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So Close

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Jacob believes Anna and Gerard should return sooner than planned.

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As Gerard and Anna snuggled on the sofa watching a movie neither realized that soon their world would be changed forever.


“You have done all I have requested?”

John gripped his phone tightly, “Yes, of course.”

“And you are positive they do not know of your presence?”

“I have watched them since they arrived. The only time they’ve left the house has been to walk down to the creek on her property. The woods are thick and it’s been easy to watch them.”

“Annabelle must be so taken by her blood bound she is oblivious to the world around her.” She laughed, “What an idiot. Jacob was a fool to turn the girl.”

John bit his lip nervously. He knew it was important to say what would please her. “Yes, he gave the greatest gift to someone so undeserving.”

She sat back in her chair and smiled hearing the tone of his voice. He was suffering with longing and that pleased her. “But I am no fool. When I bestow the gift it will be to one who is worthy. Tell me John, do you believe yourself to be worthy?:

“Yes.” He answered quickly. “Oh yes.”

Her soft laugh was enchanting to him. “Yes, I believe you are correct.” While she had never even considered bestowing such a gift on him he would never realize that fact. He would serve her as all her blood bounds did and then when she tired of him and was no longer of any use she would dispose of him. “Do you miss me?” She asked coyly.

“So much.” He stuttered, “I want to be with you, you know that.”

She smiled looking across the room at the young blond man sitting patiently waiting for her to finish her call. He was more handsome than last night’s “guest” she’d entertained causing her hunger to grow. Still the matter at hand must be dealt with before she could enjoy herself. “Do not fail me and you will be rewarded.” She purred.

“I won’t fail you.” He promised. “And as soon as it’s done I return to you?”

“No, I will come to you.” She whispered before disconnecting.

Setting the phone down on the desk she stood slowly making her way towards the blond. This was her favorite part, seeing desire flare in his eyes as she lifted her fingers and began to unbutton her silk blouse. The man’s tongue darted out to wet his lips.

“So” She said as the garment fell off her shoulders. “Shall we go into the bedroom?”

He tore his eyes away from her creamy breasts, “Uh, yeah, sure.” At that moment he looked into her eyes and was momentarily confused by what he saw.

She could no longer contain her hunger. It would of course be easier to glamour him but in truth she liked to see fear in her prey. Opening her mouth she displayed her fangs then smiled when he cringed. She was on him before he could move. As her fangs sank into his flesh her hand covered his mouth roughly. As his blood filled her mouth she sighed in ecstasy.


“Shit.” Gerard muttered. He’d just shifted Anna under his body on the sofa so the ringing of her phone was not a welcomed sound.

Anna giggled, “I could ignore it.”

He lifted himself off her body. “No, you better answer it.” He grouched. “Might be important.” As Anna started to rise he added with a grin, “But just remember where we were.”

“Oh yes.” Anna smiled. “I will.” She added as she crossed the room heading for her cell, which was on a nearby table. “Hello Jacob.” She answered seeing his name on the screen.

“Annabelle, I trust you are well?”

She looked over at Gerard who was smiling at her, “Yes, of course.”

He got directly to the point. “When do you and Gerard plan to return?”

Moving back over to the sofa she sat down. “Why, is something wrong?” The sound of his voice made her ask.

“We have much to discuss.” Jacob said softly.

“We had planned to stay here for a few days.” She answered. “Do you wish us to return sooner?” She saw Gerard was giving her a concerned look.

Jacob thought a moment before answering. While he did not want to alarm Anna he remembered his conversation with Hudson. The other Pure definitely had felt Gerard could be in danger. “I believe it would be best.”

Gerard spoke softly to Anna, “Hey, we can head back in the morning if that’s what he wants.” He knew the wisest thing to do was whatever the Pure wanted.

“He wishes us to return.” Anna said frowning. When Gerard nodded she spoke into the phone, “We will leave here in the morning.”

“Good I will be expecting you.” Jacob answered. He disconnected before Anna could say more.

Anna sat her phone down on the end table then turned to Gerard. “I do not want to go back yet.”

Gerard settled his arm around her. “Hey, it’s okay, Sugar. Besides once the tour is over we’re gonna be living here. I was thinking and after the last show we can just fly to LA and get my stuff.” He noticed she seemed lost in thought, “Uh, I mean if you want me to move in.”

“Of course, I do.” Anna said looking into his eyes. “More than anything.”

He smiled, “Good because I love it here. I was thinking maybe we can build a recording studio out here. I mean we got enough room and I think the others would love to come here.”

Anna tried to concentrate on his words but something she had heard in Jacob’s voice was still bothering her.

“Okay, maybe not.” He said thinking she didn’t like his idea.

“No, it is a wonderful idea.” Anna said softly. “I am sorry if it seems I did not agree. I would love to have everyone here and we have more than enough room to build a recording studio.”

