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Trying To Find A Dot Of Colour

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Present time! Frank wakes up to find Gerard hoodie slung over the chair

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Present Time
Frank's P.O.V

I lay in the hospital bed, my eyes gazeing over the peral white walls. Everything in here seemed to be pristienly clean and white. My eyes fell to the black hoodie drapped over the chair beside my bed.It belonged to Gerard.

He'd been there I'd entered the hospital. When I awoke in the mornings he'd be sitting by my bedside and he wouldn't leave 'til I fell asleep at night. He was the only person who actully gave a shit about me. The others who visited were just here for the brownie points that came with visiting a sick teen. They cared not at all for me.

I stared transfixed at my bedside locker perched on top where an abundance of get well cards. Many were identical.I realisied this was because many of them had been bought at last minute from the same small hospital shop,there was no heart felt sincerity contained in any. But one was differnt It rested in front of the other in clear view. It was a refill pad page with a sketch carefully drawn across the front of a blood-red bird.

The door opened quietly and Gerard walked in holding a starbucks coffee cup in each hand. He was dressed in dark skinny jeans and a bright yellow "Asking Alexsandra" t-shirt. He smilied when he saw me staring at him.

"Your awake" he mummbled happily, makeing his way to the large white chair beside my bed. I made a point of throwing my hand up into the air in a momment of realsation and exclaimly loundly.

"Am I? I never knew PRAISE THE LORD" The women walking past the door frowned disapprovingly threw the window.

"Well at least your well enough to me makeing exclaimed sentences" he shrugged. Placeing a cup of coffee ino my hands. I nodded my silent thanks takeing a sip.

"D'you like my shirt?, I wore it to try and brighten this place up a little" he smilied.

"They do that on purpose you know," I frowned "The colours apperently they can cause mental breakdown or something like that" Gerard gazed at me awkwardly. I took another sip of coffee before continueing "Like if you put guy in a red room he'll kill himself" Gerard laughed then the room went silent again.

"Did they say anything else about when you'd be released?" asked Gerard. I nodded clutching the neatly rolled bandage that ran around my wrist.

"When the cuts bein to scab again, they said it'll be less likely to infection that way" I answered.

"Shouldn't be too much longer then" he smilied before the door behid ehim creake open.

"Sorry to bother youu gentle men but I just came o check on my favorite patient Frank boy here" laughed a rather tall doctor. He entered the room picking up my chart from the end of my bed flicking threw the pages.

"Well those cuts should be healing up,, how did you say they were recieved Mr.Iero?" questioned the man who's badge read Dr.Redmond.
I was silent for a momment glanceing at Gerard until Dr.Redmond repeated the question.

"Fixing a window" I lied my head dropping to stare at the sheets. The doctor nodded.

"I'll have a nurse in soon to change your bandages and then you should be ready for release in the next day" smilied the doctor before leaveing. As soon as the door closed Gerard turned to me.

"You need to tell him before you leave how thoese cut's really got there" he stated. I shook my head.

"I don't ,I can handle it on my own" I stated. He looked disapprovely at me.

"This was how it all started you trying to handle it all" he repplied shaking his head "But look what happend, you tried to KILL yourself Frank!"


Hey so decided to write another chapter of this even though I've been getting alot of hate mail on my stories andd jst so yu know how sleepy I am write know I'm wrighting this at 3 o'clock in the morning. Right know I kinda wishes I hadn't drank as much coffee as I have. Aw well guess I have a date with insominaia tonight. X
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