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Let the music carry you

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One night is enought

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Suddenly they found a smal house. Selene assumed that it was the Forester hut.
"Someone is in there Selene" Michael whispered to her
"I know. Come , we must go" Selene knocked at the door, found that someone was approaching the door. A full grown man had oppened the door , asking the two foreigner before him what they wannt. Selene asumed he was drunk , Michael too had felt alcohol from him.
This will be easy Selene told herself
"Greeting. May i ask you if you have a phone here ?? We have lost our way." Selene asked him , Michael watched Selene and wondered , if the "We need to get some food" means they had to kill this man.
Selene you cant be serious
"Ehm, yeah sure. Come in. What are you doing here anyway ?? There arnt many tour..." Selene punched him to his head , he droped unconscious, maybe dead.
Michaels eyes widened in surprise. Selene bite the old man, his blood was not the best she had ever hat , but still, its blood and thats what matters. She looked with bloody lips and azure blue eyes on Michael and telled him:
"Come, you must feed"
"I cant Selene. Im sorry but i cant."
"Arent you hungry ?"
"I am but ..." that was enought for her. She once again drinked the blood but instead of gulping it, she had hold it in her mouth, walking towards Michael, and kissed him.Michael was once again surprised by her acting, but he dont want to stop it.
It felt great. More then great. Hell,she was feading him, like a baby.
When she stops , Michael looked in her eyes. He didnt see so much lust in his entirely life.
So this ist the BloodLust , Selene was talking about. I guess she have her own right now.
"Still dont want it ?" Selene started to unzip his pants. He was mesmerized by her motions. So soft , yet so wild. A growl escaped his throat.
"Selene , we are in a middle of forest. The doors are still opened, this dead guy is starting to stink,and the sun will rise soon. Are you sure you want to do it like this ?
Like an wild animal ?" he asked her , then he unziped her corset and throwed it away
"It doesent seems that you are protesting , Hybrid"
"Stop calling me that"
"Or what ?" she whispered to his ear
She had taken her to his arms , like his bribe. They were searching for a bed, or something similar. They have found it, small but atleast something. He had layed her there , on the pillows and he lied on top of her. Started to taking off her cat suit,Selene was moaning when she felt his touches on her body. It taked long for Michael to take her suit of, but when he finally did it, he howled loud at the naked Vampire which had layed under him.
"We can stop it if you want, my lady" said Michael while nuzling her neck. Selene moaned loudly
"Afraid , Doctor Corvin ?" she teased him , kissed him wildly on his neck, scratched his skin with her fangs. This time Michael moaned when her hands were working in his lower part of body.
"You will regret tesing me like these, my Godess" after he said that, his mouth found her breasts and started to lick them like a wild animal. Selene moaned so loudly that they were both happy that they were in the middle of a forest.When he stoped to lick the second one , he saw that she was enjoing it.Eyes shuted and moaning loudly.
He was proud on himself for the good work. When Selene opened her eyes, what she had seen was amazingly beautifull. On the top of them was a window.Not an large one , but still a window.They saw the moon, Michael howled wildly and Selene just stared at him.
"Come on, Take me already, Hybrid !!" this started something in him. He stared at her, the kissed her wildly.Then he thrusted into her so hard, she moaned his name loudly.
"You wanted it , Vampire" and again , and again. He was enjoing it , she as well. They had build their own rhytm.Both moaning from pleasure or pain.Or both. She grewed her fangs, wanted to bite him, feel his blood as well as she felt him inside of her.For a second, he stoped. Selene gived him a questioning look.
She tried to ask him what is wrong, but she was out of her breath, and him as well. Selene finaly catched her breath , Michael too.
"What... what is.. wrong ?"
"I ... dont want to hurt godess" he was still in her , refused to move.
"You cant Michael. Cmon , bite me" she showed him her neck."Cmon Michael.
Do it.If not for you , then for me. I need to feel all of you tonight.Whatever i will get it by force , or willingly."
"My godess" then he bitted her, with such streng, that even she was surprised
She bitted him back, so now they were thrusting to each other and drinking each others blood.She had first fallen to her pleasure , but Michael had followed right after her.They had asleept in each other hands.But before that Selene whispered to his ear
"Thank you, my Hybrid"

