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Some of the results but I still need more people.

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Ok, I still need more people but these are the results so far

Mikey’s GF – Fire Spring (lolhai)

Ray’s GF – Sunshine Sublime (NeonLuvs)

Members of Violent Stripes Group –

Members of Killjoy group friends with Party Poison and the boys –
Blondie Valentine (xxKilljoysxx)
Electric Static (xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx)

Member of killjoy group that finds Crimson Tide -
Aqua Muse (Heymimusic)
Lethal Melody (missfunghoul57)

Other members of Party’s group -
Dancing Dragon (dancingdragon)
Colorful Destruction (ZombiexCupcake)

Ok, I really need some males please. Mostly for Violent Stripes group. And I need two more members for the friends and the group that finds Crimson Tide. Please please audition. I’m working on the next chapter as you read this.
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