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Teenage love

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My first story

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Franks pov
Today has been the most amazing day of my life Gerard my best friends brother who I have liked for ages saw me coming out of class with a nosebleed and invited me down to his car where he told me he was gay and that he liked me and just before I left he kissed me I can't stop thinking about him I hope he feels the same way about me.

Gerards pov
I can't stop thinking about that kid Frank he is so lonely and so cute ,when I kissed him it was like the best moment of my life that kid is so hot and I think he might like me " Mikey !"
"What is it Gerard!"
"Where does that Frank kid that you hang out with live?"
"Oh... he left his only lighter in my car i wanted to give it back to him" Frank hadn't actually left his lighter but I have to see him "Oh he's just round the corner number 23"

Franks pov 
"Frank your dinners ready"shouted franks mum"Okay be down in a minute" I said
Knock Knock "Who's at the door" i shouted "Its Gerard.....he says you left your lighter it his car" shouted my mum.
"Wa ....o..okay  tell him to come, up I'll eat dinner later" my heart is in my mouth he's here and I know for a fact that I didn't leave my lighter in his car, it's my only lighter and I wouldn't leave it anywhere. "Hi Frank" he's in my room all 5'9feet of him "H.....hi Gerard what you doing here" 
"You left your lighter in my car" he said rapidly  "You and I both know I didn't " I stated "Okay, you caught me I need to talk to you" 

Gerards pov 
"What do you want to talk about" said Frank "About anything" I muttered
"I'm sorry if I scared you the other day" I whispered.
"It's okay you didn't I actually wanted to talk to you about us..... about what happened in the car yesterday" said Frank "That's k..kinda what I wanted to talk about as well "i mumbled, my heart is beating so loud its a wonder that he can't hear it, why oh why did he have to be so dam cute.

Franks pov 
"Sit down Gerard you look like your about to faint" it was true his knees were shaking and he was using the wall for support "Thanks " he sighed and sat on the bed about a foot away from me "So what part do you want to talk about first "he said as he rested his hand across my hand I felt a warm cozy feeling spread from where is hand touched mine all the  way up my arm, I shivered a little at the sudden warmth "Um..... I don't know " I said a little shakily "Are you okay ,your looking a little flustered"said gerard, no wonder I thought , your probably the hottest gay guy on the planet and your sitting right beside me practically holding my hand, then he did something that made my heart skip a beat,he came so close that I could count every one of those perfect long eyelashes,raised  the hand that wasn't resting on mine put it to my for head and said "Your a little hot "

Gerards pov 
I can't believe that I just said that, I  meant   that he looked unwell I didn't mean he was hot in that way, he is but I wouldn't say it out-loud" I'm fine just a bit nervous" sighed Frank I got a waft of his sweet breath as he sighed he smelled like skittles ,my favourite, I thought "Why are you nervous?" I asked hopping it wasn't because i had creeped him out "Its just that I really like you and having you so close not knowing if you feel the same about me is hard" it seemed to take a lot of energy for him to say this because after he said it he slumped against the wall "I like you as well" I said moving closer to him and putting a hand on his shoulder "Really,you do?" he said hurriedly "Of course I do why else would I be here?" I questioned 

Franks pov
Oh my god he likes me and I like him it's ment to be and to top it all of he so hot i mean hot not just good looking hot but fucking smoking hot the kind of hot that just looking at him gives me butterflies. "So do you want to go out with me?"asked gerard 
"WHAT!" I spluttered
"It's okay if you don't want to " he said nervously
"Are you crazy,of course I want to go out with you, your the nicest sweetest and without a doubt hottest guy I've ever known."

Gerards pov 
Wait, did frankie just call me hot?
"I think your hot to "it  had escaped my lips before I could stop it."And really cute " before I knew it Frank was leaning towards me I leaned closer to him until our noses where touching 
I leaned in closer and lightly touched my lips to his, his hands snaked  their way into my hair as he pulled me closer.

Franks pov 
Gerard is inches away from me and slowly he touches his lips to mine, I feel his arms wrap around my waist I slide my hands up to his hair to pull him against me, he runs his tongue across my bottom lip toying with my lip ring,I open my mouth slightly to deepen the kiss, Gerard slides  his tongue inside my mouth I meet him with mine and we sit there pressed up against each other in full make out mode.Then suddenly Gerard pushes me down so that I'm flat on my back and he's straddling my waist"Is this okay?" he asks quietly "Hell yeah"I almost scream then I remember that my mums only down stairs."Now frankie your going to have to try to be quieter than that" gerard whispered his lips at my ear, I liked  the way he said frankie it sounds so much better."I can't promise anything" I admitted "Well your just going to have to try"teased Gerard 

