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Goodbye World.

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Sad one shot. Frank, as an old man looks back on his life. Slight Frerard implied.

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I am not going to say "dear Diary," I don’t believe in all that “Dear diary” stuff. I have only ever called one person in my life dear, and that was my darling, amazing Gerard, my Gee.

I have never bothered writing down my innermost thoughts and feelings down before, so why I am choosing to do so now at my age, I am unsure. Gerard had kept a diary for the majority of his incredibly long, happy (for the most part) life. He always told me I should as well, but to be honest with you, I never really saw the point. In fact, when I was a lot younger than I am now, I often teased him about it. Sigh, I really do miss those days.

Anyway, I guess part of the reason why I am writing this is because it has now been five years since Gerard’s passing, and his much loved younger brother, Mikey`s funeral was held earlier today. It has also been almost a year and a half since Ray and Bob left us. I`m the last one left now. I guess I almost feel as if I owe them this.
My time will be soon, I know, I can feel it. Though I am not sick like my dear Gerard, I am old, very old. It seems like it was yesterday when we were all teasing him about turning thirty, ah, I really do miss those days.
I remember the early days, those really were something. We were young, excited and had the whole world in front of us. I remember when Bob left us. That was a very hard time for everyone. I was glad when he contacted us a few years later though, asking if we wanted to meet up, we all of course said yes. It was a very heartfelt, joyful reunion.

I remember the support we recieved from everyone when Gee was first diagnosed, six years ago now. We were all with him, at the end, just like he wanted. I for one was just happy that it was at home and not in some cold hospital. Gee always had hated hospitals, because of the needles. Even at the end, when he was in so much pain, he still flinched whenever someone mentioned the word. And the coffee addiction, that never went away either.

Ah, my friends, I really do miss them. I miss them all so much that it hurts, even though I know they would not want me to miss them that terribly, I cannot help it. They were my friends, band mates, they, Gee especially, were my world.

Like I said earlier, I `m the only one left now. I am not afraid of death, although I wish I didn`t have to die alone.I had always hated feeling alone, even as a young child. But I wasn’t alone, not really. I still felt them all with me, everyday. And soon, we would be reunited again. Where? I am afraid I cannot answer that, despite my religious upbringing.

Goodbye, world. I was not upset about dying either. I had had lived a very long, happy life. I had had amazing friends and had done what I loved, with the people I loved. Goodbye, world, See you soon guys.

Frank Iero closed the black diary and lay down in his bed, clutching it to his chest like a comfort blanket. He soon fell into a deep sleep, one from which he would never awaken, but he was happy now, for he was with his friends again. He`d always loved his friends.
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