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In the Corner of my Eyes ¤ ¤ ¤

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Draco's thought about his dream girl, and how it never could happen. Please rr! [One-shot]

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Title: In the Corner of my Eyes ¤ ¤ ¤

written: 5/5/04

updated: 5/7/04

Author: lilyqueen777

Rating: PG-13.

Pairing: Draco/????

Disclaimer: I no own Harry Potter. Understand that! Good!

Summary: Draco's thought of his dream girl, only to discover his dream is crush! [One-Shot]

Setting: Any year!

Inspiration: Spur of the moment, after deciding to procrastinate a little longer for my Chemistry HW.

Author Note: This is where you decide which girl Draco is with (cannot be Slytherin). Now read on brave warriors:

Draco was fascinated with her. He loved watching her with the corner of his eyes. He would always be in the corner lurking, yet hiding, but trying to find her. He loved how she laughed, smiled, and cried. Each time she laughed or smiled, she made his heart flip or bump faster, and when she cried, it made his heart broken wanting to reach out to her.

He knew fate was cruel to him, for she could never be with her, for she wasn't like him, not a Slytherin. She was going to the light side, and fight with Harry Potter. While he will be like how he was now, lurking in a corner, in the darkness. He turned to go down to the Potions classroom, only trying to get the fact that he'll never get to be with her, the girl of his dreams. If only his life could have been different, but at last he knew his place would only be seeing with the corner of his eyes.

Author note: I know it is short but just read and review, I have a companion piece where its Pansy's thought, and she knows about Draco's dream girl. Please R/R!
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