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Facing the Music

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Their world's been turned upside down by their worst nightmare

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Gerard Way stared out the tinted window of the limousine as they drew closer to the Iero household. With him was Mikey and Johnny, his two most trusted companions. They sat quietly, aware of Gerard's need for silence. His head was buzzing with thoughts and half planned ideas, but none seemed as important or as amusing as the project he had set himself on currently.
The streets of New Jersey rolled by outside, the houses getting progressively bigger and better kept as they got closer to their destination.
His brother snapped to attention, eyes fixed on his brother for instruction. "Yes Gerard?"
"I might eat in tonight." He smirked slightly. "I think I'm feeling my age."
The younger Way chuckled, knowing full well that he and his brother never felt their age. At their stage of existence they rarely even needed to eat, it was more of a sport than a necessity. "Any preference of dining?" he enquired.
Gerard pondered this for a second. "I'm not partial to any type. Surprise me."
The vehicle began to climb up a hill and the landscape changed from housing to woodland. His curiosity piqued as he saw a deer start at the car and bolt back into the woods. A smile tweaked his lips as he knew that it had not been a deer at all.
"Looks like they might be expecting intruders." Gerard purred, suddenly excited by the thought of fresh game. The supes in Britain had become boring. There were so few left from a refusal to grow with humanities changes. They banded together in their little groups, weighed down by tradition and cautiousness. They knew to stay away from the vampires at all costs, and didn't play along when they did get caught. There was no fun in catching the prey if it didn't squirm.
These Americans though, he could practically smell them on every corner. It was like leaving a country in drought and finding yourself in an oasis. He could barely wait to get the formalities over before the hunt began.
Mikey had questioned him earlier as to why he was even bothering with social courtesies, and he had explained that it was necessary. Before they left England he had been given a strict speech by the elder vampires, demanding that he let their presence be known in the foreign land.
"It is not fair," declared one of the elders, "to impose upon another species without warning. We do not care for their feelings, but we do not want you making a scene in New Jersey. We will not be exposed because of your impervious attitude. If you want to join the elders at the end of the millennia, you need to watch your step."
The words had rung heavy in Gerard's ears and were still echoing in his mind. He knew that the chances of him getting kicked off the council were slim; he was the eleventh oldest vampire in the world, making his claim to one of the nine thrones a strong one.
The limousine slowed to a stop next to the front steps. Gerard waited in the car while Mikey and Johnny made their presence known. It was late afternoon but that didn't mean he felt like standing out in the sun. The ultra violent rays stung his sensitive skin and made him irritable.
A man was standing on the steps, glaring at the boy approaching him. Mikey smiled, fully aware of how uncomfortable he made the shifter. His keen eyes picked up on the slight shiver the man gave and the way that he was trying to hold his breath.
"We are here to speak with the Iero's." Mikey announced, as if that weren't already obvious.
The man gave a sharp nod and walked quickly back up the steps and through the front door.
Johnny was standing next to the car, eyes searching for any signs of danger. He spotted a cat crouched on top of one of the balconies, observing them. In between the trees surrounding them shadows flitted, betraying the presence of half a dozen supes. Mortimer knew that if worst came to worst he would be able to fight them off, but the idea of letting his master inside the shifter home was unpleasant. However, he had no choice. Gerard would always do as he liked, regardless of what he said.
Mikey picked up on the sound of returning footsteps and grinned as the man returned.
"You are to follow me." he said.
The younger Way nodded and went to fetch his brother. Johnny opened the door of the limousine and Gerard stepped out gracefully. His eyes alighted on their shifter guide and he smirked, seeing the pulse at the man's neck beating rapidly.
"Do not worry." he purred in a honied voice, "I have no interest in eating you.... Or at least, not today."
The shifter's lip curled for a second, masking his fear, and turned sharply to go back into the building.