Gerards pov 
 I lean down to kiss him, I love the way his lip ring is colder than his lips and I love how he let's me practically lye on to of him while we make out.His hands snake there way under my T-shirt his hands tracing my sides I let out an involuntary shudder"You okay Gee?"
"Y..yeah why?" I love it when he calls me that."It's just that you keep shivering,are you cold?"
"No it's you, your such a fucking tease" 
"I'm sure I don't know what you mean" said Frank as he ran his hands all the way from my chest down to my hips,
suddenly I feel my jeans become uncomfortably tight "Um frankie ?"
"Yeah Gee?"
"You kind of gave me a......"
"I know"
"I know that your hard for me"
"Oh yeah" I say teasing him "How do you know I'm hard for you?"
"Is there anyone else here I should know about?" he asked sarcastically looking around his room mockingly 
"Oh don't be such a smart ass" i retorted crashing my lips down on his and trailing a line of kisses all the way down to his neck and softly nipping him"Mmmm...Gee stop it your giving me a hard on" 
"Just returning the favour"I murmured against his neck 
" You know this is getting kind of boring" said Frank seconds before I was shoved off him on to the floor"Ow what the he'll Fra..." the rest of my sentence was cut short by Frank straddling my hips and crashing his lips to mine "Does that answer your question?" asked Frank
"Well......yeah it kinda does" I say sitting up slightly so I can kiss him again,but he puts both his hands on ether if my shoulders and pushes me back down"No you don't I'm in charge now" my shoulders hit the floor with aloud bang. "What are you boys doing up there!" shouted franks mother, then I hear her moving around and the stairs creaking"Frankie" I  whispered urgently"Your mums coming"
"Oh fuck....! Gerard sit on the bed and I'll put a DVD on"
He stands up and jogs over to the DVD rack choses a random film and puts it in the DVD player while I  jump onto his bed and pull my knees up to my chest to hide my ''problem''. 

Franks pov 
My mum walks into my room just as I sit on my bed "What where you boys doing, it sounded like you were trying to kill each other?" she said  "Oh sorry mum we were just carrying on" I answered "Okay, do you guys want some thing to eat?"
"Em......yeah cheese pizza please ,do you want anything gerard?" 
"Um , I'll just share with you if that's okay"
"Yeah sure its fine, what drink do you want" I asked Gerard
"I'll just have whatever your having"
"Okay mum I'll just have some dr pepper, and Gerard will have the same"
"Okay, I'll call you when the pizza is ready" said my mum as she walked out the door" Whew....that was close " i whispered to Gerard 
"Yeah it frankie 
"Yes gee?"
"Does your mum know that your ?"
I sit there trying to keep a straight face but I burst out laughing anyway "What's so funny?" questions Gerard
"Oh it's just that my mums known I was gay since she caught me snogging a guy when I was twelve" I explain
"Really, and she is okay with it?"Gerard askes looking astounded  "Yeah she's fine with it, she would probably not kill me if she caught me kissing you, but she is very strict about me going any further than that"I said
"Your  mums so cool my mum and dad don't even know, Mikey is the only one that knows apart from you and probably...... the rest of the school will know soon enough" 
"How come?" I ask, it's not like I'm ashamed of him it's just I'd rather not be teased about being gay for the rest of my high school years"Oh I seen some people watching us in the car ....I'm sorry "
"It's okay they would have found out anyway"I say, then I look at the DVD player to see what I had put on"Oh shit!!" I had put on the killing jar " Oh sorry Gerard can I change the movie this one scares the shit out of me??"
"Aw just leave it on, I'll keep you safe"said Gerard putting his arms around my waist and kissing me on the cheek. "Fine, but I'll blame you if I get nightmares" I threatened "Oh you won't have nightmares tonight you'll be thinking about me too much"
"Your probably right" I say returning the kiss, then I'm hit with an idea"Why don't you stay the night" I say 
"That sounds good, but I'd need to ask my mum, she should be okay with it if your mum is "said Gerard 
"My mum will be fine with it she always is" i say
"Do you mind if i go home to get my stuff and tell my mum about what's happening" asked Gerard 
" Yeah  it's fine let me just tell my mum first then you can go"I say slowly standing up and pulling him with me "Can you pause the movie so I can watch it with you when I get back?"
"Of course I can't watch it without you I'd end up having a panic attack or something , it's really scary and gory.....i can't stand blood" I admit 
"Really?..I thought that movies was really funny and I love gory films" he said "Are you fucking crazy that guy just got his head blown of you call that funny?" I ask confused at how that could be even remotely humorous.  
"Yes actually I find it hilarious" he retorted "Boys the pizzas ready!!!! " shouted my mum " Okay be down in a minute!, Gerard I'll go down and tell her what's happening and you run out the door tell your mum and get your stuff"
I  tell him at top speed" I'll try to be quick but I need to take care of first" he finished uncertainly" Okay take all the time you need ill tell my mum to keep the pizza in the oven until you come back"
"Thanks I'll try to hurry" he said as he stood up.I walked down the stairs in front of him so he could slip out the door quickly.
Gerard's pov  
 I run along the road as fast as my legs can carry me. I hope that my mum or Mikey don't notice my "problem" before I can leave. I walk in the doors unlocked that means mum isn't in Mikey must be upstairs"Mikey you in?" I shout "Yeah Gerard I'm upstairs" he shouts back I run quick up the stairs into my room grab some fresh close for tomorrow and some pj bottoms shove them in my misfits bag and run towards the bathroom but I'm stoped by Mikey who's  just walking out the bath room, he looks flustered and his cheeks are red "Hey Mikey " I say not wanting to startle him"Oh.... um hi gee what you doing here I thought you where at franks?" he asked nervously 
"Oh I was I just came over to tell mum that in staying at franks tonight, do you know where she is?"
"Um yeah she's staying at her friends tonight she said we where allowed to do anything as long as it wasn't  illegal" he said 
"Oh thats good I'm staying at franks tonight, will you be okay on your own, or do you want to come ,if you do I'm sure Frank wilk be okay with it, after all he's  like your best friend"
"I think I'll come with you I hate staying alone " he admitted  
"Cool grab your stuff " I said starting to get very uncomfortable in my to tight jeans "And gee?" 
"Your going to sort that aren't you indicating my now painfully tight jeans 
"Um...... yeah actually that's kinda what I was going to do" I said  quickly now desperate to get in to the bathroom "Oh don't let me stop you" he said smirking "Fuck off and let me in the bathroom " I threaten, he had just stepped in front of the bathroom door"What are you gonna do if I don't" he said teasingly standing his ground "I'm gonna tell call mum and tell her that I caught you in a threesome..."I pause thinking " with two guys"I finish
"No you wouldn't cause if you did I'd tell her that you jack off to gay porn" he said seeming proud that he knew my biggest secret "Oh please fuck off and let me in the bathroom" I say as I take a step closer, our noses are almost touching and a strange expression over comes  mikeys cool facade, he stares into my eyes for an infinite moment and suddenly moves his head closer so our lips are touching...... Everything about this screams wrong but I cant stop his arms snake there way around my waist and he pushes me into the bathroom "Gee is this okay" whispers Mikey his lips at my ear " I know this is wrong but I've liked you for so long and I hate seeing you with.....someone else" he admitted "Y....yeah it's fine I like you too probably not in the same way as you like me..... But...... enough" i say uncertainly "That's good" he says then he puts his hands on my face and pulls me into a kiss, soft at first but then he forces my mouth open and slides his tongue into my mouth and with a jolt of surprise I find myself kissing him back. 

