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Welcome to the Killjoys

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a story on how Party Poison and Kobra Kid joined the Killjoys.

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Gerard’s POV
“Mommy when is daddy gonna be home?” my little brother questioned lifting his head from my mothers shoulder. “He should be home soon sweet heart, now back to this story,” she smiled. I hated when dad worked late. Lately dad had been working later because there was a huge project going on at his work place. I didn’t really understand what it was but it seemed important. I pulled the covers of my bed up over my mouth and snuggled closer to my mother trying to get back into the story. I glanced over at my little brother who was engrossed in every word that came out of her mouth. His white blonde hair cased a shadow over his dark brown eyes, both focused on the images on the page before him. Then we heard the door gently close shut. “Daddy!” Mikey yelled jumping out from the covers and sprinting across the landing and into our fathers open arms. “Hey buddy what are you doing up this late?” he smiled kissing his head and brought him back into our room. I also through the blanket off me and ran to my father, who hoisted me into his arms as well as balancing Mikey on his hip. “Gerard your awake as well!” he laughed and dropped us onto the soft covers of my bed. “Hey babe, sorry i’m late again. I got held up at work.” My dad sighed and kissed mom lightly on the lips. Mom smiled and reassured him that it didn’t matter.

“Okay boys i think that’s enough of Watchmen for tonight.” Mom said tucking me into bed and kissing my forehead. Dad grabbed Mikey and tickled him before tucking him into bed. Then dad kissed his forehead and kissed mine before shutting off the lights but keeping the door open for Mikey so the hall way light still emerged through the gap. “goodnight boys we love you both very much” mom and dad said and mom blew us kissed from the door way and dad waved. “night night daddy and mommy i love you!” Mikey laughed blowing kisses back . Not very long after mom and dad left i heard light snores coming from the other side of the room indicating that Mikey was asleep and soon i felt my eye lids become heavy and i drifted off to sleep.

Donald Way (their father) POV
“We have some great kids there.” I smiled at my wife wrapping my arm around her slender shoulder as we made our way to the living room. “I know there good boys. What happened at work? Why were you late again?” I sighed i really didn’t want to talk about this again. “ Well they wanted me to stay all night to work on project SCARECROW. But i insisted that i needed to go home. I really don’t get what Korse is up to, were on a need to know basses and we apparently don’t need to know.” I watched the smile drop from Donna’s face but i continued. “ Korse wants to create a place called Battery City, it’s a place where there is no crime, no murder, no evil, sounds good right?” Donna nodded suddenly interested in where this conversation was going. “ well the only thing is he got permission from the president and he can start building where ever he wants without question. The people in this city will be on special drugs to keep them in line. No one has a choice in this, SCRARECROW is the defence to those who rebel or don’t like the idea. I really don’t know what to do i don’t agree with this at all. The intentions are good but the consequences are too high. I don’t know what to do. We tried to talk him out of it but there was no talking to him, this man is dangerous. Worst of all is he is not in charge he works for other people who are over him.” Donna looked shocked i could see tears form in her eyes. “Don what kind of world will the boys grow up in!” she cried. I moved to her and pulled her close. “it will be okay, they have us, they will be fine.” I reassured her . “ when will this be announced?” she asked looking up at me. “Tomorrow.” I said.
“I will talk to Korse tomorrow if he does not agree to stop this i will leave, babe i don’t want to be a part of this.” Donna nodded “i have no other choice. This needs to stop, i am high up enough in BLi/nd to have a voice that will be heard.”

Mikey POV
Mommy and Daddy have been acting really weird lately. I have saw houses from down town and other places being knocked down on the news. Mommy cries a lot, and daddy has not been home. I’m not allowed out side anymore. Daddy says it’s dangerous. My brother Gerard has not been going to school because his school was knocked down and a new building is there now. Mommy brought us for a walk and on every building i see a smiley face and writing. All grown up’s are weird!
I ran after Gerard down the stairs. He ran into the kitchen and hid under the table, I followed him and cough him. It was night time and mommy and daddy had music on and were dancing funny. They looked really happy , for the first time in a long time. After a few minutes of laughing Gerard and me emerged from under the table. Mommy picked me up in her arms and held me on her hip, and grabbed Gerard’s hand in hers and danced with us. She sang out loud “ Cuz there’s you and me and all other people, and all other people, with nothing to do, nothing to loose, and there’s you and me and all other people, and i don’t know why i cant keep my eyes off of you...” she had a smile plastered on her face as she danced around the kitchen with us. Daddy stood in the door way and smiled and took pictures and a video. I was laughing really hard and mommy ran her slim fingers through Gerard’s light brown hair.

