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Chapter 2

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As the phone rang he held his breath. He knew that he was taking a gamble. He knew that he didn't deserve to have her answer the phone but his mother was the last chance that he had.

"Hello." There was nothing but silence on the other end. "Hello?"

"Hi." Long pause. He was half tempted to say that he was terribly sorry but he had dialed the wrong number.

Marie-Anne furrowed her eyebrows. "Sheldon?" She knew that she had to be mistaken. Her son had had minimal contact with her since moving out for college when he was 18.

"Yeah Mom."

She was shocked. It took her a few minutes to collect herself. There was so much that she wanted to tell him but she knew that now was not the time to bombard him with questions. "So. Why the phone call?"

He had to swallow his pride. When he had left he hadn't been very nice about it, to be fair he usually wasn't nice about anything. But when he had left he did so with the intention of burning all his bridges and never looking back. You don't have regrets so stop it! "Um…I want you to come to the hospital. We need to talk."

She wanted to say no. She was angry with him for leaving the way that he had. She took a deep breath; no, this was her only child she couldn't abandon him now. "Relax Sheldon. I'll be there."


As she hung up the phone she knew that there must have been something wrong, very wrong. Even as a boy he had been independent. She never had to worry about him.

She could remember when they first moved to Kentucky. It was just after she had divorced Jeffrey, Sheldon's father. Sheldon had always been a quiet boy; but that year something had started to change. He became even quieter and more withdrawn. Several of her nieghbours had said that they had seen Sheldon killing squirrels and birds and most of the neighbourhood strays had disappeared. She didn't believe them. Her son might have been a lot of things but shy quiet and withdrawn didn't mean psychotic animal killer.

As far as she was concerned her son just liked to be by himself. She had always thought that it was because of the divorce. She had always figured that he'd hit high school and he's open up. She didn't really think much when even during high school he remained quiet and shy.

Marie-Anne remembered how proud of him she had been when he had been accepted into a prestigious university. She had believed that his life would only get better from there. Her belief in this was only further cemented when after University he had been accepted into the CIA's training facility.

But that was when something had gone horribly wrong. He had suddenly stopped calling her; which hadn't been like him. They had never been really, really close, but it hadn't been like him to go months without so much as a phone call.

Now, years later she realized that it had been her fault. She thought that perhaps her nieghbours from long ago had been right. There was something wrong with her son, being that shy all the time wasn't normal. Now, it was too late. Now he was an adult and she feared that he had gotten into serious trouble. That was the only reason that she could think of as to why he would call her.

After calling the Airport and booking the nest flight to San Diego she started to pack a bag. She knew that her son had been in Mexico. What he had been doing there she had no idea. The important thing was that he was back in the United States.

As she left her house she left a voice mail for her lawyer. She figured at the very least he had done something illegal.
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