When he waked up , Selene wasnt there. He didnt feel her in the rub neither. This scared him a little. He found a glass of blood on the table and he decided to drink it. He was hungry and exhausted from the act He and Selene had done.
Where is she ? He tought , quickly putting his jeans on. He found a t-shirt in the closet so he decidet to put it up. His body was full of scratches and his neck still hurts a little.
Selene.he tought about his Vampire Mistress. "Where are you"
He started looking over the rub, but didnt find her. The body was already gone.
"She wouldnt leave me here. Something happened." in a moment he was changing into his hybrid form, smelling the air, hearing all sounds near by. Even that didnt help.
"How long do i slept" he was getting nervous. "Where is she ?" he started to howl, like if someone have ben torturing him from inside."What the fuck is going on...My Godess , my mystress, where are you "
he had gone back to the bedroom and sitted on the bed , remembering their love making. It was different from the one they had done in that abandon factory. It was wilder, but still amazing. He remembered how nervous he was. Fearing he will tell something bad and ruin the situation they were in , so he decidet not to talk, just asking if she is alright and other stuff. Even she wasnt speaking, just nodding. There was no need of words, but acts. He stared into her eyes, and saw the same lovingly eyes, which he saw in the metro subway, 3 days ago.
There was no bitting , she didnt pleaded him to bite her, but he did see the fear in her eyes , when that son of a bitch shooted him, when those cops shooted him, but it had all healed up.
But that wound Marcus had made him didnt want to heal. Michael heared her cry then ,trying to resurrecting him, yelled at him , punching him into his chest , but with no response.
He hated himself for was that. She crying and Michael was just lying there. When he waked up in the helicopter , not nowing where he was or what was going on. The only thing that matters to him was when he heard the pilot.
"My god shot them already or they will gonna kill her !"
"I cant get a right aim .. I cant shoot unless i will shoot her too !"
Michael´s hearth stoped then .. he was changing without him even knowing. When the change was completed, he jumped from the helicopter to save his mate,his godess. When he killed the remaining Lycans there , he looked at Selene, demanding answers. But when he saw her eyes, almost crying, he know what held her there so tight wanted to kiss her , when from nowhere William jumped at him.
Michael was lost in his thoughts. Still waiting for Selene to come in the room and kiss him tenderly.
He waited like an hour now,couldnt wate much longer."Thats enought !" he sprinted from the bedroom and walked out from the rup when he saw her. She was covered in blood , but he could say it wasnt hers , but some animal. Azure eyes looking at him , fangs on her lower lip.
"Well good morning sleeping fairy" she telled him and kissed him soft. But he didnt kissed her back
"Whats wrong ? You didnt sleep well ?" she asked. Wanted to know what was wrong
"Where have you been ? Selene i had almost died from fear that something might happend to you!"
He embraced her , almost crushed her. He then kissed her cheek and looked in her eyes.
"I was searching for blood Michael , you didnt read the note i have left to you on the table ?"
"Note ? What note ? "
"Come , i will show you"
They had walked to the bedroom and find out that there realy was a note :
"I hope you sleept well my Hybrid.I will be back soon. Your Godess, Selene.
P.S – I hope your dreams are sweet"
"My dreams ?" Michael asked , looking into Selene´s eyes.
"Yes. You were telling from your dreams. Something like "in silence or rapture". What were you dreaming about ?"
"Oh. Words from one of my favorite song. Last time i heard it was 2 years ago..." said with a little smile on his face, but she could tell he was sad.
"With her, right ?" Selene asked , but already knowing the answer
"Yeah" they were looking at each other. Selene didnt know what to tell or do, so she just embraced him
"I must go prepare the things for our leaving." she wanted to walk from the room , but suddenly Michael caught her hand into his
"Take a look at yourself , From the inside and , Stay with me for a while , Would you say what you say ,All these games that you play , Knowing its hurting you." Selene was in shock , but soon she started to liked it, more then liked it . She wanted more.
"This is the song ?"
"Yeah but this all the words i can remember"
"That song. Is it something like that Rap music that young people are listening?"
"No. This is Trance , my mistress" he kissed her hand "One day i will show you. Its completely amazing."
"I dont know. I dont like music."
"You didnt like the sun neither, and look now"
"Michael we should go. I found a car so we can be in our house in a few minutes"
"You coming ?" she taked him by hand
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