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[Killjoy AU ONESHOT] -- They've lost one, and now they're getting him back.

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First Killjoys AU. Hope you enjoy it. This is a one-shot.
For future reference, this is the necklace mentioned in the story:


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Kobra hissed, slamming a map of the BL/ind Establishment down on the diner table, “I will fucking end those motherfuckin’ dracs.”

Ghoul couldn’t do anything but nod in agreement. His face was pale, and his hands were shaking while he kept trying to bandage the bleeding wound in Jet Star’s arm, “We can get him back, right? We can do that.”

“If he’s still breathing,” Jet Star muttered, but Ghoul heard him loud and clear, and the thought made him jolt and yank the material around Jet’s injury, causing him to yelp in pain.

“Kept it together, Ghoul,” Kobra muttered, eyes frantically scanning the paper in front of him.

“Sorry. Sorry, Jet,” Frank whispered, shaking the thought from his mind. They were all scared, and worried out of their minds.

Fuck, Poison was a fucking idiot.


The draculoids had raided their hideout in the diner minutes earlier, and while the three of them shot at them from inside, Party Poison moved to run outside.

Ghoul had pulled him down, just missing the flying laser of the dracs, and they both tumbled to the floor.

“Are you crazy?” Ghoul yelled at him, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Saving the rest of you,” Poison panted, fluoro-red hair scattered across his face, “Don’t stop me, okay? It’s either all of us, or one of us.”

“Then let it be all of us!” Ghoul whispered, desperately, "Don't be the fucking hero, Poison."

“Guys, what the fuck are you doing?!” Jet yelled, over the sound of guns and yelling, “Unless one of you is dying, get up and help us!”

“We’re on it,” Poison replied, before looking at Frank, and removing his hands from his biceps, “Ghoul, trust me, alright? I need to do this.”

“No, you don’t,” Ghoul pleaded, grabbing Poison’s face, “Don’t leave me…”

Poison’s eyes fluttered shut at the feeling. It had been so long since— No. Poison suddenly snapped his eyes back open, “No, Frank. Let me go.”

Ghoul’s mouth dropped open, his eyebrows drawing together. They hadn’t used each other’s real names since—since the takeover, “Please, Gee…”

“No. We’ve been running too long. Running from this. It had to happen eventually, and I'd rather me than any of you,” He said, firmly, pulling Ghoul’s face in close to his, their breath mingling together, “Protect both of them and fucking take care of yourself.”

And, just like that, Poison threw Ghoul away from him, and sped out the door.

“No, wait!” Ghoul yelled, desperately, but it was too late.

All three of them watched in horror as the army of white swarmed over Poison. They watched as he struggled and tried to fight, but there were just too many of them.

“Leave him alone!” Kobra cried, turning to run out to his brother, but Jet’s arms wrapped around him.

“Leave it, Kid. We aren’t losing both of you,” He muttered.

"Fuck you!" Kobra hissed, "He's my fucking brother!"

He kicked and struggled and swore at Jet, but Jet didn’t budge an inch. Kobra only stopped when his struggling forced them into aim of the dracs, and a laser blast got Jet in his arm. Only then did Kobra stop, and try to help him, feeling guilty.

Ghoul just stared in shock as his best friend was bound and thrown into the back of their van. Through the window, Poison could still see his friends, and it while it pained him to see his brother look so distressed, he redirected his gaze to Ghoul, who looked shattered. Poison was sure he looked it too, but he knew he had to do this. It was the only way to keep them safe.

Then, the doors to the van were slammed shut. Poison was suddenly alone in the dark of the vehicle, and he could hear the engine starting as they began to drive off. He let a tear shed as he realized that now, he would probably die.

Ghoul’s chest was crushed as he saw the dracs driving off with his best friend, and he decided it wasn’t over yet.


“Is this okay?” Ghoul asked Jet, and he secured the bandage around his arm. Jet grimaced when he moved it, but nodded his thanks, and went to join Kobra in scanning the map.

It had been Ghoul’s ideas to strike back, and the others agreed straight away.

“Alright,” Kobra said, “We need to find a back entrance of some sort. Are there any?”

“Well, yeah, but there’s security literally everywhere. Even between the entrances,” Jet stated, “There’s no way we can get in undetected.”

"Can't we hack into their system, and shut down the cameras?"

"Sure, but there are still ground patrol dracs crawling all over the place. We'd be outnumbered almost straight away."

