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A peice of my soul

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How I feel, inside. Maily about my thoughts and feelings through life, in a fiction setting

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This is an average day for me.


As I walk down the hallway, I hear it again. The words, again. Fat, Ugly, Emo, Loser. Nerd. All of these are things I get called daily. I have no friends. I think some boy feels sorry for me, and he tries to cheer me up, but I just ignore it. I know he likes me. But if I'm near him, more people make fun of us. The Ugly Couple. That's what we're called. I don't like him, in that way anyway. The minute bell rings, and I hurry to get to class on time, someone trips me, and as I scramble to get my stuff, the tardy bell rings. I am alone. i sigh and stand, heading for band. My favorite class. I set my stuff down and kneel by my Bass Clarinet case, and start putting it together. Shorty, the other BC player, sits next to me, putting the music on the stand. I sigh and say hello. She says hi back. I play a C note, and tune myself. I think, 'Oh, what another fun day this will be. I'm glad you can't be late to Band'. I play our latest song, Carry On Wayward Son. Mr. Kramer comes out of his office and tells us all to listen as he gives the agenda. We do warmups, then head outside to practice marching. I fall behind quickly and swear as my clarinet hits my shin. I am panting soon. "Fatty," I hear someone call me. I am stepping out of beat. I try to fix my error, and some guy goes to trip me. The same one as in the hall. I stop and punch him in the face. He kicks me, knocking me over, then tells the teacher. I am sent to the office, where I try and explain. It doesn't work. I go to third period, running, as to not be late. When I get there, my nerd buddys say hi. They aren't my friends, I don't trust them, but at least they don't make fun of me. We get a seating chart change and I am moved next to some popular girls, who say things like, "Eww!" And "Yuck!" As I walk over. I sigh yet again and sit down by them, thinking the same thing they are - "Why me?"
As I read the first chapter of the new book we are reading, I think about how I wish I could just get away from it all. Run away. Never come back. But I can't. I think about the knife sitting by my bed, ready if I need it, but I might need it, not for the reason I put it there. The other way out. Death. If only there was some heroic way to go out. Like, saving a life, or something. I dream, yet again, of saving someone's life, like maybe the president, or someone famous, like possibly Lady Gaga - a favorite band of mine, along with Coldplay and a few others. How I would be honored, and treated with respect. All I want. RESPECT. And freedom, from this evilness in me. The sub teacher says that there is only a few more minutes of class, we can just talk for the rest of class. I sit there, silent, not uttering a sound, listening. I hear it. Nerd. Not to me, but to one of my nerdy buddies. I stand and go politely ask them not to call names. They respond with, "Stay out of this, fatty." They then push me aside. I push them back, harder. The kid mutters something, the bell ringing over it. Saved by the bell. I head off to my next favorite class, Science. When I get, there, I offer a dragon drawing to y teacher, whom hugs me in return - Awkward! - and hangs it on her wall. I sit in my seat without a word.


to be continued soon, when I have more time
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