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still inlove with you

by Black-midgetd 1 review

About somethings I went through. Thought it'd be an entertaining story.

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I loved you ever scince I met you. You were my first love and for a second, I thought that, maybe, you loved me too...boy was I wrong. You went and betrayed me. With the one person in the world I hate. I was best friends with this girl. But, like alot of women do (cerntainly not all), she talked about me behind my back. I was asked if I was her friend and I said no. Before this I had friends. Many friends.popular friends, and that was heaven to the new-girl. But lies traveled from her mouth and everyone hated me. People who I talked to picked on me. I had no one. No one would talk to me, and I had to fend for my self. There would be days where I would just cry. I had no voice, no say in whether this should happen or not. Then you dated her. That monster if a girl. I eventually gained some friends at the time, but not the ones I had. I was still picked on so much that I wanted to commit suicide. I never stopped loving you though. You were the reason I still lived. I watched everyday as you kissed her hello, or hugged her in the sweetest way. I couldn't move on yet, I was still young. Then you two broke up, if only for a split second, and we actually started to get close. he became my best friend. But she came crying and once they got together, it was like he wasn't allowed to speak to me. After 3 years of being hopelessly inlove with him I thought I could move on. What a mistake that was. I was torn to shreds by boys. My heart was shattered into BILLIONS of peices. I thought that by 9th grade year, I wouldn't love you. Our crowds are two seperate groups. We basically "hate" eachother. She dumped him. Took his best friend. She gave him up. I still can't have him, and she threw him away like an old doll. No creature that graceful, beautiful, funny, sweet, kind, and loving should be treated like that. Its been almost 4 years and I still love him. If only he knew how he hurt me, I wish he did. No. I wish he loved me.
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