Gerard chuckled and swept in after the man. His booted feet made barely a noise on the marble flooring and he smiled wide when the shifter turned slightly to check that they were still following him. The group continued down through the house, along the main hallway, never turning off. As they drew closer to the other side Gerard noticed the wide double doors. He thought that it was amusing that the shifters were treating this event so formally, when all he was interested in was a quick chat and an exit.
The man stopped abruptly outside the room and rapped his knuckles on the cherry wood twice.
"Come in." a voice called.
Gerard nodded teasingly to their guide as he passed through into the main conference room. Typically at the other end was a large desk where Mr Iero sat. His wife stood behind him, one hand gripping his shoulder. They were encircled by five men, all watching their guests warily.
The vampires walked up calmly and confidently, Gerard at their head. "There's no need for all of this... Formality Mr Iero. And your body guards are very unnecessary. I have no interest in harming you, just a friendly chat if you'll permit me."
Frank Iero Senior frowned. "Until you earn our trust, you wont be getting it, vampire." he spat the last word.
Gerard rolled his eyes. "Oh your no fun."
"We aren't going to play games with you and your kind." the shifter man continued. "What is it that you want?"
Mikey giggled, thinking that Iero's blunt attitude was amusing. His older brother chuckled as well. "You may not want to be a part of the game, but how do you know that you're not already playing?"
There was a tense silence, charged with the anger of the shifters and the dark delight of the vampires.
Gerard sighed and ran his tongue teasingly across his sharp teeth. "I only dropped by to inform you and the other supes that we're in town, and we're planning on staying."
The shifters exchanged worried glances and their leader ground his teeth angrily. "Why? What could your people possibly find interesting about New Jersey?"
The vampire shrugged and gave a small grin. "I've been through the education system enough times in Britain to know it back to front. I want to try something new."
Frank Iero jumped to his feet and slammed his fist down on the desk. "You are NOT steeping foot in that school ground again. It is in our territory and you are not welcome near my people." he ground out, snarling ferociously.
Gerard laughed lightheartedly. "Oh, I think you'll find I go wherever I like. I've already spoken to the other supes, and they've agreed that Belleville High should be on neutral ground. It is a school after all."
Iero could feel his body shudder with the instinct to change. He forced his thoughts away from the transformation and focused on the arrogant boy before him. "You have no right to waltz in here and assume control. We will fight you for this, vampire!"
Mikey and Johnny tried to hide the smiles on their faces, as their leader chuckled.
"I don't think your in a position to argue, shifter. Your threats don't scare me one bit. To me, you're basically a blood bag with a smart ass attitude, so I'd watch what you say." Gerard took a step forward and leant across the table intimidatingly. "You can agree to this, and only some of you will be eaten, or you can argue and all of you will. Because trust me when I say, if you choose to fight us, you will loose."
And with that final statement he turned on his heel and glided out of the door, followed by his sniggering companions.

Rabbit hopped down the stairs and headed towards the front door. She had been sleeping for the past two hours and was now meeting Frank outside for some shift training. Her bare feet slapped against the floor rhythmically as she jogged through the hallways, vaguely knowing where to go.
Just as she reached the front parlor she was overcome by a sudden sensation of icy cold and that frightening smell of overpowering sweetness. She skidded to a stop and chocked on the scent, turning her head left and right frantically, trying to spot the dangerous beings she knew were there.
"Ah look, it's the tainted girl. We meet again, Sugar." a silken smooth voice hummed.
Rabbit jumped as three figures emerged from the shadowy hallway, slipping towards her like a poisonous liquid. She froze for a moment, eyes glued on the vampires, before taking two steps backwards towards the door.
The boy who was obviously their leader laughed at her reaction. "Yes, I too would be afraid if I were you."
"They're not the most courageous of the supes, are they?" the tall, skinnier one sniggered.
The first one grinned as Rabbit's back hit the solid surface of the front door. "No, but that makes them all the more fun to chase."
Her eyes widened and she threw open the door, bolting outside and into the relative safety of the trees, his words echoing after her.
"See you at school, shifter!"
