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Mutual Understanding

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Frank comes home to find a hurt Gerard. Therefore, he and Mikey react in the only sensible way there is. Oneshot.

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A/N: Another one of those "I don't even know" moments. Theres not really rape in this btw, but it's implied. I think. Again. I don't know.

"Frank is extremely passionate, headstrong, kind of rebellious individual but extremely loyal and honest. He’s the kind of guy that would do anything for his friends. He’d help you bury the body." - Gerard Way

Mutual Understanding

Frank, Mikey, and Ray came home from an interview one fine Sunday afternoon. They were staying at Gerard's house while they recorded the new album. They were unpacking some groceries they had picked up along the way in the kitchen, when Frank had the urge to go to the bathroom. As he walked through the hallways of the house, he passed by Gerard's room and heard an odd noise. Almost like a sob. Pressing his ear to the door, he could hear Gerard was clearly crying. Frank frowned, and debated coming in. He knew why Gerard was probably upset. Gerard and the rest of the band had gotten into a little fight about the recording of one song. But for goodness sakes, it was nothing to cry over. Gerard's cries increased in volume and Frank decided he couldn't take it any longer. He gave in and opened the door.

"Oh my god Gerard, what did you do?" Frank asked as he looked around the room.

All his stuff was on the floor, anything glass or porcelain had been shattered. It looked like a tornado had ripped through the normally very neat room. Gerard was curled into a ball on the bed, his knees squeezed to his chest, and his face buried between them. His arms looked strange, almost bruised. Frank frowned. Had Gerard been hurting himself?

"Gerard?" Frank went over to Gee and touched the man's face. He gently lifted Gerard's head from its seclusion and made Gerard face him.

"Gerard..." Frank gasped "What happened to you?"

Gerard's face was mangled. His eyes were black, his cheeks were swollen, his nose was misshapen and bleeding. There were cuts around his chin and neck.

"A --- Andrew broke up with me." Gerard said meekly before bursting into a fresh wave of sobs.

"He did this to you?" Frank's eyes flashed dangerously. Gerard just cried even more. Andrew was the guy Gerard had been dating for a couple of months now. Frank had never liked him much, no one in the band had.

"H---he took all our money." Gerard sobbed out. "M--M--Mikey's going to hate me."

Frank gaped. "Gerard, that is the least of our concerns right now. Where else are you hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

Gerard didn't answer. Frank saw that there was blood seeping out from underneath Gerard, that seemed to be coming from his pants. Frank made to take Gerard's pants off, or at least lower them to look for injury, but Gerard yelped loudly and scooted away from Frank as though Frank had used a branding iron on him. Frank eyed the frightened Gerard suspiciously.

Then came the drawl of Mikey's voice from behind the door. "Frank, what the hell are you doing in there? Get out here and help us!"

Frank looked from Gerard, to the door and then repeated. Gerard, knowing what he was thinking, shook his head frantically.

"He'll hate me, Frank..." Gerard whimpered.

"He won't." Frank reassured him, and then gave Gee a comforting kiss on the forehead before yelling "Mikey, you better get in here!"

The door opened and Mikey walked in. He saw the scene and his eyes went wide, trying to take in everything that he was seeing. He rushed over to Gerard, who recoiled in fear.

"Gerard, what happened to your face?" Mikey asked while leaning down to get a box of tissues on the floor.

Frank explained while Mikey pressed a wad of tissue to Gerard's nose and pinched it to stop the bleeding. Gerard was apologizing by the time Frank was done, as Mikey's face reflected an angry look.

"I don't care about the money, Gerard...." Mikey said.

"You're mad...." observed Gerard.

"Yeah, I'm mad that that fucker did this to you. Someone needs to get me his address."

"Agreed." Frank nodded.

"Guys." Gerard pleaded "Please don't do anything. I don't want anyone else to get hurt."

"This is not okay Gerard." Frank said sternly.

"Please...I just don't want anymore trouble..." Gerard cried. "Please don't..."

Mikey looked at Frank and Frank looked at Mikey. They somehow came to a mutual understanding before Mikey turned back to Gee and said "Sure, Gerard. We won't."

"Promise?" Gerard looked at the them with his large, trusting hazel eyes.

Frank smiled, "Promise."


As Mikey and Frank threw Andrew's struggling, beaten, tied up body into the grave they had dug, they smirked down at him menacingly.

"That's for my brother, you asshole." Mikey sneered, hurling a spit wad down at him before he grabbed his shovel.

Frank imitated Mikey, throwing a spit wad of his own. "And that's for my best friend." And he grabbed his own shovel.

Andrew screamed and screamed through the gag they had tied around his mouth as they used their shovels to bury him alive. After about an hour, they could no longer hear him through the pile of dirt they had buried him under.

Once they were done, they got into Mikey's car sweating and satisfied. Mikey turned to Frank and asked "So where do we say if Gerard asks where we went?"

Frank chuckled and said "I guess we'll say we went to 7-11."

They both burst into laughter and started their drive away from the canyon and back home.

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