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Heart In Pieces

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Brendon and Ryan get together to drink a cup of coffee.

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Brendon was sweating and breathing heavily when he opened his eyes. It was morning but Brendon couldn't remember how he had got to the bed. He had no memories of getting himself comfortable in bed or falling asleep whatsoever. One thing he did remember though was the bad dream he had dreamt.
It had been one of those dreams where you see something horrible coming closer and closer to you but you can't use your legs and run.

The singer's head was throbbing and he felt like his brain was pushing itself out of his nostrils and ears. Not like massive headaches and hangovers was something new. Brendon knew little about medicine and the art of healing but he sure did know how to cure himself from a nauseating hangover.
The first thing to do is to swallow a couple of aspirins, rest and wait for the pain to go away.
The second thing is to drink more alcohol and simply take the hit later.

Since Brendon still was out of aspirins he decided to go with the second alternative.

He rolled out of the comfortable bed and walked into the kitchen on his newly awakened and wobbly legs. His body automatically moved towards the liquor section. The precious bottles were standing in neat lines.
Brendon smiled and reached for a bottle of whiskey. The shape of the bottle was similar to the anatomy of a curvy woman. A tiny waist and a juicy bottom.
He did feel slightly guilty and ashamed for drinking as the doppelganger seemed to want him sober.

What the hell, I only live once, the singer thought and let his slender fingers embrace the cool neck of the dark bottle. As Brendon heightened the bottle into the air it felt alarmingly light. It was nothing left in the bottle.
Brendon growled and shook the bottle to be absolutely sure that there was nothing left there to sip on.

The bottle faced its death as soon as it hit the floor as the secret of its emptiness was revealed. Brendon then reached for another bottle in the liquor section only to find out that it also was empty. Soon the entire kitchen floor was covered with shards of glass in different colours.
Brendon was shaking with anger and annoyance. He could have sworn on the fact that he had had plenty of booze in his liquor section just one week ago.

The only drink which contained alcohol that Brendon could find was a cider. Not even enough to make an ant drunk. The singer inhaled sharply. What to do?

He danced over the kitchen floor to avoid stepping on any shards of glass and getting his feet stabbed by them. It was a miracle how he succeeded with getting from one part of the kitchen to the other in one piece. His aim for the dangerous journey was the cell phone lying on a kitchen worktop on the other side of the room.
Brendon grabbed the small communication device and looked at the time on the display. 11 am. Not too early to call Ryan, he thought and dialed the number which he had dialed so many times before.

It beeped three times before it clicked and Brendon could hear Ryan's voice. "Fuck you for waking me up." Ryan moaned groggily. Brendon smiled briefly.
"Get out of bed, Ry. I'll see you at Starbucks by noon." the singer said and ended the call. He knew very well how those short and dominant calls made Ryan crazy.

The following hour Brendon took a shower, sprayed himself with perfume, shaved and found a pair of black jeans and a striped hoodie to wear. Then he got into his car and drove the fifteen minutes necessary to get to Starbucks. Ryan stood by the entrance wearing a brown cap, a green military jacket, skinny jeans and a sour face.
"Long time no see!" Brendon twittered to receive a grunt from Ryan. "Yeah, so why couldn't you wait another hour?" the older man said grumpily but soon his face cracked up into a smile.
"It's so good to see you again." Ryan continued.

The two boys entered Starbucks and ordered two big capuccinos. They then sat down in a booth to get some privacy. The warmth of the coffee made it hard for Brendon to keep the mug of paper in his hand. He put it down on the table quickly and exhaled.
"So, do you have something special on your mind?" Ryan asked after a moment of total silence. Brendon scratched his cheek absent-mindedly. His thoughts were someplace else. He thought about what kind of booze he would have to buy after the Starbuck's visit.

"Huh? Not really. I just wanted to see you." Brendon said slowly. Ryan grimaced and furrowed his eyebrows. "You have become so distant from us nowadays. We all miss having you around." Ryan said sadly.

Brendon got a lump in his throat. He never meant to treat anyone badly. "I'm so sorry. I'll get my ass to the next band practise, okay?" the singer said.
Ryan nodded ever so slowly and looked at Brendon's eyes. Their glances met and Brendon felt uncomfortable because of the eye contact. He tore his gaze away from Ryan and pretended to look through his pockets.
"I miss the times when it was you and me against the world." Ryan rambled and his cheeks turned pink.

Brendon thought about what Ryan had said. It had truly been them against the world. They had hung out every single day, playing instruments and dreaming of a successful future for the band.

"I miss those times too." Brendon confessed and took the last sip of coffee. The mug was now empty and it felt like it was time for the two boys to part. Brendon left the empty mug on the table and stood up.
"Thanks for seeing me with such a short notice." Brendon said and swallowed hard. He wasn't happy about walking away from Ryan. "Thanks for calling me." Ryan said and walked over to Brendon and wrapped his long arms around his neck and squeezed him. The hug was stiff and brief.

Brendon's legs were shaking as he got into his car and turned the engine on. His body knew what he was about to do. He was about to drive to the liquor store.

He stumbled out of the car as he got to the destination. It was like heaven. He entered the front doors feeling on top of the world. Brendon's eyes scanned the store and he shivered with relish. He was also the only person in the store which would make it less embarrassing to buy great amounts of alcohol.
As he walked through the isles he felt a hand on his shoulder. Startled, he turned around and found himself staring into the face of his doppelganger.

"What are you doing here? People can see you!" Brendon hissed agitatedly. The doppelganger grinned and looked at the label on a bottle. "I'd choose this one if I was a fool, like you." he said. Brendon shook his head and growled.
"Go away!" he snarled quietly as he didn't want to attract any attention from the shop's owner. "Fine. I just thought that I needed to at least try to stop you from destroying yourself further." the copy of Brendon said and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Brendon's heart was racing as he randomly grabbed a couple of bottles from the shelves and hurried to pay for them.
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