The comforting feel of soft foliage against her skin slowed her panicked run, and she looked back at the house. From the natural shadows she could see the three dark figures flow down the front steps and into the waiting car, pausing to wave in her direction first.
Rabbit shook, body trembling with the need to shift. All her instincts were screaming at her to flee, not fight. For a moment she was ashamed of her cowardice, but then she remembered that she was a juvenile shape shifter. Every preservation skill she had was invested in her ability to transform and escape a dangerous situation. It wasn't until she was older that she would be able to engage with something as deadly as a vampire.
She leapt forwards as a hand clamped down on her shoulder.
"Hey, don't worry! It's only me." Frank consoled her. "I'm sorry I frightened you, are you okay?"
Rabbit put a hand on her heaving chest and nodded. She noted how much gentler he was being with her since their escape that morning and tucked that thought away for later scrutiny.
"I'm fine... Just a bit jumpy." she whispered, trying to pull a convincing smile.
"They're scary, aren't they?" he said, gesturing at the black limousine that was crawling down the road.
Her eyes followed the ominous car and she nodded reluctantly. "I ran into them in the hallway." she mumbled, trying to suppress the shudder that ran down her spine. "Their so malicious. I could practically see the evil oozing from their skin."
Frank laughed at that. "Poetic much?"
Rabbit shook her head. "It's true, there's nothing poetic about it. They aren't natural."
He rolled his eyes. "And we are?"
She met his gaze head on. "No, we're supernatural. They're dead."
Frank quietened, understanding the gravity of her fears. "It's okay Rabbit, we wont be crossing paths with them again for a while. They were probably here to suss out boundaries with my parents."
She shook her head, frowning unhappily. "They're coming to our school."
"What!?" Frank shouted, eyes widening in surprise.
Rabbit ran a hand through her fringe anxiously. "The dark haired boy... that's what he called out to me as I ran out of the house."
He thumped his fist against a tree trunk, trying not to snarl angrily. "My father would never allow this... Not unless he had no choice."
She placed a hesitant hand on his tense shoulder. Her darkly tanned skin contrasted against his white shirt and she was reminded of the deathly pallor of the mysterious newcomers to their home town. Rabbit breathed in deeply, summoning any ounce of optimism she had.
"It's gonna be okay, Frankie. We'll just learn to stick in groups when we're at school. There's eight of us, but there's only five of them."
Her words did nothing to lift the worry of her leader, a worry that would intensify when they were informed that it wasn't only five vampires they would soon have to arm against. It was the whole of their supe generation, and no one was going to play nice.


Lilly giggled and tugged on Ayla's long, blonde hair, ducking into someone's garden to avoid the expected retaliation. She wasn't disappointed. In a flash Ayla turned around and pointed at her fellow witch, muttering a quick curse to mess up Lilly's hair. The girl shrieked and clamped her hands over her now frizzy locks, pouting furiously.
Daria, better known by her last name Nightshade, laughed at Lilly who was attempting to straighten her ringlets back into place with magically heated fingers. Ayla flashed a grin at Nightshade and kept walking along the footpath. Her four followers skipped after her, all chatting about the day to come.
"I can't believe our luck, no more homeschooling!" Patricia cried happily.
"Just think," Lilly chirped, "we'll take normal classes and eat normal food. Not to mention there'll be boys!"
Ebony, by far the most morbid of the group, shrugged. "Who cares about boys? I just can't wait to dissect something..."
There was an awkward pause before the other four burst into peals of laughter.
"Ebbs you really are one of a kind." Ayla grinned, slinging an arm over her skinny friends shoulders.
The other girls agreed, and they all joined arms and skipped together. Their black and coloured striped stockings flashed in unison and their long hair swirled behind them in the wind. Humans stopped and stared as they passed by, made curious by the energetic air that followed them. All five witches were the best of friends, the only one set apart was Ayla, their generation's leader. It was she who knew the most spells and kept them in line.
