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Requests and apologies

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If you read my stuff, please read this.

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Hey guys,

So, I have pretty much been writing none of my main stories recently except for We can lose ourselves and FrankEnstien. Anything else I happened to update had nothing to do with those stories.

I have been writing on my laptop and in notebooks and I'm pleased to tell you that I have completed Dead Memories and FrankEnstiens, all they need now is thorough editing and a few little tweaks in places.

That aside, I am looking for some new material to write about and have decided that I would like to do one request story for you :D Just give me your name, plotline (no smut or sex stories, they are really not my thing, sorry) and audition if you would like to be the main or a character in it. Of course, all the credit goes to you and I will only write it with your full consent :)

Pleae help me out.

Lots of love, skittles and unicorns,

- Sara xoxo
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