“You’re worried about Jacob, aren’t you?” Gerard asked while giving her shoulder a light squeeze.

“Yes he does not seem himself.” Anna admitted. “I sense something is very wrong.”

Gerard too was worried. “Hey, let’s just try to put it out of our minds for now. Tomorrow we’ll head back and deal then, okay?” He gave her a devilish grin, “Besides weren’t we doing something before he called?”

Anna smiled, “Yes, I believe we were however it is late and you must be tired.”

Gerard shifted on the sofa allowing him to pull Anna onto his lap. “Sugar, I’m never too tried for what I have in mind.” As his fingers slid under her shirt he added, “Besides we don’t have to take off too early in the morning. The drive isn’t all that long. I figure we could leave wound ten if that’s okay with you.”

Anna glanced over at the clock and saw that it was just after midnight. “Yes, ten sounds reasonable.” She said. “I will make you breakfast in the morning.”

He slipped her shirt over her head. “I love it when you cook for me.” He answered as his fingers traveled to the clasp of her bra.

Suddenly Anna realized he hadn’t had dinner. They had spent the whole evening down by the creek. “You haven’t eaten since lunch.”

Gerard laughed, “Sugar, my mind ain’t on food right now.” To prove his point he lowered his head to her now exposed breast. Lightly he licked a path around her nipple smiling to himself when he heard her softly moan.

“Mr. Way, what on earth is your mind on?” She teased.

“Making love to the most beautiful woman on the planet.” His mouth moved to her other breast.


John shifted in his seat trying to block out the sounds of their lovemaking. He decided he’d heard enough. Switching off the transmitter he smiled to himself. He now had the information he needed. By this time tomorrow night his mission would be complete and she would come for him. No, he would not fail her that would be unthinkable. She was everything to him, his whole life. It never crossed his mind to question his devotion to her. It never crossed his mind that his actions could put himself in danger. Whatever she wanted he did. So far it had all been so easy. Slipping into the house before they arrived and installing the bugging device had required little skill. Watching their movements had been boring but easily done.

Gathering up the bag from the passenger side floor he opened the door of the truck and got out. Now was the idea time to act. As he climbed over a small barbed wire fence he smiled thinking about his lover. He would do as she had commanded proving his worth.


Christa slipped from beneath the covers careful not to wake her sleeping husband. Sleep had proved impossible so she decided to go downstairs to the den and read the mystery books she’d started earlier in the evening.

When she reached the bottom stair she suddenly decided she’d rather go out to the deck and sit beneath the stars.

She had just sat down at the patio table when the feeling came over her without warning.

“Oh” She cried out softly trying to understand the overwhelming feeling of fear. Glancing around into the darkness she realized the fear was not for herself but for Anna. Without thought to the lateness of the hour she returned to the house to grab her cell.


In Chicago Claire was pulled out of a sound sleep by the ringing of her cell. She sat up slightly confused for a moment then slid from the bed. Bob continued to snore as she crept from the bedroom.

“Hello?” She answered reaching it moments before the call would have gone to voice mail.

“It’s me.” Christa said sitting back down at the patio table. She had returned outside so that there was no chance the call would awaken Ray.

“Christa, what is wrong?” Claire asked hurriedly. She closed the study door also hoping not to awaken her husband.

“I just suddenly had a terrible feeling wash over me.” Christa explained quickly, “I can’t even start to tell you what it felt like but I just somehow know it has something to do with Anna.”

Claire sat down in the nearest chair, “I do not understand.”

“Me either.” Christa admitted, “I mean I’ve never felt anything like this before. Not this strong.”

“But why do you believe it has something to do with Anna?”

Now that the feeling had passed Christa was beginning to question herself. “Shit, I’m sorry. I woke you, didn’t I?”

“That does not matter.” Claire answered quickly, “But I need to understand why you think the feeling had something to do with Anna. I have felt nothing and believe me if something had happened to her I would know. Our bond is so deep I would know.”

Christa closed her eyes trying to recall the feeling. “It was so strong, such overwhelming despair and fear. I can’t explain it better than that. And somehow I just knew Anna was involved.”

Claire thought a moment, “Perhaps the feeling is not for something that has happened but rather for something that will come to pass.”

“Oh God.” Christa whispered. “Do you think that’s possible?”

Claire really wasn’t sure. “Do you think I should call her?”

Once again Christa found herself doubting her feelings, “It’s so late.”

“I will call her if it would make you feel better.” Claire offered.

“No, don’t. You’re right if something had happened you would have felt it. Hell, I don’t know maybe I’m just crazy.”

“I do not believe that.” Claire said softly. “But I do believe you should call Anna in the morning. Tell her about this.”

“Maybe.” Christa whispered. “Hey, I’m sorry I woke you up.”

“I am glad you called.” Claire told her kindly, “It means a lot that you thought to call me. The bonds we both share with Anna are bringing us closer too.”

