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for my first fic (which im pretty sure will suck) and want to use you guys as my characters(:

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okay, first things off, i love the auditions so far. i have maybe 2 people that i know for sure are in my story. im going to close the auditions on tuesday....i think :D so yeah.

okay, so i kinda have an idea, it might change. its mainly about mikey, then gerard and frank. :P
very typical i know. xD im pretty creative, so i'll try not to make this story a whole highschool love drama thing. so i need....
(they won't be very major, i'll try my best:) )
either a gf, fiance, wife, or even sibling of:

then i need:
-2 close friends of the band:
-enemies of the band:
-a close friend of the main character (hopefully a guy! :D but girls are fine):
-then ofc's, extras, yada yada yada.


who you want to be:


age (will change to 20's...thinking about making this story black parade era)?


favorite place to shop?

appearance (the more detail the better!)?




past ( BE CREATIVE AND DIFFERENT. you dont have to have a sad past. or be an outcast.)?

any talents:

anything you dont want your character to do:

dying? (most likely not gonna happen but idkk just incase)


play an instrument? (you really dont have to. its not really a major factor)

anything else?

if you have any character requests, feel free to make them. you also have the option to date an ofc character. (:

good luck!!! xx
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