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Give 'em hell, kid.

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A look into Yaz's past. /:

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Hey all, erm I just wanted to say RIP Lauren..I never spoke to her but I read Full Of Holes which was some of the best writing I've seen and she seemed lovely. You will be sadly missed /': You're memory will carry on.
-Malori (: x

I woke up that morning feeling a bit more optimistic about school and life in general, truth is, I couldn't wait to see the guys again.. They had been so nice to me and for once I had actually felt EXITEMENT about school, which was odd as usually I hated it. Let's just say..I had a shitty time at my previous schools.

I had been prone to bullying and humiliation for as long as I can remember. Even as a small kid people would pick on me and laugh at me because I didn't have the latest barbies or little ponies, I would rather get out my sketch pad or play an imaginary game in my head. Even on my first day at elementary school I got laughed at because I was the only girl who was wearing plain clothes and had no girly clothes and I didn't talk to anyone. Then middle school, shit, the labels the give you and getting shoved for liking different music and wearing different clothes, having the word "emo" written on your locker because of your black hair, people calling you emo because you cut your wrists because of what they've said and then going home to an abusive father who hurts your mother by beating her up, and cheating on her and drinking his money or gambles it while she has to work and save all her money to keep everything "happy" . But you find thecold red blood running down your arms so satisfying and so relieving that you carry on, but your cover is blown in high school when Sarah Evans, the most popular girl at school, holds up your arm while you're getting changed for gym and screams "EMO" to the whole room, rumours spread round and it hurts even more. To top it all off, your brother is caught making out with another guy in the janitor cupboard and you become a victim of even more hate as they call you a faggot lover and beat up your brother. Leaving a broken mother to pick up all the shattered sharp pieces.

So, when your mother divorces your monster of a father and you move to a state on the other side of America with your brother and mother, the people at highschool are nice to you and your brother has friends too, things really do start to look up...

I look in the mirror and smile to myself, and my smile gets bigger as I walk out the door to see my knock kneed friend, waiting, smiling, his arms open for an embrace. Mikey, my sunshine.
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