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Chapter Thirteen Part Two - Nell

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What are you thinking?

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I bit my lip and slid my phone shut. Mikey was staring at me. Was he......?

“Mikey!” I gasped, slapping his shoulder. He blinked and turned his head. He was acting like I hadn't just caught him reading my mind.

“So you like him?” he pitched his voice low. I felt my ears pointing and my teeth growing out. A snarl ripped from my chest and he looked at me.

“Nell?” He'd never seen me like this. All he'd ever gotten was my tiny fangs and my cute claws. Not now.

Oh no, I was pissed. My claws popped out of my fingers and I had to stand so my tail could spring free. I towered over the still sitting Mikey.

Sen hopped out of her chair and slipped into her in between form like I had. “Nell,” she warned, though it was more of a growl than a human voice. My tail twitched and I crouched down, glaring at Mikey over her shoulder.

He looked scared. Good. My eyes locked with Sen's and I let them glimmer with taunting.

She sighed and stepped to the side. I watched as her spin shifter back and she sat back down. If I hadn't seen her pointed wolf teeth, I could have sworn she was a human model.

Mikey looked wide-eyed at me. I took a step closer and bared my teeth. He whimpered and leaned into the wooden bar.

With another slow step, I pounced and landed on his lap. He didn't try to fight me as my clawed hands wrapped around his wrists and pinned him to the bar.

Bruce raised his hand and, in this form, I saw the white sparks dancing around his fingertips. I looked in his eyes and cat smiled at him. He nodded and waved his hand at the dishwasher, loading it up.

I turned back to Mikey and leaned closer, leaving my face a hair away from his. He flinched as I licked his neck with my rough tongue.

He gasped and shivered. “You scared?” I purred, feeling my throat vibrate with my joy of scaring him. He nodded and I laughed.

“Have you learned your lesson yet?” I dug my claws into his skin just enough to make him bleed. He nodded again and I pulled myself back to a human form.

“Mikes, you know you're my best friend,” Sen growled and I held my hand to her. “My best guy friend. I love ya and all, but if you ever read my mind again, I'll go all out and rip you to shreds.”

He nodded again and I pulled him into a tight hug. His face, of course, squished into my boobs. When I let go of him, his face was as red as his drink.

“Awww! Is Mikey getting a lap dance? But Nell you said you only did that for me!” There was no mistaking the whining voice inches behind me. I spun off Mikey's lap and into Gee's waiting arms.

“Gee! Sorry but I had to teach Mikey a lesson.” I pulled him by his hands and sat back in my seat. “Gee, do I smell blood on your breath? Who's the donor now? Oh!! How'd it go with your witch friend? Mikey to-” he put his hand over my mouth.

“If you shut up, I'll tell you.” I nodded “Yes, it is; a guy named Lee and good I guess.”

he moved his hand off my mouth and nodded. “Do you know how lucky you are to know him, Let alone live next to him?! I can't believe you're his friend! Can you introduce us?” I gushed.

Gee shrugged and turned away from me. He was red. Was he.......blushing?

I cupped his face in my hands and turned him to look at me. “Gee, what's wrong?” he met my eyes and his pupils flashed, reflecting the light back at me. His hand wrapped around my wrist and he squeezed it lightly.

“You know me so well.” he whispered into my hand. I nodded and he sighed. “Nothings wrong, Nelly. I'm just....thinking.” his whisper floated around my head.

He sounded sure but I caught the buzz of his thoughts before he let go of my wrist. Even though he broke contact, the link was still there. I pushed lightly, trying to find a way to help.

And I slammed into a brick wall. I flinched and Gee blinked. “It's not nice to dig, Nell.” he sighed. I shook my head and leaned against the bar.

“Just trying to help, Gee. It's not like I caught anything with my vamp powers,” I rolled my eyes. “And that hurt, just so you know.” I rubbed my head and he chuckled.

A howl echoed down the stairs and everyone in the room froze. The music stopped, along with the pleasant hum of voices. Bruce turned off the lights and opened the dishwasher to stop it.

We waited and another howl split the still air of the room. Two howls – we were getting attacked by something. Gee looked at the ceiling and everyone copied him. There was dust falling from the old wooden boards..

I slipped out of my seat, Sen falling from hers silently. My eyes flashed around the room. We were the the only shifters here.

I handed Gee my phone. “Call my mom. Tell her we're gonna need back up.” I breathed in his ear. I looked at Bruce . Our eyes locked and he nodded.

