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Chapter 3

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Hey, let me know what you think to this. And even if you think its bad :p thanks to my reviews, i love them :) - Jamia

Chapter Three
Evie walked into her kitchen, pulling her hair up into a ponytail. She sighed to herself, and looked in the mirror at her hair. She was going to have to dye the green out of it soon, she didn’t think the school would appreciate a new teacher with a bright green fringe. She ran a hand through it, and thought about what she was going to do with her hair, but was interupted when she heard her phone ringing from the living room.

“Hello?” She asked, and smiled when she heard her older sisters voice.

“V! How you doing?” She smiled and sat down on the couch, suddenly missing her sister.

“I’m good thanks! And how are you and my gorgegous little niece?” She questioned, and then was suddenly looking outside as she saw Frank and his wife walk out of the house shouting loudly at each other, and Frank was carrying two suitcases. Was he leaving? she thought to herself.

“We’re really good. Lily is missing her favourite Aunt though. We’ll have to come and see you soon. Hows the neighbourhood? Are you neighbours nice to you?” She asked, sounding like a mum after a first day of school.

“New Jersey is nice. It has its rough areas. But where doesn’t. And yeah, my neighbours are nice. Actually, do you remember that band I used to love, My Chemical Romance?” She asked, and moved closer to the window so she could look outside. She let out a little sigh of relief when she realised that it was Franks wife that was moving out.

“Yeah. You loved them”

“Well, your not going to believe this Olivia, but the guitarist is my new neighbour” She grinned, and she heard her older sister gasp.

“Holy shit no way! Oops, don’t repeat that Lily” Evie chuckled as she heard her sister curse.

“Yeah… And that’s not all of it. I nearly had sex with him yesterday” Evie mumbled, waiting for the explosion from her sister.

“What?! What the fuck V! You nearly slept with him? God, you don’t move slowly do you” Olivia shouted.

“Liv, it wasn’t like that. He was round here, and we’d drank some Jack Daniels, watched some Happy Gilmore, and then we were kissing. We only stopped cos we heard his wife screaming” Evie told her, knowing that she would shock Olivia with what she had said.

“His WIFE?! V I thought you were better than that?” Olivia mumbled into the phone, and Evie could hear her messing around with some pots.

“There going through a divorce, and she never saw anything, she was screaming into their house. Well, Franks house now” Evie said, watching as she saw Franks wife trying to hug Frank, and he kept her at arms distance, shouting at her.

“Oh right. Well, that doesn’t make it any better. Just go steady V, I don’t want you getting your heart broken” Olivia honestly told her, and Evie nodded.

“Liv, its not like that. I like Frank, who couldn’t. But I’m not going to let myself fall heavily for him or anything” She honestly replied, and she knew that Olivia would be nodding.

“Well, good. So long as you know. Right I gotta go girl, Lily is been a very naughty girl and thinks its good to sling paint all over the living room!” Olivia shouted, and Evie laughed.

“Well give her a big kiss and hug from me, and tell her I love her and I’ll speak to you soon Liv. Miss you and love you” She sighed down the phone, and looked over at Franks house where his wife was now giving up and swearing at him, before getting in her car and driving off. Evie looked at Frank, who was looking at the driveway, and she saw him look over to her house with sad eyes. She smiled sweetly at him, and he smiled back, before starting to walk over to her house. Evie felt her stomach get butterflies.

“Love you too Evie. We’ll organise when we can come over and stay for a while. Bye hun” And with that the sisters ended their conversation, and Evie was left with a longing to go home.

She walked over to the front door, and watched as Frank approached her house.

“You ok Frank?” She asked him, as he walked in and shook his head.

“No, I’m not. It kind of feels official now. Even though we’re not fully divorced yet, but she’s gone” He frowned, and Evie put her hand on his arm, and rubbed softly.

“If you wanna talk about it Frank..” She told him, and he nodded back.

“I’m okay. I’m actually surprised at how ok I am. Me asking her to leave has just proved that I really don’t love her anymore” He told her, and Evie looked into his green eyes.

“I’m sorry Frank” Evie quietly spoke, and he brought his hand upto her cheek.

“What are you sorry for?” He asked, moving closer to her.

“I’m just sorry for you. It cant be nice going through a divorce” She whispered, watching as he head moved closer to hers, and she moaned softly when she felt his lips press over hers.

Evie quickly moved her hands around Franks neck, and pulled him closer to her, whilst he wrapped his hands around her hips, and he sighed into the kiss. He quickly let his tongue ask for entrance to her mouth, and she gladly let her mouth open, loosing herself in the kiss as their tongues danced together.Evie loved kissing Frank, he was a dominate kisser. Slowly, after a while, they pulled away from each other, and Frank rested his forehead on Evie’s, looking down at her.

“Your gorgeous you know” He grinned to her, and Evie rolled her eyes.

“You are. And you’re a very good kisser” She grinned back, and Frank pinched her bottom, causing Evie to laugh loudly.

“Do you want to do something tonight?” He asked, keeping her close.

“Sure. Like what?” She asked, looking at him, as he brought his fingers up to play with her green hair.

“Cinema? Dinner? I don’t know… Whatever you do on dates?” He asked, smiling widely still to her.

“Your asking me out on a date?” Evie frowned, and Frank nodded, laughing at her.

“Yes. If that’s okay?”

“Yeah its fine. But what if your wife see’s us. This can’t be good for your divorce” She told him, and Frank loosened his hold on her slightly.

“Hmm, I didn’t think of that. Well, just come round to mine. I’ll speak to my lawyer tomorrow” He told her and Evie nodded, then pecked him on his smiling lips.

“Well, Mr Iero, looks like you have a date tonight”
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