"There it is!" shrieked Lilly loudly, bouncing up and down between Patricia and Ayla. "Are we all excited!? Because I'm exited!"
"Yes, we can tell your psyched Lil." Daria giggled.
"You're deffs not the only one either." Patricia grinned, exchanging mischievous glances with the others.
They all stopped and took in the sight of Belleville high, plans of pranks, trickery and mayhem already forming in their devious minds.

Sasha slipped from the cover of the trees and sniffed the air cautiously. On the other side of the oval was a sea of human teenagers, milling around like cattle. Her ears pricked at the occasional high pitched shriek and the deep laughs, eyes scanning the heads in the distance for any supes. She couldn't smell any, but she knew that they couldn't be far... The vampires assured Ray that Belleville High would be a free zone, but he was still cautious.
Not picking up on any immediate danger, Sahsa turned and beaconed to the others.
Ray stepped out from between the tree trunks first, masculine body slinking across the grass to join her. Behind him was Flash, Hugh and Eliza, all part of their pack.
"No sign of the supes?" Ray asked, senses on high alert.
She shook her head. "For a moment I though I saw a zombie... But I can't be sure. No sign of the vamps, or the shifters either for that matter."
A familiar footfall announced the presence of Howl, Sasha's twin. He jogged slowly out from the woods and padded up to his pack leader obediently.
"Anything?" Ray questioned.
The slight boy nodded. "There have been faeries passing through the eastern gate. Three, maybe four of them. I'd say it's Glitter and her group."
Toro thanked Howl and let out a sigh, weighing up their options.
Howl moved to Sasha's side, automatically merging with his twin as though they were two halves of one whole. Hugh entwined his fingers with Eliza's while Flash fidgeted from side to side. She couldn't stay still for more than a few moments. Out of the six werewolves, she was the one least looking forward to starting school.
Ray pressed his tongue against his slightly canine teeth and then shrugged. "I don't see why we shouldn't go. We're not the only supes there, so the shifters can't target us. If anyone, I bet Iero will be targeting the vampires for suggesting this new school thing. However," he cautioned, looking at each member of his pack in turn, "don't get in the way of the shifters. They're gonna have their backs up about this and I don't want us to take the brunt."
The five teenagers nodded in unison and followed their leader as he walked across the football oval, towards the humans.

Isobella Smith, aka Glitter flashed giant smiles at the humans who stared open mouthed at her group. She was lapping up the mortals attention like she didn't already get it every day. Ryan and Flit were doing the same, casting suggestive glances towards anyone, boy or girl, who glanced their way. Their lithe bodies glowed in the late summer sunshine, soft hair gleaming and large eyes sparkling.
They were all blonde and blue eyed, apart from Jamia who was darker. She was perched next to Glitter, far more interested in the bee getting drunk off flower pollen in front of her than attracting attention. She was frustrated with their faery princess, who was naive enough to think that all this human interest was healthy. It was their first day of high school and instead of trying to blend in, Glitter was making a scene. Her low cut, spangly dress wasn't helping either.
"Smile Jamia, you look like a fucking widow." the conceited girl hissed.
"Yes Glitter." Jamia replied, facial muscles automatically pulling a seductive grin. She hated being a faery, it was a lonely life. People only liked her for her looks and because of the magical attraction that was wound around them while in her presence. It didn't work on other supes, but they already hated her kind, so it didn't matter. Her powers were few, the main one being the ability to temporarily manipulate people. She could stimulate plant growth and sometimes speak to animals, however that didn't do much good. When they all cooperated, their group could control the weather, assuming it was nothing out of the ordinary.
If Jamia was honest with the others, she would tell them that she didn't see the difference between her and any other human teenager. But she was never honest with them. Flit and Glitter were as nasty as they were beautiful. Beneath their visual charms they were poisonous and malicious. Ryan was also not what he seemed. His angelic face masked his short temper and sudden mood swings, however he wasn't as bad as the girls.
