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Back home, off the run..

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Yaz's homelife..

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OH MY GOD. I'm so sorry, I feel like I haven't updated in AGES. Anyway, I'm updating now and I'm sorry to the few of you reading that have had to wait a while /: Anyway, this chapter isn't really up to much, just talking about Yaz's home life and well, yeah :P Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to do so. :3
Mia (: x

I still had the same gleeful smile painted on my face when I was inside the warm hallway of my house. I kicked off my converse and dumped my hoodie and school bag by the door. "Yaz, darling how was school?" I look up to see a short, dark little woman standing infront of me. "Oh, it was...kidna good actually" I reply. My mother looks at me, stunned.
"Good? Wow! Did I just hear Yasmine Alice Barker say that she thought something was GOOD?!"
"Only kinda good" I reply, grinning a little at my mum's happiness.
"Well, I gotta do another shift at the hospital tonight, I'm actually just on my way out. Food's in the fridge, money's in the jar, and you should have your keys."
"Kay then, I'll see you tomorrow" I reply.
"Oh and one more thing, call your brother some time this evening"
SHIT. I forgot to reply to his text..Oh well.
"Yeah sure thing" I say, and with that, she steps around me and goes out the door.

I sigh and make my way into my bedroom, don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but she works so much. Oh well, she needs to since she divorced dad. I go in my room and make an effort to do some homework for once with Smashing Pumpkins playing in the background on full volume..after spending about 30 minutes on some Algebra and English I chuck my books aside and change into my Iron Maiden shirt and some old stripey pyjama trousers, storming downstairs I look in the fridge and decide I might as well heat up some instant noodles. After that's done I trudge upstairs with the home phone and ring up Nathan..

The phone is answered after a few short rings, I clear my throat as a voice on the other side says,
"Hello?" But it's not the right voice, it's higher, and more girly than Nathan's. Shit shit shit either Nathan's having a REAL good time at art school or I've dialled the wrong number.
"Oh, um..I was looking for my brother, Nathan?" I ask uncertainly.
"Oh so YOU'RE this sister he's always talking about?" Shit. I blush.
"Erm..I guess"
"Sorry, he makes you seem so amazing I thought he may have made you up" he laughs.
I giggle and blush a little.
"But yeah, sure..NATHAN!" he screams on the other side.
I take a deep breath as I think of how to ask Nathan who this guy is...

Hahahah well that's it for now..I may not be able to update untiil the weekend. :P
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