hiding from the life she hated.

Jacob hesitated.

Judith smiled, “Come, my love. We will speak in private.”

Once they were inside the house Judith led Jacob to a small sitting room. As he made his way over to one of the sofas she closed then locked the door. It did not matter to her how this might look. In her mind if her father returned and she and Jacob were caught in a compromising position, well then, all the better. Marriage would definitely be forthcoming.

Jacob was still fighting his inner demons as he sat down. In his heart he felt he owed her the truth but he feared her reaction.

Slowly Judith walked over to the sofa. As she sat down next to him she smiled, “I have longed for this chance to be alone.” She leaned forward pressing her soft lips to his.

Jacob felt himself becoming lost in the kiss. Had he know this would happen he would have fed before coming here. Now, her closeness, her body pressed against his was becoming too much. Not able to stop himself he deepened the kiss, coaxing her mouth open with his tongue.

Judith moaned with pleasure, never having been kissed like this before. Her fingers intertwined in his hair bringing his body even closer. She wanted to feel him touch her. As his lips left hers she smiled as they traveled down her neck covering her with soft kisses.

“Oh, Jacob.” She cried out.

Jacob barely heard her words. The sound of her heartbeat filled his ears. When his lips reached the top of her gown he paused.

Slowly Judith moved her hands to the front of her gown. She watched his eyes as she loosened the material. When he breasts spilled out she blinked in confusion. His eyes seemed to flash.

Jacob’s mouth once more pressed against her neck. Again his hot kisses trailed down her chest but this time they did not stop. As his mouth latched on to her exposed nipple Judith arched her back and moaned his name.

Knowing he was bring her pleasure added to his excitement. His tongue circled the rosy nipple, teasingly.

Judith was lost in the feeling. Had she know it would be like this she would have acted sooner. In her mind Jacob was a good as hers. She smiled as she looked down at his head bend over her breast. This was heavenly but she wanted more. Slowly she reached down while whispering for him to continue. Shifting her body slightly she pulled at her heavy satin gown raising it up to expose her leg. Then she took his hand in hers and slowly slid them up then under her dress.

A moan escaped Jacob’s lips as his fingers touched the soft flesh of her leg. Higher and higher he felt their fingers traveling. He’d been with countless women but none had excited him more than Judith. He wanted to make love to her more than he’s ever wanted anything. When she whispered she wanted him to touch her intimately he lost control. Moving quickly he sat back knowing this had to stop now.

Judith was shocked when he pulled away. How dare he reject her this way? Brazenly she reached out to caress the now apparent bulge in his trousers. She was sure he would not be able to resist her.

“No.” Jacob ground out. “We must stop.” He lowered his head, hiding his eyes.

Judith laughed “Why, my love? Is this not what we both desire?”

“Yes." He admitted, “I do desire you. My love for you makes it so.”

“Then there is no reason to stop.” Judith laughed, “Father will not return until this evening. No one will dare to disturb us.”

Jacob could barely hear her words over the sound of her blood was rushing through his ears. He longed to make her his so badly it hurt.

Judith could not understand his hesitation. Once more her hand brushed over him. “Jacob, I want you.” She whispered as she leaned towards him. At that moment his head snapped up colliding with hers as she moved to kiss him. Her teeth nipped her own lip bring forth a few drops of blood.

Jacob’s body acted instinctively. His mouth latched on to hers sucking the precious blood but he needed more. His body demanded more.

Judith blinked in shock at what was happening. She tried to pull away but his arms held her tight. Again and again his tongue brushed across her swollen lips pulling the blood to him.

Her initial surprise set aside Judith decided that what he was doing was shockingly exciting. Using all her strength she pushed him back on the sofa following him with her body. Once she was laying on top of him she made sure to press her body against his swollen member.

Jacob tore his mouth from hers then buried his face in her neck. His tongue darted out to lick the soft skin.

Judith’s whole body felt on fire. “Yes, my love.” She cried out not understanding how her words egged him on. “I want you so badly.”

As his fangs descended Jacob used every once of willpower to push her away. She tumbled back on the sofa as he rose.

“Jacob?” Her voice trembled.

“I am sorry.” He muttered turning away. “So sorry.”

“I do not understand. Do you truly not desire me?”

He ran a shaky hand over his face. Still turned away he muttered, “I desire you more than humanly possible.”

She jumped to her feet, “Then show me. Show me your desire.” She cried out.

Slowly Jacob turned to her. She inhaled sharply as she gazed into his topaz eyes. Words failed her.

Jacob stared into the eyes of the woman he believed he loved with all his heart.

Her words sent a piercing pain through that heart. “What are you?”


A gently knock on the door pulled Jacob out of the memory.

“Enter.” He called out roughly.

The young girl slowly walked through the door closing it tightly behind her.
Jacob looked at the girl a moment. Her long red hair was straight, her green eyes wild. She wore a short blue dress with sandals.

“You understand why you are here?” He asked.

She smiled and nodded, “Yes, of course.”

The memory he’d been reliving before she arrived had further fueled his hunger. “Come.’ He said.

She walked around the deck to stand before him. “I’m…” She was about to tell him her name but he spoke cutting her off.

“I do not care.” The anger his memories had brought forth burned. “Remove the dress.” He commanded.

She nodded then reached up to untie the straps from around her neck. As the dress fell to reveal her pert breasts Jacob’s hunger grew. She reached behind her and lowered the zipper. The dress puddle around her feet and she stepped out of it kicking it aside.

Jacob stood, swooped her up then sat her down on his desk. “Lay back.” He barked. As soon as she did he pulled her lacy panties down her legs, tossing them aside.

He pulled his chair forward and sat back down. Spreading her legs he lowered his head. Even his anger could not stop him from giving the girl some pleasure before feeding. His tongue began flicking her nub as his fingers parted her lips. She moaned with desire when he licked up and down her wet slit.

He had originally thought only to pleasure her but suddenly he wanted more. Roughly he stood, grabbed her then rolled her over onto her stomach. Her feet hit the floor as he fumbled with his zipper. As soon as his pants fell he thrust into her.

She tried to grip the edge of the deck to steady herself. His thrusting was wild and hard but not at all unwelcome. As he continued to push deeper and deeper inside her she moaned again.

Jacob felt her muscles beginning to contract. His own release was moments away. Leaning down he slid his hands under her to cup her breasts. The action caused her to raise her body by leaning up on her arms so that his fingers had better access to her nipples.

He thrust once more pushing them both over the edge. She cried out arching her back. Jacob’s mouth lathed on to her shoulder blade. As his fangs pierced her skin he emptied into her as he drank deeply.

By the time he had pulled his mouth away and stood back he had wiped away the stray tear of loneliness and regret that had fallen from his eye.
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