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Chapter Two (EDITED).

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Long, black leather coats, introductions, and music lessons...

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Chapter Two

Frank's point of view:

Strolling casually along the busy, bustling corridor behind Mr. Hallow, is an incredibly striking guy who looks around nineteen, dressed exclusively in black; tight, black skinny jeans that show off his slender frame, black, buckled biker-like boots, a casual, jet-black shirt that clings to his slim yet muscular torso, and a long, tattered, faded black leather coat that just sweeps the top of his boots, the type of coat I thought only existed in old vampire movies. Even his hair is jet black, with an almost blue sheen like a raven's feathers, falling dishevelled across the ghostly pallor of his face, shrouding his expression.
He stands out a mile in the mass of teenagers milling up and down the corridor, and almost everyone's looking at him, eyeing him curiously, critically, but also almost fearfully, scattering in his wake like they're minnow fish and he's a tiger shark. I guess I can kinda see why; there's an air of silent strength about him, and he's unlike anyone ever to set foot in this school before.
However, despite the students’ reactions, he doesn't give off an intimidating air, just a unique one. But I guess a lot of people are scared of different- they don't know how to deal with it. I of all people should know that, but there's something beyond the realms of usual different about this guy, something I can't quite put my finger on. It's not just his appearance, it's something about his charisma, something very unique, something I've never come across before. He's like a mystery tied up with trailing black frayed velvet ribbons of unanswered questions.
“Wow. He’s…interesting.” Raven breathes in my ear, making me jump slightly; in my curiosity I’d almost forgotten she was there. “Who d’you think he is? He looks to old to be a student.”
“Mmm..” I say distractedly.
As he and Mr. Hallow near the classroom, the students lined up outside's chatter fades a little as they gawp at him, some still having the tact to carry their conversations on and pretend they're not staring, but you can tell they aren't concentrating on anything but the mysterious all-in-black guy with Mr. Hallow.
Mr. Hallow tries to quieten our class a little as he reaches the door and fumbles with the keys. The guy stops a few paces behind him, right in front of Raven and I.
His eyes peek out from behind his inky hair, sweeping the line of curious teenagers, then his eyes lock with mine, and then suddenly, I can't breathe.
Enchanting, bewitching, glitteringly emerald, their depth drowning me.
He's looking at me like no one's ever looked at me before, seeing past the misfitish exterior, the shy silence, the anxious nail biting, stripping back the protective layers of defence I've gradually built up round my chest, from years of hurtful comments, lack of support, and cruel teasing, really seeing me, turning my soul inside-out. His expression is riddled with so much it's almost unreadable; confusion and clarity, mystery and answers, concern and relief...searching, intelligent, caring and slightly wild, laced with curiosity.
As his gaze burns into me, understanding and confused at the same time, I can't help but feel a shock of...recognition? It's weird, I mean, I know for a fact I've never seen him before- I know I would have remembered someone this strikingly unusual- but there's something almost familiar about his mere...presence.
He's looking at me with such depth, drawing me right in, until I've drowned in the mystical mysteriousness of the emerald orbs, forgetting the students around us, forgetting Raven standing beside me, forgetting everything…just completely hypnotised by the eyes that stare so compellingly into my own.
Then he breaks his gaze abruptly and follows Mr. Hallow and the rest of the class into the music room.
I blink several times, and lean, trembling, against the wall behind me, not entirely sure what the hell just happened, or if I can make it into the music room without falling over, so I just stay standing shakily, leaning on the wall for support, trying to remember how to breathe, and for once, it seems to have nothing to do with anxiety.
My mind’s a swirling mist of millions of questions, my stomach’s been invaded by black bats, who’s wings tickle my innards uncomfortably, and I feel all churned up and exposed, like someone’s ripped off my protective shell and left my very soul exposed to the world, red and raw. No one’s ever really seen me like that before, seen everything that makes meme; my strengths, my weaknesses, my hurt, my love, my memories…everything, just in one glance.
“Frank?” Raven’s familiar and reassuring voice pulls my head out of the clouds.
I blink again, her face in front of me slightly blurred. “…Huh?”
“Are you okay? You’ve gone really pale!” Raven peers worriedly at me, the expression in he jade green eyes so different to the one that captured me a moment ago. “Are you feeling anxious or something?”
“Ummmff..” I mumble; my hearts pounding in my chest and I can feel the corridor spinning slightly.
Raven slides an arm round my shoulder, her familiar jasmine perfume clearing my head a little. “Frankie?”
“…M’okay..” I mutter; the corridor has almost stopped spinning, but my heart’s still pounding.
“Raven? Frank?” Mr. Hallow has poked his head out of the music room. “What are you two still doing out here? Class is about to start!”
“I don’t think Frank’s feeling very well.” Raven says worriedly.
“Really? Oh dear, do you need to go to the nurse?” Mr. Hallow asks, sounding concerned.
“No…No, I’m fine now.” I take a deep breath and fix a smile on my face.
Raven doesn’t look convinced.
“Okay, come along then, you two.” Mr. Hallow turns back into the classroom, and I follow him, legs still feeling slightly shaky, Raven’s suspicious glance boring into my back.
The class has a slightly nervous air to it, although everyone’s chatting away as normal, but stealing intermittent glances at the mystery guy, who’s taken a seat beside Mr. Hallows desk, taken off his leather coat and slung it over the back of his chair, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to expose perfect, chalk-white forearms and long, spidery artist’s fingers. He looks totally at ease, sitting cross-legged in hios seat, surveying the classroom with mild interest.
