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Tea party

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Young Alice has walked right into the Mad hatters tea party. What will she think of all the wierd thinks thats going on. This story is all in my head so it is more darker than Alice in wonderla...

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“Now before we start the amazing party I would like to say some words..."
"I think this is just...well you can't ... there is no words to say how amazing this is" said Miss Rabbit.
"Ok" Mad Hatter said looking puzzled "As I was saying..."
"Oh Mad Hatter this tea is great, you now this is just like the tea my mum made when I was young" said Miss Mouse
"Miss Mouse please I was talking"
"Thank you, now"
"Can I have a cupcake?"
"Miss Rabbit! Please can I just say one thing?"

All of a sudden there was a knock on the gate.
"For god sack I just wanted to say, Alice!"
Miss Mouse and Miss Rabbit looked at each over.
"Alice?" they both asked.
"Do I know you?" asked a young girl with long blond hair wearing a red dress with a black bow.
"Of cores not my dear but don't worry we won't bit"
"Ok" she said looking at her shoes.
"Plus we have cake to eat, you do look sweet dear but I think I will just stay with sugar cubes"
"Now my dear why don't you sit next to me?" said Miss Rabbit
Alice looked at Miss Rabbit for a second, to her she just looked like a girl her age wearing rabbit and a tail and the boy called The Mad Hatter, he had black hair with a black top hat, a white shirt with red paint splatters on it under a waistcoat, ripped jeans and black converses with purple paint slathers to her he just looked like a skinny goth with a weird name and he was calling her dear.

She sat down beside Miss Rabbit and put her blond hair be hide her ears.
"Do you want a cake my dear?" Miss Mouse asked as she was pouring a cup of tea.
"No thank you"

Then a shout can from the distends.
"Mad Hatter!" it shouted. "Mad Hatter!"
"Oh no she's hear Alice get under the table"
"What? How’s hear?" she said looking around
"The Red Queen, now please get under"
Alice hide under the table like the Mad Hatter asked wanting to know how this Queen was.
The Queen hit the gate open and grabbed the Hatter by his shirt.
"Where is she Hatter?"
"Who my lady?"
"Oh hatter you now how"
"My lady I don’t understand"
"Alice, the girl where is she?"
"I have not seen her"
"I no your lying Hatter, men take his away"
"No, you can't!" screamed Miss Rabbit.
"Yes I can you silly Rabbit and you don't want to now what I am going to do to him"
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