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Comin' Outta this Place, In a Bullet's Embrace

by Syphiel 3 reviews

The backstory for Bullet's Embrace and how she met the Fabulous Killjoys and took on a whole lot of sh*t

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Kiki wandered the halls of the main building. Her college was small but had five different buildings. Hutchings Hall was vacant at the moment. She rubbed at the pale skin of her arm. Her latest doodles were wearing off. Not like the silver could be seen anyway but it made her feel better to have her doodles. They were a part of her. They were who she was. Running a hand through her short reddish blonde hair, her fringe falling back into her right eye, she sighed, “Seth where are you?”

Suddenly a boy, a good seven inches taller than her, came running up. His choppy blonde and green hair flying in the wind, his skin a scary red color. Kiki starting laughing as he neared her, “Feel asleep outside Seth?”

Seth shook his head, “Laugh it up, fuzzball. At least, I have some color for the boys to look at.”

Kiki gave her gay best friend a small hug, “Yeah, until it peels and you are paler then me again.”

Seth returned the hug, “I hate you sometimes.”

Kiki smiled, “I know. So I’m cutting Intermediate Accounting today. Wanna grab some lunch?”

Seth nodded, “Damn right I do.”

He glanced at his watch. Three doors opened around them. The two twenty something’s stood perfectly still waiting for the crowd of people to get by. It was bad enough that standing still got them shoved around, trying to move would only get them shoved to the ground completely. Nobody ever noticed them. They were invisible. Suddenly, the loud speakers went off, “Attention students. A new company will be arriving looking for interns. If you are interested in interning for Better Living Industries, come to the main hall now. They are looking for people to intern in their Accounting, Medical Science, and Legal departments. That is all.”

Seth smiled, “That could be awesome. Better Living is that new up and coming company that does everything from making drugs to making army weapons. The rumor is that they have some new gun that doesn’t fire bullets. Can you believe that Kiki?”

She nodded softly, “Yeah, but you know how many students are in our majors. We won’t even get close to them and we aren’t eligible till next year for internships.”

Seth frowned, “I hate you and your stupid logic.”

Kiki shrugged lightly, “It’s what I do.”

The two walked off slowly, watching their fellow students enter the main hall of Hutchings. Dozens upon dozens of people were walking in there. Kiki glanced in and saw men and women in pure white uniforms taking resumes at the front. At the end of the hall before the seating started a tall bald man was handing out what looked like mints to the students. Kiki shook her head, “Weird. Come on, I’m hungry.”

Seth followed behind her slowly. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his harm. He glanced over at an Asian woman, “Aren’t you two coming as well?”

Seth shook his head, “We’re only second years, and we aren’t eligible for internships yet. Maybe next year.”

The woman smiled, “But this internship is special. Everyone is welcome.”

Seth shook his head again, “No it’s alright. We will just wait.”

Kiki turned and saw Seth pull his arm away from some Asian woman. “Who was that?”

Seth shook his head and mouthed, ‘outside’, to her. Once the two were outside, Seth grabbed her shoulder, “Kiki, you trust me right?”

Kiki smiled, “Duh, you’re my best friend.”

Seth sighed, “I need you to really trust me now. Go to your dorm, pack up some bare essentials and meet me in the parking lot.”

Kiki nodded, “Ok.”

Seth released her shoulders and sighed again before heading towards the men’s dorms. Kiki ran off to her dorm. Unlocking the door, she saw a note from her roommate Dee telling her about the internship. She grabbed her messenger bag and shoved some clothes into it. She changed into a pair of comfy black jeans and her purple tank top. Grabbing several bottles of water and her cigarettes, she tossed them into her bag as well. A small black half jacket and her silver sharpie marker were the last items she had to grab. Kiki raced down the stairs of the dorm building and out to the parking lot where Seth’s old rusted Chevy Hatchback stood idling for her. Tossing her bag in the back seat, she turned to Seth, “Together Forever. Right?”

Seth nodded, “Together Forever.”

Seth floored the gas pedal and went peeling away from the college and whatever was going on between them and Better Living Industries.

Author’s Note: Just a starter chapter to introduce Kiki and Seth. Anyone catch the Star Wars quote?
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