He came around the bar and stood by the door, his hand on the knob. I looked at Gee and pushed him into my seat. Mikey stood and I shoved him back, a soft smile on my face.

“Help Bruce if they get past us.” I murmured quietly. Sen took my hand and squeezed. I squeezed hers and changed.

All the way this time. My body rippled and I felt a sense of peace as I fell to the ground, landing on my soft paws. Sen landed quietly next to me and I looked at her.

She was a large, lean wolf with bright eyes and sandy fur. And I knew I was a large panther with blazing green eyes and black fur that was soft to the touch. My tail twitched with excitement.

Bruce opened the door and I leaned back on my hind legs. I launched through the door, Sen by my side. We flew up the stairs and spun to a stop.

I saw James, his small black body, hackling and growling at the other three werewolves in front of him. My jaws unclenched and a scream of anger and power ripped from my throat, followed closely by Sen's scariest snarl. Two of the three looked at us and came forward to meet their new opponents.

James pounced on the third, biting into it's neck and shaking his head. Sen and I divided, running in different directions. The wolves followed, to my delight.

I reached the wall and, using my epic cat powers, ran up it. Once I was over the wolf, I twisted off the wall and landed on its back. I took its neck in my mouth and bit down....hard.

Blood dripped into my mouth and onto my face. The wolf struggled under me, kicking at me with its back legs. I put more pressure on its neck and it yelped loudly.

With a quick jerk of my head, I snapped its neck. I opened my mouth and dropped the wolf as he fell back into his human form. Hmm....he was kind of cute.

I stood and pain ripped through my torso. There were two more yelps and Sen came to stand by me, James a second behind her. My body shivered and I collapsed back into my human body.

Sen and James huffed. I watched as Sen changed back quickly and knelled by me. James took a few seconds changing and fell to his knees on my other side. “Oh God!” Sen said under her breath.

Her hands fluttered over me and James stared into my eyes. “Help me get her back down James!” Sen hissed at him.

Hands were lifting me up and wrapping around my waist. My hands were held and I felt my feet getting dragged I didn't like it, but I couldn't get my legs to move.

Gasps and cries filled the air and I blinked. I felt something warm on my chest and all the way down to my legs. Using all my energy, I looked down.

The lower half of my tank-top was shredded. My pale skin was covered in blood. And yet, I couldn't bring myself to care too much.

All the hands left me and I was on a hard surface. My eyes blurred and lights exploded in the back of my head. I blinked, barely able to open my eyes again.

Mikey's face was over mine. “Hang on Nell.” I heard over the roaring in my ears. He turned away from me and called Bruce. I wanted to tell him to not worry so much.

Before I could open my mouth, Mikey's horrified face was replaced by a calm Bruce. My body was going numb from my toes up to my knees and my fingers to my elbows.

Something pressed against my stomach and I cried out, my body ringing with pain. “That a girl. You stay with us, ya hear? Now brace yourself, this is gonna hurt.” Oh God! Something dipped into one of the eight deep gashes in my body.

Someone screamed. It hurt my throat to hear it. I realized it was me. Something soft was place in my mouth and I bit down on it, letting it muffle another scream.

I forced my eyes to open and found Mikey again. His face was blanched and his eyes were huge, mostly pupil.

“I'm fine!” I shouted at him with my mind. He flinched and everything changed.

The pain was still there, but now I was next to Mikey. I could move now and I touched his shoulder. He looked at me and his eyes filled. “No!” he looked down, my eyes following his.

I was on the bar, eyes open, with a tail connected to my back, curling out from under me. I gasped and so did the body, my body.

My eyes fluttered and I was looking up at Mikey again. Tears fell from his eyes onto my face. My arm lifted slowly and I touched his face. I ignored the blood on my fingers.

The pain was gone and my body was tingling. “Don't die! You can't die! Nell please! I love you!” his words pulsed through my head as his hand cupped mine.

“I would never leave you like this, Mikes. I love you too.” I whispered with my mind. His lips twitched and he leaned his forehead against mine.

His skin was warm against mine and I sighed. I closed my eyes and relaxed, knowing I could now that I wasn't dying anymore. A smile touched my face as I felt Mikey's warm soft lips touch my forehead.

I sighed again and everything went blank. No thoughts, no noise. Just a picture of a smiling Mikey behind my eyelids.

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