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Mothwing's Death

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Mothwing layed sprawled on the cold grass surrounded by her Clanmates. Mistystar stood over her motionless body and her apprentice, Willowshine was licking the blood off her face, but the wounds kept bleeding no matter how much the pale gray tabby she-cat licked them. "I can't let you die!" She meowed. "I'll lick your wounds and apply pressure on them even if it takes till Moonhigh to get them better!" Mothwing finally opened her eyes and saw Willowshine and Mistystar surrounding her. She looked to the left and saw Reedwhisker staring at his her with grief in his eyes. "Why do you have to leave us?" He asked. Mothwing moaned before she began to speak. "The badger that attacked us was hungry for the kits in the nursery." She whispered. "I refused to let those little ones get eaten at such a young age." Reedwhisker's eyes left the golden she-cat and went to his paws. Willowshine kept licking her mentor's wounds and pressing them with her paws. Mothwing eventually made a little chocking sound and pushed Willowshine away. "It's time for me to go to StarClan." She said. Willowshine ran over to her and buried her face in her golden tabby fur. "You can't leave me!" She yowled. "Who's going to be the medicine cat?" Added Reedwhisker. Mistystar walked over to Willowshine and placed her paw on her shoulder. "This cat right here." She said. Willowshine perked her ears up and glared at her leader. "What?" She gasped. Mistystar nodded slowly. "Yes. You're now RiverClan's new medicine cat." She replied. Willowshine blushed. "You don't mean that." She meowed. "Yes, I do." Mistystar said. "I'm impressed with how hard you tried to heal Mothwing's wounds. You earned your rank in the Clan." Mothwing's body has gotten lighter and her fur looked cream-colored. "You were a great medicine cat." Willowshine said. She gave her mentor a final lick and looked at Mistystar again. "Reedwhisker and I will sit vigil for her." She said.

The End
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