“Shit,” Kobra muttered, “Okay. New plan, new plan…”

“Guys, do we know how many dracs are outside each entrance from last time?” Ghoul asked.

“It was, like, 5 or 6. Why?”

“Okay, we can take that many, right?”

“Of course,” Jet replied, “But once we get in, there are gonna be shitloads more. We can't take that many.”

“No, no,” Ghoul said, a smirk growing on his face, “What I’m saying is, we can take down the security dracs because they’re dumb as fuck, then we can take their suits and masks, and use those as disguises to get inside most of the way.”

“Ghoul,” Kobra grinned, “You're a fucking genius.”

“I know,” He replied, “Now, let's get our shit together, and save your brother's stupid ass.”


“You didn’t honestly think you avoid this forever, did you, Party Poison? Or should I say, Gerard ?”

Poison watched from where he was slumped on the floor of a dimly lit room, within the BL/ind establishment. There was old blood on the floor and walls, which didn’t leave him in a very optimistic position. Neither did the fact that his wrists were tied excruciatingly tightwith rope that was digging into his skin. Poison could feel the circulation slowing around his hands as he uselessly tried to pull his arms free. His head was throbbing and he could feel blood drying around his mouth from where he’d been repeatedly beaten by the man pacing in front of him.

“Answer me, you scum,” Korse sneered at him, “Before I force you into talking again.”

Poison winced at the thought, but quickly regained his composure, “Do whatever you want. You can fucking kill me, if you want, but you are never going to brainwash me like you did to all those faceless cowards you call your army.”

Korse merely looked down on Poison’s beaten body, and chuckled, “Maybe not you. But, hey, your friends are still out there. Maybe I can test this out on them too. I'm sure they'd love it.”

Poison froze, staring at his enemy with wide eyes, “N-No—”

“Oh, yes,” He smirked down at Poison, “But who would I use first? Perhaps Ray? Or Mikey?”

Poison whimpered at the thought, while Korse chuckled at his sign of weakness, before leaning down right in front his face, “Or should I torture Frank?”

Poison suddenly sobbed out a breath before looking up at Korse with a pleading look, “No, please no. I-I’ll do whatever you want. Just not him. Please.”

“You want him to stay breathing? You tell me where the girl is. Now.”

He knew that was the only thing that mattered to Korse. The Killjoys had left the girl with Dr. D, but they knew nothing more after that. They knew it would keep her safe. Poison hung his head with a defeated sigh, “…I don’t know.”

“Lies,” Korse hissed, grabbing Poison’s collar, and slamming the side of his head with the butt of his gun. He leaned in closely to Poison's face, and hissed very quickly, “Do not play games with me, Poison. You know very well, more than most, that if you lie to me, you will pay. I will torture you to the brink of death, then stop. Just so you wish you were dead. So, I'll ask one more time; Where is the girl?"

Poison’s head was rattling and his vision went blurred. He was finding it more and more difficult to stay conscious. He could feel blood on his face, taste it in his mouth, it hurt to talk, “I…I really dunno,” He slurred, his head rolling, slightly.

“Useless, scum!” Korse roared, shoving Poison roughly against the wall, “Perhaps a small rest will help jog your memory.”

Poison frowned in confusion before he saw a large shape to his left, and felt a large blow to the side of his head.

Then everything went black.


“I can’t fucking breathe inside this thing,” Kobra muttered, as Ghoul, Jet and himself marched their ways through the halls of BL/ind industries, completely dressed up in white suits and draculoid masks. Though they knew they were cleverly disguised, they were still all on-edge.

“I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you when we figure out where Poison is,” Jet reminded him, “Where are we now?”

They were in a large area that looked like a factory where other draculoids were marching around purposefully, doing jobs, working machines for god knows what, and walking around with beakers and test tubes filled with who knows what kind of chemicals or experiments. But what really shook them all to the core were the rooms lining the wall to the right of them. They could see clearly into every one and in each of the rooms, there was a person on a bed. Most of them looked like they were in horrible pain, and others looked completely lifeless.

All of it was extremely unsettling for them, as none of them knew what had happened to Poison, or if any of this stuff could have been being used to hurt him or worse.

“I think,” Ghoul said to his friends, swallowing the panic in his voice, “We’re in the Testing Area.”

“This is so fucked up,” Jet whispered, weakly, “You don’t think they’ve used any of this on--”

“No,” Kobra hissed, “Shut the fuck up. They haven’t. We just need to move. Right now. And find him. Ghoul, how far off is Korse’s headquarters from here?”

