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Chapter 7

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Crayon and Charlotte meet each other. They're not the best of friends.

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At lunch time, Crayon and Mikey sat down on the same bench as they had at lunch. After a few minutes of random talking, mostly from Crayon, Charlotte came and sat down.
She smiled at Mikey and said "I couldn't find my friends, so I thought I'd sit with you two. If that's okay?"
"Yeah," Mikey replied with a smile "Are you okay with that Crayon?"
Crayon shrugged "Yeah, I guess..."
"Sweet," Charlotte replied, glancing at Crayon "Is it true you tried to write a song about the periodic table during Science?"
"Might be." Crayon mumbled, taking a bite of her skittles and mayo sandwich. Mikey was thinking the same thing - 'Ew.'
"Why do you have such a werid name?" Charlotte asked her.
Crayon replied "Why do you ask people to call you Raven?"
Charlotte shrugged and grabbed her lunch "Guess I got owned there. See you guys round later." Then she got up and walked away.
Crayon pulled a face "What's her problem?"
Mikey shrugged, not wanting to admit that he already had a massive crush on Charlotte.
"Hey, want to come to my house tonight?" Crayon asked "Cassie will be at ballet class. I dunno why she takes ballet, she's like a tiny vampire really... But yeah. Wanna come over?"
"Maybe you could come to mine?" Mikey suggested "We could watch a movie with my brother Gerard. Perhaps Charlotte could come over?"
Crayon rolled her eyes "I don't know. Charlotte kind of bores me. Doesn't she bore you?"
"Does she bore you because she manages to ay something when having a conversation with you?" Mikey smiled, raising an eye-brow.
Crayon laughed and shrugged "Whatever, I'm just saying. She's kind of annoying in a boring kind of way. But I want to meet your brother, so I guess I'll come over."
"Good," Mikey grinned "I'll text Charlotte to ask if she wants to come over."

Charlotte, Crayon and Mikey all decided not to take the bus home but to walk. They knew one person would be stuck away from the other two on the bus and both girls wanted to sit by Mikey.
"Hey Gerard!" Mikey called as he stepped inside his house "I brought two friends over! I hope that's okay!"
"That's fine," Gerard replied, coming into the hallway. He glanced at Crayon and Charlotte and asked "Gonna introduce us then?"
"Oh yeah... Gerard, these are Charlotte and Crayon..." Mikey gestured to each girl.
Gerard smiled "So, which one are you dating?"
"Neither!" Mikey cried while Gerard laughed at him.
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