I keep my head down, hiding behind my fringe, eyes glued firmly to the grimy floor and I follow Raven to the only desk left, at the front of the room and sit down, transferring my eyes to the desktop, but not daring to look up.
Mr. Hallow clears his throat for silence, and the chatter dulls a little.
“Good morning, 6B.” he says in his dull, reedy voice. “I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready to do some nice hard work for the exams.”
Raven rolls her kohl rimmed eyes at me.
Usually I’d just toll mine back and we’d have a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ war under the desk, or a whispered argument about whether The Lost Boys or Edward Scissorhands is a better film, but I still daren’t lift my gaze from the graffitied tabletop.
“Now,” Mr. Hallow continues his pointless ‘start-of-a-new-term’ pep talk, as Raven pushes a hastily scrawled note across the desk towards me:
what’s up with you today? Just anxiety stuff?? xoxo R
I sigh and scribble a brief reply without lifting my gaze, as Mr. Hallow prattles on about the importance of paying attention during class.
no, don’t worry…I’ll talk to you later, yeah? Fxx
I shove the crumpled scrap of paper back across the desk, and hear Raven sigh as her eyes skim across it. There’s silence for a moment, apart from the dull monotone of Mr. Hallow’s reedy voice, and I find my eyes straying towards the mysterious guy.
Raven prods me in the ribs with the scrap of paper, making me jump.
I unfold it:
okay. And stop staring at the goth guy, Frankie :P xoxo R
I flush crimson and drop my gaze to my lap. I wasn’t really staring, was I? I start scribbling a hasty defensive reply, but then-
“Mr. Iero?” Mr. Hallow is standing in front of our desk, arms folded. “Let’s have that not, thank you.”
“I…I..” I falter, horrified; Mr. Hallow always reads out notes to the whole class.
Raven suddenly grabs the note from my hand and crams it into her mouth, throwing me a tiny wink that’s concealed from Mr. Hallow by a swish of her reddish purple hair.
My knees go weak with relief.
Mr. Hallow looks outraged.
“God, you’re such a fucking freak, Raven.” Someone behind us spits scornfully.
Raven turns round to face the culprit; Jordan Olivers, captain of the football team, and promptly spits the paper out in his face, resulting in him emitting a scarily feminine squeal.
“Raven!” Mr. Hallow barks furiously. “Outside, now!”
“Why shouldn’t he stand outside?” Raven demands. “he called me a fucking freak!”
“Don’t use language like that, Raven! Out- now!” Mr. Hallow says, ignoring her point.
Raven shoves back her chair and storms from the room, slamming the door behind her.
I sigh. I know there’s no point arguing with Mr. Hallow and trying to explain what happened- he never seems to tell the jocks off- always picks on people like me instead. The misfits, the outcasts.
Like we don’t already have enough people picking on us.
Without Raven beside me, I resort to daydreaming to pass the time, filtering out Mr. Hallow’s irritating drone, and just staring out the window, at the swirling mist that envelopes the yard outside, thinking back to the forest this morning, and how I was so certain there was someone watching me…
I tune in just in time to hear him say;
“Right class, this term we have a student in teacher training with us. He’s going to observe every class and take a few himself. He’s also going to take the place as guitar teacher for the next few weeks, as Mrs. Ellis is on holiday. Please welcome Gerard Way.” He gestures in the direction of the mysterious all-in-black guy, who smiles slightly in acknowledgement.
My stomach performs an involuntary lurch; I take guitar lessons.
“If you’d like to introduce yourself, Mr. Way.” Mr. Hallow says, not really giving him much option.
My hands are suddenly clammy, and for once, it feels subtly different to anxiety.
A deadly silence of anticipation falls over the class as Gerard Way gets casually to his feet, brushing his tangled, inky black hair out of those entrancingly emerald eyes which sweep the class, lingering briefly on mine.
“Hi.” He grins, his voice soft and slightly husky. “You can just call me Gerard. I’m here to learn how to be a music teacher, so I hope you can all put up with me for a term.”
“We don’t put up with fags.” A jock at the back of the class calls sneeringly.
Mr. Hallow opens his mouth, but Gerard gets there first.
“Well, I don’t put up with homophobes.” He says calmly, but there’s a steely glint to his eyes.
“James!” Mr. Hallow snaps. “Go and stand outside- tell Raven she can come back in.” of course, if it had been me or Raven who did that, we would have got a weeks detention. Bastard.
James, one of Jordan’s gang gets reluctantly to his feet and slouches out of the room. Raven slips back inside a moment later and slides into the seat next to me, scowling.
“Okay, class, I’ve got to nip down to the headmasters office briefly. Gerard, why don’t you go round and get to know everyone while I’m gone. Any trouble and send them straight out.” His eyes linger on Raven, then he exits the classroom swiftly.
“I can’t fucking BELIEVE him!” Raven growls, as the class burst in to chatter.
“I know.” I sigh distractedly, trying not to let my eyes stray across the room, where Gerard has started talking to two geeks in the front row.
“Okay, Frankie, what’s up?” Raven demands, looking me right in the eye. “Usually you’d be happy to launch straight into a Mr. Hallow/teacher/school/life hating argument, but you’re just…agreeing. You’ve been acting funny all morning! What the hell’s up? It’s not your anxiety stuff, I can see that.”
I sigh. Honestly, I don’t even know myself; it’s been a really weird morning, right from the thing in the forest.
“Raven…” I start uncertainly, not wanting to seem totally paranoid about feeling someone was watching me, but wanting to know what she thinks, because no matter what anyone says, I KNOW there was someone else there in the forest this morning.
“Yes?” She presses, eyes serious.
“In the um…in the forest thi-”
“Hi guys, how’re you doing?”
I jump and look up.
Gerard is standing in front of our desk, smiling lightly, but the emotions in his glittering eyes unreadable, inscrutable… a thousand answers obscured by the light smile, the friendly, unconcerned pretence.

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