“We need to leave out that exit,” Ghoul said, pointing, “And then it’s up some stairs, and down through the left wing, into the head offices. Hopefully, Korse has got him there.”

“Good,” Kobra muttered, “Let’s fucking move it. Now.”


Poison’s head was pounding almost to the point where it was unbearable when he began to wake up. He blinked his eyes open, squinting through the blind lights in the ceiling. He was in the same room, and he knew that, but now he was standing upright. Not by himself, he noticed. As Poison tried to move his limbs, he found that was chain linked by his wrists and ankles to the wall. He groaned both at the thought that he was more trapped than before, and the fact that his head felt like it was about to explode. He noticed that the shadows from the window had shifted dramatically. He must have been out for a while.

“Nice of you to return, Gerard,” Korse spoke with his back to him, fiddling around with some strange objects on the table in front of him.

Poison bared his teeth, and, though it hurt, he lifted his head and up snapped defiantly, “That’s not my fucking name.”

“Oh, but it is, Gerard,” Korse taunted him further, “And your brother is Michael, or Mikey, and you friends are Raymond and Frank.”

“No,” Poison protested. They weren’t those people anymore. Once the takeover happened, those people were dead to the world, broken souls. Those names were the names they left behind, the names they couldn’t use if they wanted to survive.

Gerard was scared and vulnerable, but Poison was fierce and brave. That’s who he wanted to be.

Party Poison was who he was now.

“Yes,” Korse said, before he turned around with a gun in his hand. Only, it looked incredibly different to normal ray-guns. Poison had seen it before, but he just couldn't remember where, “Now, I’m going to make you talk. One way or another.”

“I’m not telling you shit,” Poison spat at him, rattling his hand and leg cuffs.

Korse laughed darkly at him, “Maybe you won’t, Gerard. But your mind will.”

Poison frowned, “What the fu—”

But his words were cut short.

Korse aimed the strange gun at his forehead, and pulled the trigger. And while Poison waited for death, what he got was extremely different.

Shit, Poison thought. Mem-gun.

Reality disappeared and he couldn’t see the room at all anymore. All his memories were flashing through his brain at lightning speed, but he still could see them all in detail. At first, they were simple memories from Mikey and him growing up. His first school play, and how proud his grandmother was.

It made him feel confused, and incredibly vulnerable.

But then the memories started to burn, and hurt.

Poison cried out in pain as memories of the takeover started to flash around his head.

“Mom!” Mikey cried out, running towards her already dead body. Blood oozing from her forehead. The dracs had already driven off after promising to return for Gerard and his brother.

“Mikey, we have to go,” Gerard sobbed, pulling his hysterical brother from their mother’s body.

“No, they killed her!” Mikey wailed. He tried to life her body up, but that only made the blood spill faster out of the wound in her head. Mikey screamed and dropped her, running into the open arms of his crying brother.

“No, stop. Please!” Poison yelled, but it didn’t stop.

“Frank, get Ray. We’re leaving now,” Gerard told him, rushing around the house, grabbing things they might need, “Get clothes, food, anything. Whatever the fuck we need. Just fucking get it and meet me outside. Mikey’s still in the car. Someone needs to go make sure he’s alright.”

“Gee, calm down,” Frank said, weakly, almost frightened of this straight-faced, stiff version of his boyfriend, “We’ve already got everything, babe.”

"Don't argue," Gee snarled, "Just do it!"

Frank flinched, and took a few steps away from him.

Gerard stopped, and hung his head, sighing, “I’m sorry. It’s just—just mom, and--”

“It’s okay,” Frank walked over and wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck, “We’re gonna be alright. We’ll be okay.”

Gerard let himself believe Frank, just for that moment, and didn’t pull back when Frank kissed him.

Poison was sobbing from the pain now. He missed Frankie, and his missed his little brother, and his mom. He missed everything from before the takeover.

“Please,” Poison begged, tears beginning to fall, “Stop. I-I can’t—”

“No,” Poison heard Korse’s voice over the rushing lanes of his memories, “Not until I get what I want.”

“We’re almost there, sweetheart,” Poison told the crying girl in the backseat of their Trans-Am, “You’ll be okay. You’re gonna see your mom again.”

The girl sniffed loudly, and nodded back at Poison as he continued to drive.

Poison drove the car as fast as he could, with Kobra in the passenger seat. Jet and Ghoul were in the backseat, and Ghoul was trying to keep her from crying.