Christa realized she was right. As frightened as so had been for Anna the idea of calling her had not crossed her mind. Instead she had called the woman she knew would understand, Claire. Still it seemed odd she hadn’t just called Anna.

When Christa didn’t speak again for several minutes Claire understood, “You are wondering why you called me and not her?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Being bounded to a Healer is strange for mortals. No matter how close we become to the Healer we still know deep down they are superior to us. I do not mean that in a bad way at all.” She added quickly, “But the bond demands we respect the Healer and acknowledge their powers.”

“It’s like we serve her.” Christa said slowly realizing she understood Claire’s words.

“Yes, that is true and it is that part of the bond that Anna hates. It is that part of the bond she knows can never change.”

“And because of that she feels no mortal can ever truly feel equal with her.”

Claire sighed, “Yes she knows that is the truth. Tonight your first thought was to protect her.”

“But I didn’t call her.”

“No, we do what is necessary to protect her without involving her. That is what the bond demands.” Claire lowered her voice; “The bond demands we do whatever is necessary to protect her regardless of the consequences.”

For the first time Christa realized the truth. “We would give up our lives to protect her.” She said feeling a chill run down her spine.

“Yes, the bond makes us feel this way. Now can you understand why Anna hates this about the bond? She would not want either of us to do anything that would endanger our own lives yet it is what we would mindlessly do.”

“Oh, shit.” Christa whispered.

Claire sighed, “It is not too late for you. My bond with Anna is too deep for me to ever not feel that way. However, if you do not bond any further with her in time it will fade for you.” When Christa didn’t answer she added softly, “It is a lot for you to think about, I know. I understand how much you wish to retain your memories of the Healers world but with that knowledge comes a price. I know Anna, and I know whatever you decide she will allow.”

“I need to think.” Christa whispered.

“I will call Anna in the morning.” Claire said, “And I will tell about what you felt.”

“No, don’t.” Christa said as she sat up straighter. “It probably was nothing anyway.”

“You fear her now.” Claire said sadly.

Her words surprised Christa, “No, I don’t fear Anna. I don’t believe she’d ever do anything to hurt me. But…” Her voice trailed off.

“You fear the bond.”

“I just never really thought about it before, not like this.”

Claire responded softly, “I understand.”


“Shit, woman.” Gerard said smiling down into Anna’s beautiful face. “That was incredible.”

“Every time we make love it is incredible.” Anna answered from her heart.

The shadow of a frown tugged at his lips. “Almost every time.”

Anna knew immediately he was thinking about the night she’d first given him her blood. “That was not you.” She whispered.

He rolled off her with a sigh, “Yeah, it was me, Anna. I fuckin’ brutalized you. I’ll never forgive myself for that.”

Before he could blink she rolled over to cover his body with her own. “Gee, you must forget about that night. It truly was not you. Your mind and body were both beyond control. In my heart I understood that then just as I do now.”

“I just wish it hadn’t fuckin’ happened.” He whispered.

Anna lowered her lips to his but instead of a kiss her tongue darted out to tease his bottom lip.

“Oh shit.” He laughed when she moved her mouth to his chin. “You know I’m not tired at all now. How about I carry you upstairs and ravish you again?”

Anna grinned happy to see his mood had changed, “How about I carry you upstairs and do the ravishing?” She teased.

His laugh filled the air as he remembered how easily she’d lifted him earlier. “Not a bad idea but I really need a cigarette. I need to run out to the car so how about I just meet you upstairs?”

Anna lifted herself off his body. “Do not be long.” She gave him a seductive look.

He felt his manhood twitch. “I won’t.” he promised.

Not bothering with clothing Gerard opened the front door. The moon gave just enough light for him to see the car in the drive. He loved the fact that they were so far from the road and so far out in the country that he felt comfortable walking in the buff.


John froze when he heard the front door open. He ducked behind the passenger side of the car while reaching with one hand for the revolver tucked at the small of his back. He heard a man’s voice curse the gravel that hurt his feet as he moved towards the car. A moment later the driver’s door opened and the dome light came on. John held his breath listening. A moment later the door slammed shut plunging him into darkness once more. Still he remained silent, waiting.

Gerard pulled out a cigarette but realized he needed a lighter. He opened the car door again.

Once more John held his breath. The grip of the gun felt cold on his fingers. In his mind he could hear her words. As much as he’d just like to shoot the fucker he couldn’t. That would anger her.

Again the door slammed shut and he heard the flick of a lighter. A moment later he heard Gerard move away from the car. John expelled the breath he’d been holding.

Reaching the porch Gerard took another puff then looked up. It was a beautiful night with a sky full of stars. Happiness filled his heart. Upstairs Anna waited for him in this beautiful house that was to be their home.

He stood for several more minutes finishing his cigarette then tossed the butt aside. He entered the house never knowing death bad been so close.
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