Mikey pov
I can't believe this I never thought my brother would feel the same way about me , I've loved him since I can remember I know that it's wrong and he's my brother but.... "M-Mikey"
"Yeah gee" i say slightly breathless 
"I kinda still need to round to franks he's you still want to come?" he asked me 
"Oh..... Yeah sure I'll just go get my stuff and you can take care of your "problem" " I say slowly backing out the bathroom.I hear him sigh, i shouldn't have sprung my feelings on him like that he has enough problems without mine. I walk into my room, unfortunately my rooms vents are connected to the bathrooms so I can hear him moaning as he jacks off. I can hear him moaning loudly saying someones name , then I hear him scream one last time then silence. I run around my room taking random things and throwing them in my school bag then I hear a knock on the door "Um...M-ikey you ready?"
"Yeah gee come in "I say as I pick up my schoolbag, he opens the door and steps in my room his cheeks are red and he looks tired"Mikey I would appreciate it if you didn't mention what happened in the bathroom" he said nervously "If course gee I'm not going to tell anyone" I promised 
"Thanks..... ready to go yet?" he asked "Yeah let's go" I say quickly wanting to escape this uncomfortable    moment. "Okay I just need to grab my stuff meet you downstairs" he said as he walked out of my room, I grab my bag  run down the stairs  and start raiding the cupboards for sweets and crisps the perfect snacks for a sleepover "BOO!!!" screamed Gerard as he jumped on my back I wasn't e expecting him to jump on me so I collapsed painfully to the floor as Gerard's knees hit the floor he lets out a painful cry and my back hits the floor with a sickening bang"OH FUCK!!!" I exclaim my back is in agony so at first I don't notice the awkward position we had landed in his knees where straddling my thighs and his face was inches away from mine. I expected him to pull away but he didn't he lowered his head so our lips where touching and started to slowly move his lips against mine, I didn't respond for the first few seconds stunned that he was kissing me willingly then I start to kiss him back with more passion he runs his tongue across my bottom lip begging for entrance I open my mouth instantly to let him in, he explores my mouth quickly then invites me to do the same, he tastes like coffee..... I push myself up and wrap my arms around his neck and pull him even deeper into the kiss. 
Franks pov 
I wonder whats taking him so long I think seconds before I hear a knock on the door, I jump up and sprint towards the door"Hey gee, what took you so long?" i ask "Oh sorry Mikey wanted to come" he said and I notice Mikey is standing behind him looking nervous" Is it okay if he says as well" he asked looking worried "Of course he can stay" I say"but were all going to have to share my single bed" 
"That's fine, should be fun" says Gerard with a smirk at Mikey"Yeah we can have a threesome" jokes Mikey as the walk through the hall "Frank I'm going out for the night, will you and your friends be okay alone tonight?" shouts my mum"Yeah we'll be fine " i shout back "Your pizzas on the counter and I left some money in your room if you want to order out" she replied 
"Thanks mum see you tomorrow" i say "Oh god your  mums nice" said Mickey " Our mum never leaves  us alone when we have sleep overs and she never leaves money" he seemed very exited about the sleep over"Your all exited aren't you" I tease 
"Hell yeah this is my first proper sleep over ever!! " he said the last part like an over exited girl "Okay Mikey calm down" said Gerard but Mikey stuck out his tongue at him "You know Mikey sometimes you act just like a five year old " I said earning a laugh from Gerard 
"Your so right he is just like a five year old" replied Gerard as we climb the stairs, then Mikey starts whining "I'm not a five year old "
"Oh yes you are, and if you keep whining your grounded" threatened Gerard as we walked into my room "Okay.....gees don't be so strict mum" retorted Mikey. "I'll go get the pizza, Gerard play the movie" I said walking out the door, hopefully I'll miss some more gory parts of the movie. When I get down stairs I pickup the pizza and pour an extra drink for Mikey and made my way back up the stairs. 