“Hey,” Ghoul smiled at her, “Don’t worry, okay? Once we get you to Dr. D, he’s gonna take you home, and we’ll make sure none of those nasty dracs ever bother you guys again, alright?”

“I-I’m scared,” The girl hiccupped, staring at Ghoul with vulnerable eyes.

“Well, here, then,” Ghoul said, taking off his necklace. It had a silver chain and a shiny, guitar pick attached, with a guitar engraved into it. He pulled it off his neck, and fastened it around hers, “This is a really special necklace. With magic powers. As long as you’re wearing this, you can do anything.”

“Really?” The girl asked, awe in her voice, her tears finally beginning to stop.

“Absolutely,” Ghoul grinned, “I’ve had it for a long time, so I think it’s only fair it goes to someone who deserves it more.”

"But my daddy said there's no such thing as magic," She said, confused.

Frank frowned, "Well, that's because he didn't have one of these. Trust me, honey. You wear this, you can do anything.


“Of course, you can. Just remember to never take it off, okay? Otherwise it loses its power.”

“Okay,” The girl grinned.


“Pinky promise,” She smiled, wrapping her small pinky around Frank's.

“Good girl,” Ghoul laughed, hugging her briefly before meeting Poison’s eyes in the rear-view mirror.

‘Thank you,’ Poison mouthed to him, smiling fondly.

Ghoul shrugged at him, grinning just like he used to.

Then, just like that, all the memories were ripped from his vision so forcefully, Poison gasped for breath before hanging limply from his bindings.

“How touching,” Korse remarked sarcastically, “But I’m afraid I don’t have time for this nonsense. Tell me where Death Defying took her, now!”

Poison’s body was shaking and his mouth was dry, “I told you…I-I don’t know.”

“Where is the girl’s home, then?!” Korse yelled at Poison, grabbing his face, and forcing his gaze on him.

“I don’t kno-”

“Not good enough, Poison!” Korse roared at him, anger infused onto his face.

Poison choked for breath as his throat was gripped forcefully by Korse’s hand, as Korse beat his face repeatedly with the other one.

“Please…” Poison wheezed, his consciousness slowly dimming once more, "I can't..."

“I will end you, and your precious fucking Killjoys,” Korse growled as his beating didn’t cease, “You will all work for me. I am the ruler here, and you? You’re just pathetic, scum of the earth, failures. Rebels with no good use.”

His hand tightened immensely around Poison’s throat, “You’re going to die here. And you’ll never see your friends again. You will all die, and so will the girl.”

Poison couldn’t breathe at all, and when he tried to plead, his voice came out in barely heard squeaks. His head was swimming, and his face was going slightly blue. He knew he was going to die, and he was okay with that. He just didn’t want Korse or his dracs to go anywhere near his friends.

Korse smirked, breathing right in Poison’s face, “You’re finished, Poison. You don’t know what you’re messing with.”

“And neither do you,” A familiar voice hissed before a fist knocked Korse out of Poison’s view.

Then when Poison looked up he saw three draculoids standing in the room.

“What are you doing?” Korse hissed at them, “You work for me.”

The first drac raised its gun, aiming at Korse’s head, and pulled off its mask, “No, we fucking don’t.”

“Jet,” Poison said, weakly, giving the best smile he could.

The other two draculoids pulled their masks off too, and, just as Poison suspected, there stood Kobra and Ghoul. Poison would have cried with joy, if he wasn’t finding it so hard to keep his head up.

“Now, what’s going to happen next is I’m going to kill you, we’re taking Poison back, and we will never stop trying to take this entire place down,” Jet said to Korse firmly, his grip on the gun tightening, "We're not stopping until this building and everyone in it is fucking dust."

Kobra and Ghoul were quickly unfastening the bindings on Poison’s arms and legs, and when they finally got him free, he fell forward, collapsing in Kobra’s arms.

“Poison,” He said, lightly tapping his face, “Wake up, bro. Come on.”

“What did you do to him, you bastard!” Ghoul yelled, walking over and kicking him in the face. Jet yanked him back by the arm.

Korse leant to the side spitting out some blood before he turned to Ghoul smirking, “Whatever I had to do to get some answers.”

“And did you get any?” Jet sneered.

“Guess you’ll never know,” Korse chuckled, darkly.

“Good. That means no, then,” Ghoul hissed, before he whipped out his ray gun and shot Korse square in the head.

As his body fell limp, Ghoul felt a sick sense of pride, before a deafening siren sounded throughout the entire establishment.