But all that soon changed. Once the song was over mommy placed me back down on the floor. Mommy went and turned the music down a bit and changed the song. Gerard and me were still dancing except i started coughing. “Mikey sweetie go up stairs and get your inhaler.” Mommy said and rubbed my back. “okay.” I sighed, i am as asthmatic so if i start coughing to prevent me having an attack i have to take my inhaler. I headed up the stairs to get it. As i was on my way back down the stairs i heard the door bell. As i reached the bottom of the stairs my daddy walked by me and opened the door. I could see mommy and Gerard still dancing in the kitchen. Daddy was talking to some man. I peeked around the door and saw some scary men. They were dressed in white and had masks over their faces with those smiley faces that i had seen on the buildings. But what i was scared of most was the guns they had in their hands. One of the white men spoke “we are here to inform you sir that BLi/nd now have ownership of this house, you have twenty four hours to get out before this house is destroyed.” Daddy was very upset by this. “ you cant just take our house!” daddy yelled. I flinched. Our house was on the outskirts of the city, there were not many houses where we lived. “ i wont let you! I worked for this house and not you or Korse are going to take it away!” daddy shouted then mommy came to see what was happening. “daddy?” i asked scared he didn’t even look at me except he turned to Gerard and said “ Gee get your brother and go upstairs and don’t come down until i tell you.” Daddy was still glaring at the men. I was going to say something but Gerard grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. The last thing a saw was daddy and mommy yelling at the men.
Gerard POV
I brought Mikey into our room. We could hear dad shouting at the guys downstairs. Mikey was really sacred. He sat down on his bed and i sat down beside him. We sat in silence for a few minutes then when daddy stopped yelling i noticed that Mikey was crying. I pulled him to my chest as he cried. I could feel him shaking. “ hey hey it’s okay Mikes, i’m here big bro Gee wont let anything happen to you.” I cooed. I didn’t know what those men were doing here. “Gerard we have to move..” Mikey cried. “What!” i jumped pulling Mikey up and looking him directly in the eyes to make sure that he was telling the truth. I knew straight away that he was not lying. He started crying again and i could even feel tears building up in my own eyes. “ hey how about i read us some Watchmen?” i suggested. Mikey didn’t even respond so i pulled the book out at the page we were on. I read it to him not too long after he fell asleep cuddled to me. I wasn’t tried yet so i flicked through the book. I looked at all the heroes. I loved how cool they looked. I wanted to be a hero, to help people and protect the ones i love. But i’m scared, i prayed that one day i could be the superhero. Dad said he would call for us when we could go back down. He didn’t call us back down.

Nothing happened for a few weeks. Those guys in white did not come back. Dad continued to work late. Everything seemed normal my parents never mentioned what happened. Dad over the past few weeks did not come home at night. We didn’t see him for days at a time. But one night changed our lives forever.
I woke up late that night to hear the smoke alarm going off. I was startled i could see smoke every where. I started coughing. In a panic i looked over to Mikey’s bed and to horror he wasn’t in it. “MIKEY!! MOM! DADDY!” I screamed. I put my hand to my mouth. It was so hard to breathe. I grabbed Mikey’s inhaler out of the dressing table and crawled on my knees tears fell down my face. i crawled to my parents room. I pushed the door open “MOM!” I cried pushing her shoulder to get her to wake up. She didn’t budge. My father was missing. More tears came. “mommy please i’m scared!” i still got no response. I called for her, again and again but to no avail, I didn’t want to leave her. ”DADDY!” I yelled out praying to hear him, but nothing. I kissed her forehead and let the tears fall onto her face. I cried into her shoulder . Then i heard Mikey screaming from down the hall. I ran out . I could hear him banging on the bathroom door. “Mikey! How did you get in there? MIKEY I CAN’T OPEN THE DOOR!” i began to panic. “Gee help me i cant open the door! Something’s blocking it! Gee i’m scared!” then he started coughing and hyperventilating. “Mikey calm down, okay i’m here i’m going to get you out, just take deep breaths.” I ran at the door and slammed hard into it but it didn’t move. “Mikey stand back!” i yelled and ran at the door again. I hit it harder this time. I yelled out in pain, from my shoulder, but i moved the door a few inches. my whole body was shaking in pain but i still rammed against the door again. It moved another bit. But then i heard Mikey’s small body hit the floor he collapsed. “MIKEY!” I screamed. “NO NO NO NO!” I yelled hitting the door until my hands were bleeding. The heat was so immense . The smoke was hurting my chest. Then i heard noises coming from downstairs. Then two figures appeared at the foot of the stairs. “OI! ARK THERE IS A KID UP HERE!” one man yelled and both ran up the stairs. The one that was called Ark knelt before me. He had messy black hair and a bandana over his mouth and nose. “Listen kid is there any more people here?” he grabbed my shoulders . “ my dad…” i stumbled over my words. “where are they?” he asked quickly “the bathroom and her bed room.” I coughed. “Okay Dizzy there is a kid in the bathroom, he is stuck but go to the bed room first.” The other man headed into my parents room, but returned a minute later and shuck his head to the other man. Ark sighed before kicking at the bathroom door, the door cracked under the force. The other man picked me up in his arms and headed downstairs . “ dad I don’t know where the are! we can’t leave them!” i stammered fighting the older man grasp. “there is nothing we can do son.. i’m sorry” the last thing i saw inside the house was Ark kicking in the door and vanishing inside the bathroom.