Jamia wasn't like them, or at least she hoped that she wasn't. She didn't remember the last time she was ever insulted someone or was rude. Perhaps she never had been. If it weren't for her unnaturally pretty face and magical touch she'd have doubts that she even was one of them.

Bob and Emily idled around the school bathrooms nervously. Their reanimated bodies shrank back from the judgmental eyes of human teenagers in the fear that they would attract too much attention.
"I'm looking forward to learning, but these humans make me nervous." Emily whispered to her companion.
Bob nodded in agreement. His blue contact lenses were overly vivid, a flaw considering they were trying to blend in. He and Emily hated wearing them, but it was necessary to cover their dead, white eyes.
"Look!" he hissed, focusing on a disturbance in the crowed. "There's the vampires."
Emily craned her neck upwards and spotted five dark figures amongst the humans. They were attracting a lot of attention, mainly from the mortal girls, but they didn't seem to mind. One of them smiled wide at a girl who approached him and whispered something in her ear.
"That's Gerard Way." Bob explained to his fellow zombie. "He's the maker of the others. They don't have generation leaders like us because they aren't born. They're made."
Emily, who was relatively sheltered from the other supes, nodded in understanding. "They're very pretty, aren't they?"
Bob grimaced. "Pretty, but deadly. If any of them approach you, act courteous, but find an excuse to leave quickly."
She chewed on her cold lip, somewhat daunted by the day ahead.
Zombies weren't the decaying monsters seen in most horror films. They were dead, but their bodies remained relatively stable. Unlike the vampires who drank blood to refresh their bodies, zombies had to replace parts. Every few years a limb or a foot would become limp and they would have to swap it for a new one. They were considered a creature that was born, because they were built out of multiple humans. Their personality was created, rather than being human and then converting. Bob bought Emily to life as he had lost his last companion in a house fire. His new counterpart was only two years old and had a lot to learn about the world she was a part of. They mainly stayed away from public places, too fearful of exposure to live normal lives. They did not become intimate with other humans because of their need to exchange body pieces. They avoided the other supes as well, as each species had no love for the others. It was a lonely existence, but one made better by the bond that Bob and Emily shared.

Rabbit shifted from side to side unhappily. Oliver, who was usually so calm was running his fingers up and down the spine of his book obsessively. Lola and Dimitri were engaged in a hushed conversation, Jarred was hiding behind Fox and Scar was nowhere to be seen. They were milling around their usual spot under the poplar trees, watching their worst nightmare playing out before them.
Ayla and her four witches were mingling with a group of human boys. Ray's muscled werewolf pack were stalking around the football stand, pausing for short conversations with the jocks. Glitter and her three faeries sat beneath a tree, radiating beauty and receiving looks of lust and envy from the student body. There were the two unmistakable figures of Bob and Emily shying away from the sunlight and human attention. However the most threatening of all these intruders was the five vampires making themselves at home on their school grounds.
Rabbit observed the way that the humans acted around them, constantly drawn to their angelic faces and attractive aura. She could practically see the dark magic winding around the mortals, pulling them closer to the evil creatures. She shuddered as the blonde one ran a long finger down the blushing cheek of an entranced girl. Her human eyes were wide in wonder and her lips parted slightly in awe.
"This is madness." Fox snapped. "Those vermin have no respect for the humans, and the way that them and the faeries are parading around makes me sick."
Oliver scrunched up his aristocratic nose in disgust. "The other supes do not understand the subtle art of teenage social conduct. The werewolves are blowing off the jocks and those witches are going to cause an argument amongst that group of boys."
"I think that's what they're trying to do, Ollie." Lola pointed out. "I've never known those five girls not to be up to some kind of mischief."
Jarred trembled, staring intently at the pair of zombies in the shadow of the bathrooms. "Those two are freaking me out. The undead are just... wrong." His thin shoulders trembled. Fox looked down at the boy sympathetically and put a comforting hand on his shoulder as an uncharacteristically kind gesture. It was evident that this disturbance was getting to them all.