“What the fuck?” Kobra said, his brothers limp body still in his arms, “Oh, shit. Jet, are there cameras in here?”

They all scanned the corners of the room and sure enough, in the corner, there was a security camera with a blinking red light.

“Shit,” Jet breathed. He aimed his gun at the camera and shot at it, “We have to go. Now.”

“Poison, wake up,” Kobra pleaded, shaking his brothers shoulders. But Poison's whole body stayed limp, and almost lifeless, save for the fact that his chest was barely moving with his weak breathing.

“Here,” Jet said, bending down and picking Poison up, “I’ll carry him. Kobra, help me put my mask on, then get your and Ghoul’s on. We’ll tell them all we’ve have confidential orders, and hope to fuck they don’t question it.”

Kobra nodded and carried out his orders. Ghoul slipped on his mask, but always kept his frightful eyes on Poison’s pale face, as his head rolled around when Jet walked forward.

“Are we ready, guys?” Jet asked them as he reached the door.

Ghoul and Kobra nodded their replies and faced the doorway.

“Okay,” Jet breathed, “Guns at the ready. Let’s go.”


“Quick,” Kobra panted, “Lay him down on the couch.”

Jet pulled Poison from their car, and carried him into the diner. He hadn’t regained consciousness yet. Even through escaping, and driving out, he hadn’t woken up. And there were some loud moments there. Ghoul was freaking the fuck out. Poison’s face was pale, and bruised, and there was a faint purple line around his neck from where he’d been strangled. Ghoul would have thought he was dead, if it weren’t for the fact that he was still breathing.

When Jet laid him down on the couch and went to a cloth and some water, Ghoul kneeled on the floor next to Poison’s head.

“Come on, Gee,” Ghoul whispered to him, wiping the hair from his face, “Let me see those eyes. Please.”

“Ghoul, out of the way,” Kobra said, as Jet gently pushed him aside, setting down a wet cloth on Poison’s forehead, “How could he possibly out for this long? You don’t think he injected him with anything, do you...”

“No,” Jet frowned, “He would have been in a lot more pain when we got to him. I think he’s just gotten one too many blows to the head.”

Ghoul whimpered, “Well, do we have any idea when he’ll wake up?”

“No,” Jet sighed, shrugging, “We’ll just have to wait. Shouldn’t be more than a few hours.”

“You shouldn’t have let him get out,” Kobra snapped at Ghoul, “This is your fucking fault.”

Before Fun Ghoul could so much as try to explain himself, Kobra got up and stormed into the next room where they slept.

The echo of the door slamming left the room in a deafening silence.

Ghoul felt his face crumble a little. It was his fault. If he hadn’t let Gerard…hadn’t let Poison throw himself out there, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt. He wouldn’t have gotten fucking tortured by that psychopath.

“Shit,” He breathed, blinking back the tears threatening to fall from his eyes. Frank cried. Ghoul didn’t, “Jet?”

“I’ll go talk to him,” Jet said, patting Ghoul on the shoulder, “He didn’t mean it. He has a bad temper. You know that.”

“Yeah,” Ghoul replied with a weak smile, a smile that showed he clearly didn’t believe his friend.

Jet then left the room to follow Kobra, and Ghoul remained on the floor next to Poison.


Night had fallen, and the harsh words Ghoul heard Kobra and Jet exchanging had died down long ago. He assumed they were both asleep. He didn’t know how they could, though.

Ghoul hadn’t moved from his place next to Poison. In fact, he'd been subconsciously stroking Poison's hair for almost an hour now, hoping it would bring him some form of comfort.

As he watched over him, he couldn’t help but miss Poison from back before he was, well, Poison. Party Poison was good for them now, Ghoul thought, and he knew that, but it didn’t mean there weren’t nights where he constantly prayed he could have Gerard back again. He couldn’t tell Poison that, though. Because it would just mean drama, and hurt. Some nights were unbearable, though, and as much a Ghoul wanted to cry, he couldn’t. So, instead, he engraved scars into his stomach. It’s not like anyone would see them. Sex was another thing Ghoul missed, but more importantly, he missed just having Gerard there.

Then he heard a faint groan next to his ear. He shot to attention, and quickly pulled his hand away from Poison's hair.

“Poison?” Ghoul whispered, “C’mon, baby-- I mean, dude. Wake up.”

“Ghoul?” Poison muttered weakly. He hadn’t opened his eyes yet, but his eyebrows were knitted together in a frown, “Are we dead?”

Ghoul laughed, breathily, “No. We got you back, and ghosted Korse. We’re okay.”

