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Chapter 2

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It is possible to fall asleep while eating breakfast?

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“Wait, what do you mean ‘crack’?” I asked Frank, looking at him, curious and worried. Well, you know what they say… Curiosity kill the cat. “You mean… Gerard was bad before this?”

Frank looked at me and nodded, biting his lip ring. “You’re a fan, right?” he asked, looking at me with a slightly raised eyebrow.

I nodded, glaring at Frank. “I swear to God, Frank Iero, if you say what Gerard just said…” I growled quietly, barely audible and more of a low grumble.

Frank shook his head slightly, looking taken aback. “No, heaven’s no… I was going to ask you if you’ve seen Life on the Murder Scene.”

I rolled my eyes. “’I, like, killed so many plants…’” I mimicked Gerard’s drunken quote from LOTMS, looking at the table, where the guys and Julia were eating their food, still chatting. I looked back at Frank, who seemed to be pondering something. “One of Gerard’s quotes off the top of my head, Frank. He had passed out on the ground and somebody caught him puking,” I said, thinking Frank was wondering about the quote.

Frank shook his head, shutting his eyes. “I know, I know… I was there helping him up, remember? I… Gerard hasn’t stopped whatever he was doing. Lately he’s been disappearing at night, telling us he’d be back in the morning. He normally is, looking all bloodshot though…” Frank said, opening his eyes and looking at me. “Bob, Ray, Mikey, and I all think he’s doing drugs again. But when we go through his stuff, nothing.”

I nodded, remembering that part of LOTMS. “Oddly not a surprise…” I said, looking longingly at the food. “Can I eat now?” I asked Frank, looking at him and pouting a little.

Frank nodded, looking distant. “Sure,” he said, shaking his head and looking at me. “Hope it doesn’t taste bad.” A smile spread across his face, and I calmed a little. “I’ll talk with Gerard about it, okay?”

I nodded, reaching for the plate of pancakes, which was running short. “I would say tell me what you hear, but I don’t want anything else to happen to me or Julia while I’m here if I can help it,” I whispered to myself, taking two pancakes and placing them on my plate. The soft aroma of maple syrup and oranges wafted through my nose, making me absolutely hungry. I looked across the table for the syrup, noticing Mikey had the bottle in his hand, pouring more on his already syrupy pancakes. “Mikey, may you please pass me the syrup when you’re done?” I asked him, watching the syrup slowly pour out on his pancakes.

Mikey looked up at me and nodded, his eyebrows raised. “Give me a moment and I’ll be done,” he said, looking back down at his pancakes. The syrup continued to fall out of the bottle onto the pancakes, literally making me salivate at the sight, wide-eyed. Mikey continued holding the bottle up in the air, casually watching the liquid slowly drip out of the bottle. I felt a small squeak escape my throat after five minutes of watching the syrup pour slowly, soaking his pancakes and gathering on his plate in a moat around the pancakes.

Bob looked at my slightly horrified face and rolled his eyes, snatching the bottle from Mikey’s hands and giving me the bottle. “Fuckin’ toddler,” he grumbled, probably talking about Mikey and going back to his eggs.

Mikey frowned at Bob, then turned to me. “I was still using that,” he said quietly, his frown setting into a hard line on his face and his eyebrows shooting towards the sky.

I looked at Mikey, confused at what I should do. Rachael, it’s Mikey, brother of Gerard. I gave a small shiver and sighed, handing the bottle across the table back to Mikey, who had his hand outstretched towards me, waiting. You don’t want to see Gerard again if you can help it.

“Oh, hey, the food’s done,” I heard Gerard say, and I shut my eyes, sighing again. Speak of the Devil himself… I thought, opening my eyes and staring at my naked pancakes. I frowned. I’ll just have to eat them plain, I thought, tentatively picking my fork up and cutting a small piece of the pancake away from the rest. I stabbed it gingerly and lifted my fork, the pancakes attached to its prongs. I bit my lip and brought the fork to my mouth, opening my mouth and putting the pancake bit in.

I felt a nudge on my left leg, and I turned to see Julia, looking scared. Right past her was Gerard, smiling at me knowingly. I shivered and looked back down at Julia, nodding my head and smiling, my eyes screaming, “BE SAFE JULIA.” Julia read my face, looking at the fake smile plastered to my face and my eyes screaming in desperation for help. I leaned in to hug Julia, putting my head in the crook of her shoulder. I swallowed the bit of pancake I had in my mouth and shut my eyes, wishing no harm for Julia. “I’ll tell you later,” I whispered in her ear, letting her go and going back to my pancakes, which actually tasted good without the syrup.

Julia looked up at me, wide eyed, but nodded, unnoticeable to the guys, and went back to eating her egg silently. Rachael, she’s silent, something she never is, the back of my mind yelled at me, giving me a warning at the fact that something may be seriously wrong with my sister. The guys were talking about the Black Parade, though Gerard was looking at me from the corner of his eye. I bit my lip nervously and looked down, wondering how Gerard could make me feel uncomfortable, despite the rest of My Chemical Romance sitting either next to me or across from me.

The table grew silent and I shut my eyes, praying to god it wasn’t something about me. I heard a small cough come from right by me, to my right, and I looked up to see all the guys were gone from the table except Frank, who was looking at me with concern in his eyes. “Rachael?” he asked me quietly, lifting the hair that flopped in front of my face slowly. “You awake now?”

