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For Lauren.

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My way of saying goodbye, even when I never said hello.

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I'm new here--I guess--kinda. Well, not really. What I mean is my account is new, but I've been following this website (the MCR part) for ages. Everyday I visited the site, and it really made my day. I've read so many stories here, and I was/am a HUGE fan of Lauren, aka unitedsuck007. So, I guess that this is my way of hoping that wherever she is, she is doing well. Really well.

can I call you Lauren?
You've never heard of me, but that's ok. I was/am a huge fan of yours. Everyday I'd check the site to see if you had uploaded a new chapter, and when you had, well, it made my day. As in I'd be smiling up to my ears (no joke). I've read everything you ever posted here, and multiple times. You really inspired me to write, and I felt like I knew you in a way. Not in the creepy I-stalk-you kind of way, but in the sense that your writting was just so honest. That youwere so honest. And your authors notes, they always made me smile, laugh, or even cry...But all in a good way. I looked up to you, ya know. Really. And so many times I wanted to review your work, tell you just how great I thought it was, but for some unknown reason even to myself, I never did it. Well, that's a lie. I do know the reason. I was scared I'd embarrass myself, scared I wouldn't be good enough to review your work. Whoa. I really missed my chance. I cried so hard when I read what had happened. I cried all of the frigging night, even though you had no idea of my existence,even thoguh we'd never talked. I just...It seems so unfair. So unfair that you've been taken from us. You were such an amazing author. You really inspired me so much. And I know how much you inspired other people. I just couldn't not write this. I had to. Because it just doesn't seem right not to. You were such a talented writer.
I'm sick of regretting things, so, even though you'll probably never read this, I think your work is some of the best I have ever read. Just how honest you are/were in your writing, just how much you inspired me to write. How every single chapter you ever wrote is mind blowing.I really really admired you,and I still do. I always will.I just wish I had just sucked it up and told you how good I think you are/were.I feel like such an idiot that I never did. Because, you were one of the reasons I would check FicWad everyday. You were just so talented,I really wish we'd met. It would truly have been an honor.
As a poem I have taped up on my bedroom wall says:
God broke our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the best.

Rest in peace,
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