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Warm And Alive I'm All Over You.

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I've got to tell you something, I've got to tell you I love you, Not Jeph, You.

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Quinn's POV;

Look at him, walking around lazily, dazily, slightly stumbling I guess.
Oh look and there he goes, arms around Jeph, great.
Hows that meant to make ME feel Bert! Huh?
He never notices it does he.
Lets just chuckle along with it.

'Ahaha guys, thats so cuuutee!'

In for the kiss, oh jeez...

Bert's POV;

I don't know what to do anymore, everytime I push my lips to Quinn's on stage it feels like a firework inside of me.
Does he feel the same?
I try making it look like I don't care, so, lets just go over to Jepha I guess..

'Heyyy Jephy baby'

I wink, I try to make it seem like I don't even know he's watching,
He isn't there Bert, He isn't, There.

I lay my arms lightly around Jepha's shoulders and kiss his cheek delicately,

'Aww, Bert aren't you just adorable?'

Jepha chuckled at me, my darn stupid attempt of trying to be romantic with ANYONE OTHER THAN QUINN
Screw it, how else can I do this,

I let my lips crash into Jepha's, it felt, violent, it felt, Not right.

I could tell Jepha enjoyed it though, our lips quite obviously fit together quite well,

I pulled back.

He smiled.

I can't do this any darn longer.
Just tell Quinn you love him Bert.

I will.
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