The other man carried me outside to the garden. There i saw there was more people , i did not recognise anyone. A woman ran towards us holding a blanket. The had long blonde hair crystal blue eyes and had a pink bandana around her neck. She was about the same age as my own mother. She took me from the mans arms and into her own and wrapped the blanket around me. She brushed the hair from my eyes and gave me a warm smile, and said “ hey babe , were gonna help your family best we can, i’m Cherry.” I smiled at her but our attention was soon turned back to the house, Ark had emerged with Mikey but there was something wrong, very wrong.

“CHERRY! GRAB THE FIRST AID THE KID’S NOT BREATHING!” Ark yelled. Cherry dropped me quickly to the ground and ran to the Trans Am nearby . She pulled the a lot of equipment from the boot , including an oxygen tank. “Mikey?” I whispered to no one. I squeezed the inhaler in my hand, it was Mikeys. The one I grabbed before i left our room. Cherry ran to Ark who had placed Mikey gently to the ground, he looked so lifeless like a doll. I saw the other people run to assist Cherry, including a man in a wheelchair. I saw them hook Mikey up to the tank and place a mask around his mouth and nose. Then Cherry put her hands on Mikey’s chest and pushed down. She repeated this many times , i guessed that she was doing CPR on him. But it was not working. Minutes later nothing had happened, it was not working. I heard Cherry say “ come on sweet heart fight, fight for me!” Nothing happened, but she did not give up. I could see tears build up in her eyes “I can’t loose him, Ark!” she yelled. “Mikey…no… not you too.” I cried. I was so confused, where was my dad, why did they leave my mom, in there, what was happening to Mikey? This was too much, I fell to my knees. “MIKEY NO!” I screamed, it was like everything was in slow motion, I could see everything, the house burning, Cherry ,Ark, Dizzy and those other people working on Mikey. The light of our burning house was the only light for miles in the inky darkness of the night. I could almost feel the pressure that Cherry was putting on Mikey’s Chest on my own. This crushing and helpless feeling, suffocating me. “Ark I can’t get him back!” Cherry panicked, I saw Ark nod slowly and place hand on her shoulder, beckoning her to stop. My eyes widened no she could not stop, she would not. I knew then what would happen if she did. She slowed her pace slightly. ”please, please no don’t stop…no no NO! please don’t!” I yelled scrambling to my feet towards where Mikey lay. “you…you cant you cant just stop.” I insisted. Cherry looked up at me, the look of sorrow, embedded in every pore on her face. “No no Mikey, wake up, Mikes.. please buddy…please!” I begged.

Seconds later still nothing, not a flinch, a twitch, a single movement to any degree. I cried, I cried so hard I myself could not breathe, I could feel that crushing again, surrounding me like the darkness of the night. I was going to loose both my parents and my brother in one night, my whole family. Then she stopped. She gave up. She took her hands from his tiny chest and placed them on her lap, and lowered her head, her hair fell over her face. I could hear she sobs, Ark hugged her slightly from behind. My four year old brother was too young to die. I grabbed his hand, I squeezed it and cried. “Mikey….come back…please…” I chocked closing my eyes. Then all of a sudden, this gasp of air came from nowhere. My eyes shot open, it was Mikey sucking in all the oxygen, he was alive. Cherry moved over to him, coxing him to breathe normally and claming him down, she was crying with joy, thanking any God that was there. Once Mikey was breathing normally again she turned to me and whispered “he heard you.” I smiled “yeah he did”. I sat with Mikey for a few minutes before some more people came over to us led by Ark. “we could not find your father, and your mother well…” he stopped I knew what that meant. The group then retreated back to their vehicles, leaving us alone on the grass. What on gods earth were we going to do now? As they loaded back into their cars and van Cherry advanced towards Ark yelling “what are you doing?! We cant just leave them!” Ark not fazed by what she said continued to get into the car. “we saved them, what more do u want? To bring them with us ha!” he mocked her. Cherry was not impressed at all “yes that’s exactly what I want!” she exclaimed pulling his car keys out of his hands. “They are now orphans, and one of them is sick, hell he nearly died five minutes ago! And you can just leave them out here!” she screamed at him. “yes” Ark said unemotionally. She raised her hand to slap him, but he caught it then Dizzy manoeuvred his way between them. “now guys! Not in front of the kids! I agree with her on this one boss.” Dizzy announced gently pushing the two apart. “but that is two more mouths to feed as well a babysitting, and we were the same age when we were cast a drift, on one was there for us!” he growled “that’s why we have to be there for these youngsters, you said it your self that you didn’t want any one to go through what you did growing up.” Cherry said then turned back to the others with her shouting “who’s with me!?” she received a roar from all the men and women. She then smirked back at Ark, “love you baby.” before walking over to us, she picked Mikey , who had now fallen asleep on my chest, into her arms and held out her hand to me, I took it, for some reason I knew that I could trust her. She smiled back down at me “welcome to the kill joys.”
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