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Chapter 5

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Chapter Five
Evie opened her eyes slowly, her mouth turning into a smile as she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist, and a pair of smooth lips kissing her shoulders.

“Morning” She mumbled, smiling into the pillow.

“Morning Evie” She heard Frank mumble in between kissing her shoulders, and moving to her neck.

“Mmmm, this is nice to be woken up to” Evie grinned, and moved on to her back so she could see Franks grinning face looking down at her. She smiled back to him, and pushed some of his shoulder length hair behind one of his ears.

“I like waking up next to your cute ass” He grinned, kissing her softly, and Evie could feel his hardness on her thigh.

Frank groaned loudly as he heard his phone ring on the bedside cabinet next to them.

"I'll leave it" He kissed her again, and they both groaned as the phone began ringing loudly again.

"You better answer it" Evie whispered to him, and he frowned then kissed her lips softly, before sitting up and answering his phone.

"Hello. Oh hey Jim. Er, yeah today thats fine. An hour? Yeah, I've just woken up but I'll be ready for then. Yeah, ok see you soon" Frank hung up and then looked to Evie who was now sitting up next to him, the sheet around her breasts. "That was my lawyer" He smiled softly to her and Evie smiled back.

"I have a meeting in a hour with the headteacher of Belleville High, I need to get going anyways" She smiled sweetly to him, and he grinned to her, moving a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"I'll see you tonight though right?" He asked, pouting at her causing Evie to giggle.

"Yeah, you can come to mine. We can have amazing super sex again" She grinned widely to him, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks.

"I'm liking the sound of it already" He mumbled, moving his head to hers and kissing her passionatly.

"You gotta stop, and go and get me my dress from the living room" She mumbled against his lips, and Frank groaned in protest, before pecking her lips softly and pulling his head away and getting out of the bed.

"2 seconds" He smiled, walking out of the room naked, and returning quicky with Evies dress whilst she pulled her knickers up.

"Thank you" She told him, pulling her dress on, and walking into the living room and slipping her converse's on.

"So I'll see you tonight, what time?" Frank asked, coming behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Bout 8? We'll order take out and drink that wine I brought round here" She told him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply.

"Looking forward to it. I'll see you soon" Frank smiled as Evie stopped him from walking her to the door, and looked down at his naked form.

"Best stay here Frank, dont wanna flash the neighbourhood" She grinned to him, kissing him quicky, and walking over to the front door. She waved to him, and left the house.


Frank walked to the front door, completly showered and changed, and answered to his lawyer who smiled to him and walked in the house.

"So what's caused this then Jim?" Frank asked, sitting next to him on the couch.

"Your wife has filled a complaint that you have thrown her out of the house, and also, I was informed this morning you have been having an affair?" Jim asked him, getting out some paperwork.

"An affair. What? No I fucking havent!" Frank shouted, and was handed a large photograph by Jim, which showed Evie stood at his door waiting to go inside from last night. "How the fuck did you ge this?"

"I was sent this last night by Chritina's attorneys. Who is it Frank?"

"Evie my next door neighbour. I'll admit, we have slept with each other, but it was last night. I didnt even know her before she moved in! And Christine knows it! She saw her moving in!" Frank shouted, still looking at the picture of Evie.

"Well, your wife got suspicious when you asked her to leave. Hired someone to watch the house! I would be very careful with your relationship with your neighbour Frank. It could change a lot of the divorce if they assume you have been cheating" Jim honestly told him, and Frank threw the picture on the coffee table infront of him.

"She fucking knows nothings was going on! She's doing this on purpose!"

"Even so! You need to be careful Frank. Call your Christina later. See what her reasons are. Try and persuade her" Jim told him standing up.

"So you only came here to tell me this?" Frank asked, following him to the door.

"Yeah, you needed to know. I'll keep you informed of anymore news" And with that Jim was out of the front door, leaving Frank to his thoughts.


