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MCR May 8, 2011

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Not a story, just the best night of my life.

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Last night, amazing concert. Yesterday, best birthday ever!

So, my best friend Melissa and I drove down to Sayreville, NJ. (We're New Yorkers) We got there at around three, and the concert didn't start until seven. Our spot on line was right next to Thursday's bus, which was pretty cool. We talked to some pretty awesome people that were in front of us. And the best part of being on line was that we ordered a fucking pizza. I thought that was pretty cool.

The opening bands were alright, I didn't care for them much. My Chemical Romance was absolutely amazing, though. I swear, I've never been so close to people, it was a mad house! Moshing, crowd surfing, and hell, you could smell the drugs a mile away. There was this one girl in front of us (I hope it wasn't anyone of you) that was so freaking rude. She kept sticking her ass out, trying to push us. I wanted to shove her and yell "Get outta my way, fatass." I didn't, but I was able to push her, using the excuse that I was being pushed by other people. ^.^

MCR opened with Na Na Na, and we were sorta in the crowd. Thank You For The Venom was next, and then Planetary GO! (everyone was bouncing up and down for that). Melissa and I made our way to the side of the stage, to avoid being trampled. We were practically right next to Ray! Hang 'Em High was next. Mama was amazing, with Gerard shouting "MAMA!" several times in the beginning.

They played The Only Hope For Me Is You, and then House of Wolves. It was really hot with Gerard's howling and Frank's barking. Gerard made a little speech about suicide and depression, and they went straight into Summertime. The familiar guitar part came on, and EVERYONE was jumping up and down, fist pumping and screaming to I'm Not Okay.

Vampire Money was next, and it was so freaking amazing. When Gerard said "Are you ready, Ray?" and Ray said "Yeah," Gerard was shaking his head, and mouthing "No." I couldn't hear Frank's part, but Mikey was like 'Gerard, move over. I need to say my part.' That was cute. DESTROYA was so unbelievably hot. Gerard's moaning, and dancing... The crowd was going wild.

"When you go... When you go.. WHEN YOU GO.." Gerard sang, and I thought they were going to sing I Don't Love You, but they went into Welcome to the Black Parade. I never screamed so loud. It was amazing how loud everyone was, with the beginning part; I couldn't even hear Gerard. After, he was saying something that I couldn't quite understand, but they played Teenagers next, and I started to lose my voice. Vampires Will Never Hurt You was awesome, like the rest of the songs.

Helena was so beautiful. Frank and Mikey exited the stage, I believe after it. (I couldn't really see them) Ray was on the piano, and Gerard sang Cancer, and it brought tears to my eyes. And then, nothing. It was over. We screamed and cheered for an encore. "M-C-R!" "ONE MORE SONG!" "COME BACK OUT!" And stuff along those lines.

They came back out, and Gerard was talking about New Jersey and everything. Our Lady Of Sorrows came next. I thought they would've played Famous Last Words or SING next, but they didn't play either of them; instead they played Bulletproof Heart. I was jumping, fist pumping, you name it (no crowd surfing for me)

That ended the show. I was on such a high, it was unbelievable! Melissa and I of course bought merch. we both got the grey shirt that said "My Chemical Romance" in blue and white. I also got the black hoodie that says "MCR" an the Party Poison symbol on the back. Best concert, I was flipping out on the ride home, it was amazing! Sadly, I have post-concert depression. I miss it already.

Who else was there? Okay, so we were two girls, about 5'1. I had on capris, and my black MCR shirt with the spider on it. My hair is blonde, was in a pony tail, and I wore wore. Melissa's hair is short black, with red in the front. She was wearing black capris, and a light grey shirt with a black tank top over it. If you saw us, high five! :P

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