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Where's The Peacemaker When You Need Him?

by unitedsuck007 3 reviews

I speak to you on behalf of FicWad and myself.

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K,so I noticed today that suzyrevenge had put up a story,and I saw the reviews.
I'm getting sick of this.There is no official adult figure on FicWad,so I'm gonna go ahead and be the bigger person here.
As of now,I am waving the white flag.Callin for a truce?
I'm sorry if I offended you,Suzy.I said some things I probably shouldn't have.
(Why I'm apologizing is totally beyond me,you called me a fucking IRA whore who shpuld go get raped,but whatever...)
So,there will be no more talk of the feud as of now.It's pissing me off.
Okay then.
Let's get back to updating our Tumblr's and reading slash fics!
xoxo l.
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