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Chapter 4

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The conclusion.

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Reid hugged Aaron; almost as if he was drowning and he believed that Aaron was his life-saving device. "I thought for sure that we were finished. But as always Aaron, you were understanding. I'm so lucky to have you in my life."

Hotch put his hand on Reid's forehead. He was happy to see that his fever had gone down. "I think you might actually be able to return to work tomorrow."

"Hotch, with the way that I was coughing and the fact that I had in fact fallen asleep at my desk, I have a pretty good feeling that if I did show up at work tomorrow, Rossi would just send me home."

Aaron seemed to seriously consider what Reid had said. "You're probably right. That and I wouldn't want to risk you getting worse, just as you started to feel better."

Reid nodded. This conversation wasn't going exactly the way that he'd hoped. His major plan had been to get Hotch to agree that he should stay home and offer to stay with him. In a perfect world, they would spend the rest of the day in bed together. But he had a feeling that if he did end up staying home, it would be alone. He scrunched his nose at the idea.

Hotch laughed. Whatever Reid was thinking of, he clearly didn't like the idea. "What?"

Reid shrugged. "You're going to suggest that I stay home. And while I'm at home being bored out of my mind, you're going to go to work."

Hotch grinned. "Not exactly what I had been thinking." He laughed out right.

The only thing that seemed unsettling to Reid was when he had said that he was lucky to have Hotch in his life; the other man had expertly avoided the topic and changed the subject.

He was used to Aaron doing that. For all the progress that they made Aaron was still petrified when it came to their relationship. Reid knew, because they had talked about this, almost to the point of exhaustion, it didn't seem to matter how many times Spencer reassured that he wasn't going anywhere or tell him that he was always very careful and that no serial murderer out for revenge was going to get him; Hotch was afraid that Spencer would leave; either on his own or by force.

"I love you. And whether you want to hear it or not, I'm lucky."

Aaron smiled as he settled deeper under the covers. He knew that the probability that either one of them going to work that day was slim. He could tell Reid was feeling better; he had a glint in his eyes that told Hotch his boyfriend was up to no good. "What are you up to?"

Reid smiled, trying to come off as innocent. But as he began kissing Hotch's neck, and unbuttoning his shirt as he went, Aaron knew that Spencer was up to no good. From Reid's point of view now that he was feeling better he should at least thank Aaron for taking care of him. He slid Aaron's pants off. He knew that Aaron wouldn't try to stop him; at some level Hotch understood that he felt like he needed to do this. Hotch understood that this was Spencer's way of showing him how much he loved him.

Spencer's grin got wider as he realized that Aaron wasn't wearing any underwear. "You know me way too well."

Hotch felt Reid pull as much of him into his mouth as possible. He knew that he should have told Reid not to, he knew that he should have done something but he also knew from past experiences that it was best just to let Reid do whatever he wanted. Otherwise Spencer would act shy and wounded. Hotch wasn't sure why Reid did the things that he did but it was best just to let things be.

He lost his train of thought as Spencer began to slide his tongue over every inch of Aaron's length that wasn't in his mouth. Hotch's hands got lost in Reid's slightly wavy hair, and Reid began to hollow out his cheeks and suck hard. He had managed to get Hotch so far down his throat that when Aaron came, Spencer had no choice but to swallow.

Then they lay back in bed together. Hotch was satiated and Spencer was just happy to be wrapped in the other man's arms. He knew that Aaron's fears would always be there and so would his own self-doubt and insecurities. That would be something that they would have to work on, but for the moment they were happy. If there was one thing that both of them learned over the years it was that you took happiness wherever you could find it.

Reid knew that in the morning they would have to go back to work and face another evil; so he snuggled into Hotch's embrace.

Aaron smiled at his lover as he realized that he had already fallen asleep. As Aaron watched him sleep peacefully he made a silent promise to himself. From then on he would do whatever he had to, to protect Reid. He drifted off to sleep and neither of them had any bad dreams.

The End
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