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The Joker's Son

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Robin is kidnapped by the joker, tortured and driven insane. Can anyone save him?

Category: Batman - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Batman,Joker,Nightwing,Robin - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2011-05-13 - Updated: 2011-05-13 - 411 words - Complete

Tim had barely recovered from being kidnapped by Slade. The fact that he had been Slade's prisoner for over a month and he had been willing to sell him to the highest bidder had shaken the teen up pretty bad.

Dick had assured Bruce that given time the teen would come around and be the way that he had always been. He just needed time to get his bearings. He was glad that the kid didn't bring croc up or Bruce had been smart enough to leave it alone.

It had been a month after his rescue before he went out as Robin again. One of the first nights that he'd been out, he was aware that he was being watched. At first he thought that perhaps it was Nightwing, Batman or any other member of the Justice League but something in his gut told him otherwise.

He had been caught of guard and kidnapped once; he was determined not to have that happen again. He was on high alert. He was determined to prove to Batman that he could handle himself and Robin.

Joker sat on the roof. This was not his normal habit; then again this was no normal night. He had been furious to find that the deal he had laboured over had gone bad.

He had originally sat there to clear his mind. He usually likes to clear his head in Arkham but he had already decided that if the opportunity presented itself he would capture Robin. A noise behind him disrupted his thoughts. He hates when some nut job in a mask gets the better of him. As he turns, he sighs in relief that it's only one of his thugs.

"What?" The Joker stares at him, smile letting him know that he is severely irritated with the interruption. The cold stare lets him know that if it isn't good news that he's reporting he might as well jump off the roof.

"Word on the street is that the Bat is leaving town tomorrow night."

The Joker stood up suddenly, causing the other man to take a step back. The Joker grabbed him by his shoulders. "This is great news. Then since Nightwing has moved to Blüdhaven that means Robin will be unsupervised." As he peered over the ledge he saw the costumed kid he was after swing onto another roof. He smiled, slightly rubbing his hands together. "We make out move tomorrow at midnight."
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