Evie inhaled deeply as she sat in the headteachers office, looking around the dull brown room. She sat looking at the room, and waiting for her new boss to come and see her.

"Ah Evie! Thank you for coming in today!" She turned and saw Phil, or Mr Matherson as she would refer to him as in front of her students, walking past her and sitting in the chair behind the desk in front of her.

"Your welcome" She smiled to him, looking at his piercing blue eyes. He looked young to be a headteacher.

"Now, we're just going to have a little dicussion about your students, mostly the bad ones for you to look out for, and also, unfortunatly. I have been told to ask you to dye the green out of your hair. Governers didnt think it appropraite for the school" He sadly told her, and Evie nodded, smiling slightly.

"No, I knew I was going to have to. I've actually decided I'm changing my hair to blonde, like really blonde" She told him, and Phil smiled to her.

"Okay. We'll, I've got your timetable here, for your set two weeks. And you have 2 of the worst students in the school in there, Dan Demark and Lucas Oldham. So I'm jus fore-warning you! They should be no problem, hopefully, but if they are, send them straight here. It's not worth you arguing with them, just get them out of your class" He honestly told her.

"Oh okay! Well, hopefully they'll behave" She answered, accepting the piece of paper from Phil and looking down at it.

"Now, since your teaching music you'll have your own room in the music department. But you also put on that your could teach art? So we have added a few lessons of Art on there, you dont mind do you? Its just until we have found a replacement Art teacher" He explained, looking at Evie who nodded.

"No no, its fine! I actually prefer that! It gives me a break from the music lessons" She smiled to him.

"Okay! Good! Well, lets take you to your new classroom" He smiled standing up, and Evie stood following him to the door, she didnt know why but she felt nervous.


"Hello?" Evie panted as she quickly ran into her living room, panting slightly.

"Sis, its me! Why you out of breath. Oh, you havent been having sex with your neighbour have you?" Evie smirked as she could hear her sisters disgusted look.

"No, I haven't! I had to run to the phone. I've just got in!" She shouted down the phone, sitting on the couch.

"Oh right! Where're you been? I've rang you like 5 times?" Olivia asked down the phone.

"I've been at Belleville High, they've asked me to dye my green out of my hair, and also showed me my clasroom, and warned me about 2 students" She told her, her hand coming up and touching her fringe.

"Well, V you knew you were going to have to dye it out! You said it before! What's your room like?" She asked, genuinely wanting to know.

"Its alright. Big, lots of instruments so I'm glad of that! Are you ok? And Lily?"

"Yeah we're good, Lily is at mom's at the moment, so I've got some piece and quiet. Speaking of mom, you haven't rang her since you left. She wants to speak to you" Olivia told her, and Evie sighed.

"Well she knows my number. She can ring me you know. Why do I always have to make the first move" Evie mumbled down the phone.

"She's your mother Evie!" Olivia scolded.

"Yeah, and she never acted like one when I had all my problems! Telling me to stay with my abusive ex because he was rich, and calling me a LIAR when I used to go round crying saying Jason had hit me!" Evie nearly shouted down the phone.

"Evie, she apologized for that! You know she feels badly about it!"

"Yeah well, whatever! She is the one who got me out of the UK, I couldn't of lived with her" She mumbled back.

"Just, call her! Let her know your ok" Olivia told her.

"Ok, Ok, I'll do it tonight before Frank comes round" She answered.

"Frank, your neighbour and rock star?"

"Yeah, my neighbour. We hang out now and then" Evie told her, looking at her painted black nails.

"Oh right ok. Look, I gotta go V, I've got a casserole in the over and I smell burning"

"Ok, we'll I'll speak soon!" Evie laughed, remembering how bad her sister was at cooking.

"Yeah, love you!" And with that her sister hung up the phone.

Evie sighed and looked at the numbers of the phone before dialling her mothers number. She let her thumb hover over the call button, and then quickly pressing the clear button. She threw the phone on the couch next to her, and sighed, her hands shaking slightly. The call to her mother could wait a few hours.
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