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The Boy With Honey Eyes

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I'm keeping it short and sweet.

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I was awoken by the feeling of someone shaking me and I opened my heavy eyes, staring into a pair of baby blues.
"Brendon?" The boy asked in a somewhat quite voice. I felt like my insides had been ripped to shreds. I was light headed and had a hard time to keep my eyes open.
"Hi." I said weakly as I fell over, feeling my arm scrape against the pavement below. I heard some screaming, and then a little soft talking right next to my ear.
"We need to get you to a hospital." I frowned, my eyebrows furrowing together.
"No." I groaned out. If I went to the hospital, then they would call my aunt and uncle. And it's not like they could legally do anything without having an adult sign that it was okay to save my life. It just wasn't worth it. I heard a car door shut and the car start.
"Fine." The boy sigh a little, not angry, just...disappointed. "Jon will fix you up, right now he's a med student." I nodded, and I knew I was in the back seat of their car as it moved. I felt like I couldn't breathe, like I was suffocating under everything that happened. Wake up a social outcast, sell your body when you're just a kid, find that the only thing to keep you sane is drugs that drive you mad, have you're family stolen away from you by mother war, have your new family hate you, repeat on the first three, get beat up regularly, have someone try to kill you, ask strangers for help to save your life.
I shouldn't have put that burden on them. I should have just let myself die on the street. I groaned, a strangled sound that didn't sound human.
"I know it hurts, but we'll be home soon enough." The boy said. "I'm Spencer by the way, and this is Jon." I opened one of my eyes, staring at the boy who was behind the wheel. I didn't move. I couldn't move. I let my eyes shut, and stayed quite for the rest of the car ride, knowing that I was sweating and panting slightly.
I felt someone carry me into a home that smelled like fresh spaghetti and tea. It made me feel even worse, realizing just how long it had been since I last had a meal. It had to have been at least three days, and I was famished.
They carried me off to some room that smelled like lilacs and I opened my eyes, noticing I was in a washroom that was clean and white, a little bit of my blood spilling onto the floor and counter to turn it to a shimmering red. Most of the bleeding had stopped, and my mind was hazy enough for me to not notice the pain that I knew I was going to feel the next day.
"How did this happen?" Said an unfamiliar voice, and I opened my eyes once more to stare at another boy, one with a scruffy beard and brown hair. The driver from the car.
"Long story." I attempted to say, but my voice failed me and I ended up mouthing half of the words.
"I guess we'll talk about it tomorrow. Right now, I'm going to need you to bite on this." He said handing me a piece of cloth. I nodded, as he took of my shirt, staring at the wound. He looked surprised, to say the least. He took some cotton and soaked up some of the blood before getting a new piece of cotton and dabbing it with disinfectant. I gasped in pain, closing my eyes as I felt the disinfectant sting against my skin. I wrapped the piece of cloth around my hands, giving enough space for me to bite down on it, and when he took the skin and pulled it together I closed my eyes and bite down on the fabric a lot harder than I expected to. I could feel each painful needle puncture as he stitched the wound. He finished, using a little bit more disinfectant on it before putting bandages over it.
He picked me up when he was finished, carrying me off to a bedroom where he gingerly put me down on the bed.
"Thank you." I said and he laughed a little.
"Just go to sleep kid, everyone else in this house is." And with that he left. I wondered how many other people were in the house, but decided not to fret on it. I was tired. And scared. What if my uncle found out I was still alive and came after me again? I destroyed their lives, it's only fair for them to take mine. I know that's why he did it, but would he go out of his way to finish me off?
There was a rustling in the room by the door, and I felt a shift on the bed. I kept my eyes closed, listening to the intruder.
"What has Spencer gotten himself into?" A soft voice whispered. "It's bad enough he and Jon are always having to take care of me." His voice was like honey, sweet, smooth, and all though slightly clouded, his words were clear. "Where did you come from? And why do I keep seeing you?" He asked sounding somewhat confused. "I'm just going to leave." He said and I could tell that he was starting to get up. But I wanted to hear more. To here his voice. To here him talk about what he loves, what his life is like, what he dose in his spare time. Everything.
"Please stay." I said weakly and he sat back down.
"You're awake?" He asked and I nodded, reaching out to grasp his hand. I opened my eyes and touched his cheek gently, a smile spreading on my face as I looked into his honey eyes.
"Please don't leave me alone." He nodded, sitting properly next to me on the bed, making it to where I could lean my head on his shoulder. He started to talk a little, about meaningless things that really didn't matter, but I couldn't be happier. He was perfect. He started to sing gently, and I closed my eyes as I took in his scent. It was a mixture of vanilla cigarettes, sugar, and a smell that was distinctly his natural scent. I smiled a little, rubbing my nose against the soft flesh of his cheek as I allowed sleep to slowly take me in.
As much as I didn't want to go to sleep, it was practically impossible to resist, everything from the sound of his silky voice, to his steady breathing, and his scent. It was perfect.


Thanks to Katrina_Adams for reviewing last chapter, and I know he got stabbed, but I had been planning on that for a while. Because I'm evil like that. And thanks to AnotherKnifeInMyHand for also reviewing. Sorry I left it off as a cliffhanger, but hey, I got a new chapter out before Friday. Accomplishments! :)
-xoxo Pansy.
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