I blinked and knit my eyebrows together, wondering where the hell the guys went in thirty seconds without a trace. I raised my head and looked around the kitchen, no signs of the guys anywhere. I looked back at Frank. “What the hell?” I asked, cursing out loud for the first time in a while. I looked to my left and my eyes grew wide. Julia was missing. “What the hell happened to Julia?!” I whispered furiously, not wanting to yell at Frank, the only one in this house that seemed to be okay besides Bob.

Frank tittered and I turned my head to face him, slightly furious and mostly freaking out. “Rachael, try not to curse, please?” he asked me, raising one eyebrow. “Julia’s fine, Ray and Mikey just took her to see the entertainment room. Gerard and Bob had to go discuss something, and I live in the kitchen,” he said, letting his eyebrow down and smiling at me. “You fell asleep eating. Very good aim for your mouth, I must say.”

I nodded, semi-dazed. “Uh huh,” I said, racking my brain for an entertainment room around the house. “Frank, is there a basement?” I asked, knowing I didn’t see an entertainment room during my mindless wandering yesterday.

Frank nodded. “Yeah, a rather large one, in fact. Gerard told you to wander the house yesterday?”

I looked up at Frank, confused. “How do you….” I trailed, actually worried for a second there.

Frank chuckled and shook his head. “Not that, Rachael. I saw you crying in the library, and it’s either Gerard told you to wander the house, you snooped around, or you can smell out books for miles. You don’t look like the snooping type, and…”

“I can’t smell a book from a distance, Frank,” I said, smiling a little. “Please tell me I don’t have food on my face,” I said, feeling my face for any food I may possibly have.

Frank smiled and walked over to me, holding a hand to me so I could stand up. “No food, trust me.” I took his hand and stood up, my eyes falling back down a little. “Are you still tired, sleeping beauty?” Frank asked me, smiling with a slight smirk.

I mumbled something and waved his hand away from me, grabbing my plate and taking it to the sink, where other dishes were soaking in steaming water. “Just in here?” I asked Frank, who was stepping over to the sink.

Frank nodded and smiled. “If you want, I can take those for you,” he said, motioning to the dishes in my hand. “You need sleep, anyway. I’ll put these away.”

I smiled at Frank and scratched the back of my neck. “Thanks, Frank, that would mean a lot to me.” I bit my lip and put my arm down. “Can you… Can you stop the guys from doing anything to Julia for a while, please?” I asked him, watching Frank take the dishes from my hand and plopping them in the sink, reaching for a mini scrubber by the sink’s rim.

Frank looked and me and smiled even bigger, nodding slightly. “I’ll try my hardest, Rachael. I do have to ask one thing though,” he said, setting the scrubber down and leaning on the black granite countertop.

I shrugged. “What could be worse than what possibly happened to me last night? Shoot.”

“What all did Gerard tell you?” Frank asked me, looking genuinely curious.

I sighed and shut my eyes, walking over to the counter and leaning on it with my back, my hands bracing myself against the countertop. “He said you and the rest of the guys agreed to it, once you saw my sister and I at a concert during the Black Parade tour. I go to one show, and get kidnapped a month afterwards.” I snorted. “That’ll teach me from going to concerts ever again.”

“I’m sorry,” I heard Frank say softly, and I opened my eyes, turning towards him. “Gerard told me that you guys were just here as guests. How old are you, anyway?”

“I’m seventeen and my sister’s twelve,” I said, angry at Gerard for taking my kid sister. “She doesn’t even deserve to be here. She did nothing. I don’t even remember her coming to the concert with me!” I said in frustration, clenching my hands into fists that turned my knuckles white. “She’s only twelve, for god’s sake! She’s fuckin’ twelve and she’s been raped by a man she just met!” I shut my eyes and shook my head slowly, willing the tears not to fall. “I’m going to kill Gerard, if it’s the last thing I do…” I whispered, feeling a lump in my throat form.

I felt arms wrap around me, and I opened my eyes to see Frank hugging me, his face buried in my hair. “I’m sorry, Rachael, I didn’t know anything about it at all,” he said, muffled by my thick hair. He pulled his face out of my hair and looked at me. “I’ll talk to Gerard, okay?” he asked softly, looking me in the eye with sympathetic eyes.

I sighed and nodded, looking away as a blush crept across my cheeks. “Thanks, Frank,” I said, examining the cabinets. Are those wood or steel…?

“Call me Frankie,” Frank said, and I turned to see him blushing slightly also. “I don’t want you to suffer any more than you already have,” he said softly, looking down and letting me go. “I’ll, err, I’ll finish the dishes. Go get some sleep. You’ll need it.”

I nodded, feeling sick as I remembered Gerard’s words from before about punishment. “Thank you, Frankie,” I said, smiling and walking out of the room to the one place where I thought I could hide: the library.

Aha, an update! I also need to update Dozen Roses... But I thought, since it's been nearly a month since my last post on here, what the hell. I actually started writing this yesterday, but didn't get to finish, so here it is! Hope you enjoy and haven't abandoned this story because I don't go update crazy with this fiction.
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