Frank suddenly came up behind them, Scar at his side.
Rabbit immediately drew closer to him, making up for their time apart. "Never disappear like that again." she scolded. "I'm supposed to be at your side all the time."
"Shut up Rabbit." he growled, asserting his authority.
She flinched at his reproach, but didn't move away. She hadn't mean to overstep her boundaries, but she was concerned when he had slipped away to find Scar.
"Alright everyone, listen up." Frank said, drawing their undivided attention. "From now on we go everywhere in two's or more. No one is to be left alone. In the mornings, at every break and before we leave in the afternoon we meet back here. We do not become friends with the other supes. We do not speak with them. We do not even look them in the eye." His eyes bored into each one of his kind. "Is that clear?"
"Perfectly." Fox nodded.
"Utterly." muttered Dimitri.
"Thoroughly." Oliver threw in.
The others nodded in agreement. The bell went and they made their way to their first classes nervously.

Mikey spotted Frank Iero and the girl same shifter girl cutting through the tide of humans swiftly. He nudged his older brother who dragged his attention away from the pulse on a girl's neck to see what he wanted.
"Iero's here." the younger Way announced.
Gerard's hazel eyes trailed after the two shifters, smirking slightly at their tense body language. He turned back to the human in front of him and pulled a seductive smile. "Do you know Frank Iero?"
She looked into his eyes dreamily. "Yeah... Him and his friends don't talk much... Shame 'cos he's pretty cute."
He nodded, expecting such an answer. "Thankyou Sugar. I'll see you around." He stepped away from the human, breaking the trance he had over her. She wandered away in a dazed manner. Gerard turned to Ruby and smiled. "Shall we?"
She returned the grin. "Let's."

Rabbit stuck to Frank's side like glue, keeping him walking against the line of lockers so that she could block any attacks. In the sea of humans she caught glimpses of supernatural faces and was aggravated by the smell of unfriendly supes. Two faeries passed them by, photogenic smiles tainted with hidden intentions, and Rabbit was almost overcome by the heat that followed them. Sunlight seemed to fall from their clothes, ironic for such malicious beings.
Frank sighed as he watched his companion glare at the faeries. "Rabbit, I told you to ignore them. Having a full on staring competition with Flit from across the hallway is not what I call being indifferent."
She broke her gaze with the other supe and reluctantly resumed walking to her classroom. They slipped through the door and sat down at their seats automatically. Rabbit whipped out her books and a pen, wishing for the umpteenth time that she didn't have to take history.
Frank flicked his lip ring back and forward, still annoyed at Rabbit for scolding him in front of the others. He knew she was doing it out of worry, but her attitude towards him was far too intimate. They could be friends, as long as she didn't overstep her rights.
Rabbit was sketching a small creature in the corner of her notebook when the pen slipped from her fingers. Her body was wracked with icy waves of cold and she bit her lip to stop her teeth from chattering. When she looked over at Frank she could see that he was also being affected. A moment later the tell-tale smell stung her nose and she groaned internally as two unwelcome figures entered the room.
The teacher looked up and gaped at the newcomers, stuttering out a welcoming. As the vampires spoke to the woman Frank reached over and gripped Rabbit's trembling hands.
"Hon, you gotta stop." he commanded, voice layered with concern. "Control it."
Rabbit nodded shakily and sucked in a deep breath. She could feel her body trying to shift, but she clenched her stomach muscles and forced the sensation to pass. She knew that she had to get used to being in the same room as them, this was going to occur daily.
"Everyone, I'd like you to welcome our two new students from the United Kingdom." the teacher declared. "This is Gerard Way and his adopted sister Ruby Laltini."
The two vampires murmured a hello to the class.
"There are two spare seats up the back next to Rabbit." the teacher offered, still in a slight stupor.