“You got Korse?” Poison gasped, eyes shooting open.

“Yep,” Ghoul nodded proudly, “Shot him right in the head. He’s gone, but that’s not to say the dracs won’t want to get us for that too, but we’re safe for now. How are you feeling?”

Poison took a moment to process everything Ghoul said to him, then sighed, “I feel like something ran over my head. And like something’s caught in my throat.”

“Shit, you want some water?” Ghoul asked.


Ghoul nodded, and got up to grab a bottle from their makeshift refrigerator, returning to Poison’s side. Poison nodded his thanks before slowly sitting upright and taking the bottle from Ghoul to drink what he could.

“Where’s Jet and Kobra?” Poison asked.


Poison nodded.

There were a few moments of comfortable silence before Ghoul broke it.

“You really scared me, man,” Ghoul confessed as he played with his fingers, “I really thought we’d lost you, this time.”

Poison sighed, contemplating holding Ghoul’s hand, but he decided against it, “Better me than you.”

“Disagree. So hard.”

“Yeah, you would,” Poison smirked, before patting the space next to him on the couch, “C’mere.”

“Poison, what did he do to you?” Ghoul asked, carefully sitting as close to Poison as he could.

He scoffed bitterly, “I dunno. He just, like, beat the shit out of me and stuff.”

Ghoul tensed, thanking whatever god there was that he killed the motherfucker while he had the chance, “That’s not all, Poison. Doesn’t take a genius to know he strangled you,” and that made him want to kill more people, “But there was something else. Just tell me.”

“I--” Poison started, but huffed in defeat. He knew he couldn’t really keep stuff from Ghoul. That hadn’t changed from before the takeover, “He used a mem-gun on me. That’s all.”

“Oh,” Ghoul said. He had heard of those, but was never the victim of one. From what he’d been told, it flashes only your best and worst memories, and no matter what, it fucking hurt, “What—What did you see?”

“Things,” Poison replied, vaguely, “Stuff. From when the takeover started.”

“Oh, Poison,” Ghoul breathed.

Poison could feel tears starting to brim, but refused to show them, “I saw my mom die again, and—”

Poison stopped with a painful gasp. He knew it was dangerous to even mention the other memory he saw. It wasn’t them. Frank and Gerard. They were Ghoul and Poison now. They couldn’t possibly--

Poison suddenly felt a heat envelop his hand. When looked down, he saw his fingers laced with Ghoul’s. His eyes shot up to see a comforting smile on Ghoul’s face.

“It’s okay,” Ghoul smiled, almost sadly, “You don’t have to tell me.”

“I saw us,” Poison blurted out, tears finally falling, “I saw what we were before this, and it was probably the most painful one out of all of them.”

Ghoul couldn’t even talk. They never spoke about before. Ever. And now Poison was, and he was crying. Ghoul couldn’t stand it anymore. He did what he wanted, and just pulled Poison onto his chest, holding him and rubbing his back just like they used to.

“I miss it,” Poison whined into Ghoul’s chest, “God, I miss you. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Shh,” Ghoul cooed, almost on the verge of tears himself, “Don’t be sorry. Please. I fucking miss it too. I want you back. I want Gerard back. I need him.”

“I’m right here,” Gerard sobbed, “I’ve always been. I want Frank back.”

“I’ve always been here too, baby. I never left,” Frank whispered, pulling Gerard’s face against his, “Please. Kiss me. I can’t take it.”

Frank could barely finish his sentence before Gerard was crushing his lips against Frank’s. Both of them moaned in relief. It had been so long. So fucking long since they’d done anything close to this. Gerard curled up safely in Frank’s arms, slipping his tongue between Frank’s lips. Frank gladly opened his mouth further. They kissed like it was their only source of oxygen. Desperately and passionately. All that could be heard in the silence of the night was the wet sounds of their lips, their heavy breathing and the occasional sob of happiness. Tears streamed down their faces, but they’d never been happier.

“I love you,” Frank breathed into Gerard’s mouth.

“I never stopped loving you,” Gerard said back, holding Frank even tighter, almost afraid this was some crazy dream from too many hits to the head.

“Please,” Frank begged, “Please, don’t leave me again.”

“No,” Gerard said harshly, sucking Frank’s lip into his mouth, “Never. Never leaving you again.”

And, yeah, Kobra and Jet would probably have some hard questions to ask them when they found out, but Frank and Gerard didn’t care.

Because even if they had to run forever, at least now they could run together.

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