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Chapter 2

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What happened that Mikey sensed? You just may find out ;)

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A/N: Just thought I would warn you guys ... I only have a few chapters written and i have major writer's block atm ... But anyways REVIEW ^.^

We were surrounded – I could feel it. You couldn’t see the vampires but I could feel them. Vampires weren’t peaceful beings like in stupid romance books (cough-cough- TWILIGHT), they were bloodthirsty monsters who were hard to beat. They weren’t unbeatable, but hunters were the only ones with a real chance against them. Normal people like me and Gerard had absolutely no chance.

You could hear the vampires coming now and I prepared to fight. Neither of us would make it and I knew it. So I said, “Gerard, you are the greatest brother someone could ever have!” He stood there for a moment wondering what was going on, I NEVER acted like this, until he heard the vampires too. But, instead of acting like a normal person he put on his serious face and grabbed my shoulders. “Mikey there’s something I need to tell you … Mom and Dad weren’t really kidnapped by vampires, they were hunters who left to kill the vamps. They really are dead but they were killed, but in a vampire fight. Mikey we are hunters! We can take these vampires!!”

I was in shock. I’m a hunter?? I thought to myself. It all started to make sense. When I was younger my friends had called me Kobra Kid because I was great at Kung Fu and any other fighting style. Back then Gerard had been called Party Poison because of his … well his “drug + alcohol” problems. Me being a hunter also explained all of the weird things happening to me and why I could sense the vamps coming at us. Hunters always had special powers to help them in fights. I had been completely absorbed in my thoughts, but I was shaken out of them by Gerard. “The vampires are almost here!! While you were thinking to yourself I called Frankie … he should be here pretty soon.”

I was confused Frankie was one of our best friends but he was normal … what good would he be. “Wait why would you call Frankie?”

Gerard started smiling and said, “Frankie’s a hunter too, but it will take him a while to get here. For now it’s just me and you.”

It was good to know that someone was coming to help us, it was even better knowing that it was Frank. I trusted the guy with my life, and apparently I had good reason. But it would be a while till he showed up, for now me and Gerard had to deal with this alone. To tell you the truth I had never seen a vampire before. I knew that Gerard had, but he really didn’t like to talk about it. I was shocked when I saw the vamps walking towards us.

They looked like normal people, that all shared the “emo” fashion sense. I know that the whole Emo clothes thing is crap but that’s the best way I can describe it. Anyways, they all wore skinny jeans and t-shirts. They had extremely pale faces and their eyes were rimmed in red. To make matters worse, I recognized one of the leading vampires.
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