Gerard nearly laughed at the expression on the face of the shifters. He could see that Frank was gripping his friend's hand tightly under the table as her body shuddered. Her tanned skin went milky white as he approached the seat next to her and the pulse on her neck fluttered rapidly.
"I think we've upset the locals." Ruby whispered in his ear as they sat down. He chuckled in agreement and shot a teasing glance at the girl called Rabbit.
The shifter in question finally got a hold on her magic and opened her eyes. However she was still shivering, this time from the bone-chilling cold that radiated from the boy next to her. She leant closer to Frank, pressing her arm against his for comfort. He rubbed her hand soothingly, face also a mask of discomfort from a drop in his body temperature.
The teacher began the lesson in an animated voice, trying and failing to encourage enthusiasm in her students.
Rabbit stared at the clock, watching the seconds hand as it jumped from one marker to the next, jarring to a halt, then flicking forwards. She mentally calculated how many seconds it would be until the end of the lesson and her heart sank when she realized that the answer was in the thousands.
Out of the corner of her eye she could see the two vampires making the odd note. She observed the corner of Gerard's lips that was constantly twitching into a smirk and wondered what he could possibly find that was so amusing. The female with him, Ruby, reminded her of the faeries, only deathly pale. Her dark, red hair was cut short with an elegant fringe sweeping down to form a sharp point on her cheek. It gleamed scarlet where the light hit it, obscenely bright. Large, blue eyes flickered from the vampire next to her to the teacher periodically. Gerard smiled at Ruby every now and then, showing impossibly white teeth. Although his incisors did not appear any larger than normal, Rabbit new they could extend at any moment. He pushed his inky locks back and for a moment she was able to see his brown eyes. She paused for a second, captivated by their luster, and was then completely put off when his gaze flickered to her. Rabbit sneered at the vampire, lips pulled back in a menacing snarl and faced back towards the teacher. However she had seen his eyes catch the light. They were shot through with green, and she couldn't help but think that it was ironic that something so evil could have nature in it's eyes.
Frank sensed her distress and slipped an arm around her waist protectively. He knew that he should let her fight out her inner troubles on her own, but the teary look in her eyes made him relent. Rabbit leant into him and angled her face away from the intruders.
"It's okay, only five more minutes." he whispered, burying his face in her hair, trying to find relief from the sickly scent.
Rabbit nodded, taking shallow breaths and forcing her mind to go blank.
Gerard took great delight in the discomfort he was inflicting upon the shifters. The girl especially was very upset, and he wondered just how far he could push her until she snapped. Tearing a small piece of paper from the corner of his book, he inscribed a message on it, scrunched it up and tossed it in front of her.
Rabbit jumped as the white ball landed on her open book. She eyed it warily, not daring to look at the boy next to her who she knew was watching. After a moment of deliberation she picked it up tentatively and smoothed it out. The elegant, black handwriting spiraled across the paper, arousing fear fueled adrenaline inside her.
Want to play hide-and-seek after school? I'm sure you'd be fabulous at it, Rabbit.
She dropped the offensive scrap and Frank, noticing her anguish, picked it up. He scanned the message and felt a growl rising in his throat.
Gerard watched as the Iero boy grabbed a pen and wrote furiously on the other side. He chucked it back to the vampire just as the bell went. The two shifters bolted from the room, Frank pausing to cast one last threatening glare at Gerard.
He pursed his lips in an amused smile and inspected the returned note. Written across his sophisticated script in angry red lettering was a simple "Fuck You." He laughed, delighted at the blunt and evidently furious reaction he had inspired. Ruby looked over his shoulder at the slip of paper and giggled.
"Something tells me Rabbit isn't interested in your attempts at friendship." she teased.
He chuckled and picked up his bag. "No, I'm not surprised either. It's so much fun toying with these supes. We've only been here 48 hours and I'm having a ball."
Ruby nodded. "Yes, they're amusing these Americans, especially the shifters. I'm actually looking forward to history now."
Gerard looked at his timetable, smirking. "I have many classes with those two... Wont they be in for a surprise?"
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