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My Chemical Romance May 6th 2011

by TheShadowFantasy 1 review

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2011-05-07 - Updated: 2011-05-08 - 161 words

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I was completely euphoric. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY I have seen My Chemical Romance. I have been in their presence, jumped until I felt my shin bones would break, and lost my voice screaming every single one of the lyrics. It was beautiful. I love these men they have been my best friends these past eight years. Inspiring me in so many different ways, helping keep me alive, and being there good times and bad through their music.

Thank you thank you thank you Gerard, Ray, Frank, and Mikey.
AND DAMN YOU FAMILIES FOR SHOWING UP! :[ I wanted to meet them so badly but all the mamas and sons are together for mothers day weekend I guess. Not sure if the wives and babies were there....Waited an hour for nothing >.< oh well, family wins everytime, couldn't be upset over family time. I totally understand. And I was so excited to be in the same building as Mama Way :D!!!!
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