Mikeys pov 
Frank walks in the door carrying a huge cheese pizza and three drinks, I feel so sorry for him I really want to tell him about me and Gerard so I'm not lying to him after all he us my best friend. "Here Mikey hold this" said Frank handing me the pizza and setting down the drinks "This is good" I say taking a slice then handing it back to him "Here" says Frank handing me a drink, and he does the same to gerard i turn my attention to the film but nit really watching it I'm too busy thinking of how to tell my best friend Frank that I'm in love with my brother and that we made out in the bathroom and on the kitchen floor "Frank is it okay if I use your bathroom?" asked Gerard, it's now or never I think"Yeah sure Gerard it's just at the end of the hall" replied Frank, Gerard stood up and left the room leaving me alone with Frank 
"Yeah Mikey" well there's no going back now I think"Can I tell you something and promise that you won't like hit me or think I'm nasty or some thing like that?" I say nervously "Of course Mikey you can tell me anything" he says with a dead serious face"Well..... I'm kind in ..... Love with Gerard and I have been for ages.... and when he came home to the house after he was at yours I kinda...we made out" i finnish with a stutter waiting for his reaction " Oh my god, Mikey I knew you were bi deep down, and with your brother that would make for some hot porn" when he said the word "porn" I kicked him of the bed"Your one horny bastard Frank you know that" I said with a smile I knew he was bi but preferred boys but I didn't think he had an incest fetish... But I didn't think gerard had one ether"I know, do you think you guys could like make out in front of me?" he asked" What ever gets you off iero" I said this is so much easier than I thought it was going to be" I think I should tell Gerard that I told you" I say "Cool and if you guys start making out call me I want to watch" he ordered as I walked out the door. I caught gerard just as he was walking out the bathroom" Hey gerard can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked timidly 
" Yeah sure Mikey I was just about to go out and get us some snacks" he said 
"Cool, gerard I know you told me not to but i told Frank about us" 
"WHAT!!"he shouted 
"It's okay gee" i said hurriedly "He was fine with it he actually asked if he could watch us make out"I explained 
"Oh... that's good, now go entertain your horny friend and I'll go and  get us some snacks" he said he seemed surprised that Frank took this information in such good spirit"Okay see you when you get back" I said as he walked down the stairs and out the door. I walk back into franks room and sit down on his bed"So what did he say" askes Frank, he seems worried"Oh he was fine with it he just went to get us some snacks and he told me to come up and entertain you until he gets back" i said he relaxed after i said that Gerard was okay with me telling him and a small smirk played across his face" Entertain me eh?" he said before pushing me down so I'm lying flat on my back and straddling my thighs then brining his lips to my ear and saying" Okay Mikey, show me how much of a demon you are" he lifts his head to see my expression, I  must have looked as horrified ad I felt beacause he went into a fit of ( very girlish) giggles "Oh my god your  fucking face" he said trying to speak through his sudden wave of hysteria" That was fucking  priceless" he said as he slid of me still laughing."Gerard will be back soon" I say "Why do you say that" he asked 
"No reason " I reply 
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